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A Quick Guide: Bullet Marker

Team Name: Team-Z
Server: [SA] Silute


Hello! My name is Team-Z and I’m here to help those who are lost with Bullet Marker changes and those who want to enter this mad shooting life style. I had a guide a for the QS-Falconer-BM build and I know many of my readers are having trouble getting used to this Scout-BM thing. After all, we can’t run and shoot anymore! So I’ve decided to make a new Bullet Marker guide before updating my old Falconer one.

I like to make image guides. Most people don’t like to read, even little texts, so I’d rather make a guide that can reach even this type of player. Furthermore, I don’t like how text guides looks like. I feel overloaded with these lines and more lines of information. So I’m trying to make this guide a little different. Yes, you will see written information but I’ll try to make it more… pleasant to read. Maybe a little more clean!

I won’t cover some details as Legendary Cards, equipment or restrained things like that. I think Re:Build comes to free us from the meta. Of course, meta still exist but now we can have fun our way.
My objective is to give you guys the most information possible without locking any possibilities.

I won’t cover PVP and alikes too. I’m not a PVP player so I don’t have the knowledge to talk about it!

Feel free to correct me or ask me anything you would like to know (about the game O.O). I’m don’t know everything, but I’ll try to give everything I know! Hope you like it!


Added AA type to Thauma
Added Written Guide with the help of my Time Travelling Machine

Added Changelog
Added Farmer type to Thauma
Added Lithorex, Biteregina and Velnia Monkey cards (Thanks @marcvalbabista and @lucying)
Revised Double Attack question (Thanks @alex_malen)
Added Wastrel question to the FAQ
Updated cover image

Added Mozambique Drill ASPD question to the FAQ
Discovered Time Travel

Updated skills description and points distribution suggestions
Removed Velochard card
Added Prison Cutter and Rajapearl cards
Added Assassin as a definer class
Removed Enchanter from definer’s class category. It has always been a filler
Added some more info about fillers
Updated Assassin question on the FAQ
Removed Mozambique Drill ASPD question from the FAQ

Added Sheriff as definer class
Removed Linker from definer’s class category. It goes well with everything!
Added Linker spotlight
Updated FAQ

Shhhh… I’ve erased the written guide.



BEST GUIDE EVER!!! team zé meu heroi


Eu posso usar double gun stance com limacon? xD

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Why is thauma Burst and not AA :confused:

I think you can do better using burst skills + shrink
But It can be AA too. Hmm… I’ll add AA

1- Done!

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So refreshing to see how beautifully it was done. Not only beautiful, but useful, cause you made it so easy to understad (even for me, who haven’t played with Scout yet or BM before, can understand it) with the color and drawings.
Maybe I’ll give it a shot. :haha:


Why is werewolf card not listed in the list of cards? is it that bad?

Also why are players using nether bovine card to add strength for a AA build?

What kind of gems should I use in my armor Green or Yellow?

ww card is overkill for the game system right now (wasted 1 class and 3 card slot). nepa set alone can give you a so-so crit rate up to 40-50% crit chance.
More dex isnt giving noticeable attack speed anymore.
imo green.

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As said, WW is overkill now

About Netherbovine: all cards I show here are just options you should consider. If you will use it for AA or Burst it’s your decision. ( But I think Netherbovine cards suit Burst builds better )

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Hi Thanks for the reply!

I am confuse right now haha.
I see people using Poison bee card in purple and a monkey card in red, is this setup better for AA.

Should I use instead Marnox x3 for crit chance? I have the Nepa level 350 acessory set on me.

I’ve already played biteregina… But I don’t like it. I think you should test it. Lvl 10 Cards are not that expensive.

Purple cards are just fillers. There are no best options. It’s more personal.

I don’t have my PC with me right now (I’m changing some parts) but I’ll add Biteregina and Velnia Monkey to the guide as soon as I get my PC back!

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When you say it is a “Burst Buid” are you saying that the AA have heavy spikes damage? Where as the AA build relies of constant damage with lower spike damage.

