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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


IMC plz dont lock this thread :rofl:


That would require them being at keyboard, like Melody they too are away while getting paid.


Being this upset all the time isn’t good for your health. You should try Yoga or Meditation.


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w8 what? bhikku is the leader now? wow! such true! very smart! totally not triggered! n and sure 0 salt in it xD


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here is your meme son!
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Says the kid with broken english spamming 6 year old memes? Umm ok?


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10 more to get 500 replies :slight_smile:


IMC still sleeping? Just how long does asian new year last?


Not sure why you guys are yelling at each other.
All these situations are due to IMC designing a bad system or responding extremely slow.



Twice in a row


You must be proud of yourself.


I’m just surprised you’d afk, ._. After you died already.


very nice meme, NAbrains

Edit: Thanks for the quality autism (as usual), my braincells really appreciate it I’m just gonna laugh if you tell me that I don’t have one considering the absolute state of Klaipeda or this thread in general


I came here to see what happend with afk farmers, and see a lot of shitposting.

Also, hi.

ON topic: I meet 2 players being baned for use necro sorce (pre rebuild). Apparently IMC punish this things (i can’t belive this until i talk with this person) but is pretty random.
an someone explain why bokor is aparently “”“legal”""? summons still atacking if you dosn’t move? =S

thx in advice, & excuse my cavernglish.


So I think it’s good to conclude something here as the thread goes over 500 replies :joy:

When zombie kills a mob, it will spawn a new zombie due to a Boker debuff on mob, which is also placed by zombie attack. This effectively avoided the inactivity counter measure for afk farmer. They just need to leave the zombies on field. Zombies attack, place debuff, spawn new zombies, repeat.

What is worse is in the field of 380lv HG there are pillars like


When afkers jump onto it, mobs’ attack can’t reach them. So they also have safe place to afk at.

In order words two mistakes IMC made:

  1. In a game where AFK farmers have created so much problems, IMC created a way for Bokers to passively respawn zombies.

  2. In a field of intense farming activity, IMC created safety zones (pillar) where mobs can be killed from those zones.

These allow AFK farmers to stay safe and passively attack mobs while afking. It is perfectly legal because it does not involve any system exploit nor scripting. (Some afk farmers auto-hotkey sorc summon to accelerate their farm, but strictly speaking you don’t have to)

ATM in Klaip server most of the top guilds’ Guild Masters and top players are openly leading initiatives to afk farm in 380lv HG. One afk farmer said he’s getting 700k raw silver per hour.

Even the guild where inofficial Game Master @crevox resides allows AFK farming within guild, while a few guilds like Dynasty (@Mikumo) enforced strict ruling to discourage guild members from afk farming.

The group of players profiting from it thinks more people joining means they ain’t jerks. They use the saying “AFK farming is completely legal.” to justify. What they don’t understand is this saying is also implying they know they are jerks, because none of them said “this is not wrong.”

Slavery was legal at some point, right?


Issue is, that some of these Afkers are in fact using scripts. (We shouldn’t ignore that)

Like the screencap which you reposted, the player was using skills on a consistent interval while unresponsive.

Yes, IMC needs to fix the pillars and Bokor debuff, but scripters still should be punished.