Also if main hand is meant for stats why do we need to put gems in the main hand since it affects the damage range only.

I was confused about this.

Gems affects your character status directly. If you put yellow gems in your main weapon, it will give you Phys Crit Atk, directly to your status. Your character Phys Crit Atk affects both your Main and Offhand crit atk.

When I say Burst Build I’m talking about builds that use more Skills over AA

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Ok i m a BM and i m on the top atm i will put some point to you since i see you are doing a great job with the build ok here i go
SKILLS - some mistakes here let me put my exp in the table and talk about them
1- FMJ is a terrible skill atm, yes its ignore defense but damage is not worth the cast dealy even if you can cancel animation, why? well monster atm don’t have that much def so defense ignore effect is not that great and well using DGS and just AA is stronger cause is lot faster, in PVP in the other hand is really strong so take that in mind
2 Silver Bullet is lvl 5 for both build since is holy prop to AA AND SKILLS so yeah you want it perma up to get a good rotation never go down trust me and you say why? not every monster is dark? yeah but for example you can use support that boost holy and get up to 210% extra with all holy atack so yeah trust me you want it perma up
3 MD is a crap skill ATM same as FMJ the atack animation is crap… but korea say the buff is comming and it will be an atack speed skill so is going to be a dam great skill in the future max it, only the FARMING build should have it at 0
4 Outrage is a ultra strong skill no matter the build you need to MAX IT it can outdps any other bm skill even BO if you don’t have a falco (yeah BO is still the strongest if there is a falco in party)
5 Double atack works with DGS? well here is a mistake, idk if is a bug but the buff in the scout do give damage to DGS, it give damage to DGS and Outrage so yeah its works but only in AA ofc test it yourself just get a neutral damage on you subweapon and cast the skill you will see the damage increase really easy.

1 Deadborn card is trash never use it don’t waste enchant card in it trust me the damage it gives is crap
2 Centaurus card is good only for farmer/CM bms but what can i say bm is actually no that good in CM yeah cause you dont have that many aoe skill so if you want to run CM go for Mergen/falco, Pyro/Ele, Pyro/Chrono or Doppel that are the strongest in CM atm so yeah i dont really tell people to use Centa in a BM cause of his lack of skills and his no that good CM power ._.
3 GG card is good for early stages of the game or in PVP but once you hit end game use marnox yes or yes current hit cap is hard to get so yeah you want as much crit rate as you can to use that critical atack def give.
4 Armaos Card is bad dont so use only in early game but if you have the card to lvl it up better use the money to buy better equips so you dont need it
5 On green cards is really good just take note Mummy for balance, Ella for Atack speed (if you have good ping) or critical atack, netherbovine for normal damage or low critical people, Blut for pvp or if you are using Leather se go for Blut.

BUILD - Some mistake here i will put them on table
1- SR BM is ok but really i only see the uses on pvp outside pvp i dont think is a really good combo.
2 - Thauma is crap is not for AA or Burst is for FARMING only or support at most yeah thauma give you AA speed buff but is useless if you dont have the ping, plus it gives a MAX atack buff … but thats all its gives for damage maybe you can use shirk body but since its dont work on bosses then is no that good.
3- OL is a good burst pick but if is a long run like DL or you have low gears (i mean you dont have end game equips) the class is really weak, any linker or even enchanter can outdps an OL really easy so yeah take that in mind
4- Your forget the Corsair!, yeah if you ask me the build is better to go BM/Corsair/Your pick and why is it? let me put it on hand, corsair have a perma 20% damage buff that buff ALL BM skills plus have fever buff that is a 40% damage to ALL THE PT! plus have 2 normal skill that are really fast and have a normal damage.
5 - Assassin yeah the assassin is viable i may say that is the best build in pve lol, why? well assassin unbuff DGS but is not really that much of a problem, the problem with assa is that you need a GOOD DAGGER AND PISTOL so yeah is expensive AF in weapons, but if you do have them and can master the gamplay, you have a really strong rotation and skill in both classes so yeah assassin and bm can be used in both PVE and PVP.

well that’s all, any quest you have i can answer no problem hope it help you make your build cya


First of all, thanks for the reply. I play BM since it’s out and it’s the only character I really use, but it’a always good to have some help.
My guide here was not made to give you the best meta build. It is meant to help those with doubts about the skills and class.

1- FMJ is very useful when you face a treat that recover HP over time, like Velcoffer statues. I’ve made some tests and, when I don’t have Outrage up, it’s best/faster to use some burst skills, like FMJ

2- You can use all your pistol skills with silver bullet lvl 1 and then, when you have to use it again, it will be UP already.

3- Mozambique Drill combined with Linker is a very good skill. Long before linker it was very used for Burst builds. Many overheats and when the atk speed thing comes up, it will be even better, like you said. I’ve made some tests in kTest and it’s really cool.

4- Some people don’t like outrage and won’t use it even if it’s your best skill. Burst builds usually go for one DGS point, so Outrage won’t receive that much DGS damage buff so it won’t be as strong as you tell. Yes, I find Outrage quite strong and useful but I’m here to show options, not meta. If there are those who don’t like Outrage, I’ll give them some more options!

5- Double atk don’t work with DGS but it still gives you the crit rate buff. I don’t know where you saw I’m saying not to use it… But I’m not relying on bugs. Some of them were fixed on kTest (like this one you talk about and I’m quite sure it is fixed on iTos too) and I’m relying on this information/test. It still gives crit rate though, so I’m always using. Lvl 1 at least. I’ll add this information (about the crit rate) to the FAQ when I get my PC back


1- These are options. I use Deadborn and I like it very much. If you like centauros go on and use it. I’m here to show the best tested (by me) options I know. Soon I’ll add Biteregina and Velnia Monkey like @marcvalbabista said to. These are all optional. You take what you like most.

2- And I don’t know what Bm you are playing. Lack CM power? I’m an Outlaw, Bm, Enchanter and I can easly solo CM till lvl 5 (even with my old 350 primus raffye pistol). If I have a cleric by my side, why not lvl 6?

3- GG card is, as I said, optional. Some of my friends rather use it than others.

4- Armaos is on the same page as GG card.

5- Thanks for the overview!


1- It was very used. People like the build and it’s a possible and plausible one. As I said: I’m trying to cover all questions and builds people might have/ask for.

2- Thauma isn’t crap. You can really get some good use of it for Burst builds and AA ones. Some people like buffing - AAing. And for those who don’t thauma still have some skills like shrink body and quicken (very useful skill, like I said). Shrink body don’t need to work on bosses for being considered a good skill. Quicken can give you more equipment status option as it will lower DEX requirement. I’ll add Farm to thauma too, as soon as I got my PC back.

3- Outlaw is a very good class to play with. You can go up to 1300+ evasion without problems. Even Velcoffer will have some problems hitting you. Furthermore it have very good skills. As I said: It’s not a meta guide. It’s a guide to help those who want to play the game the way they want to.

4- I didn’t forget corsair. I’ve said that the build consists in 2 main classes and a filler one, that won’t define the build itself. Well, corsair won’t do it, so it’s a filler class. It will just give you more damage. No combos, no interactions, just more pistol/dagger damage and fever damage. Yeah, Dust Devil/Hexen/Quick and Dead are very cool.

5- Did you really read my guide? Or my FAQ? You’ve said things (like that) that I’ve already said on guide.

Thanks for the reply and the tips. But here I treasure gameplay and player options over meta. Take a look at the introduction, please!


what about WW+sneakhit+nematomas set? only useful for PVP?


Block isn’t a big problem on PVE so nematomas isn’t that useful.

You can go with WW and Sneakhit but it will be overkill. We can get a very good amount of crit rate with equipment and buffs already. But it isn’t a bad choice. You can get it as a filler as it won’t define the build itself. Lachrymator + Napalm Bullet is very cool too.


welp, sad.
I thought they were a destined set+skill+card

Well… If you don’t want to invest in crit rate you can still use this combo and it won’t be overkill. You’ll have other equipment options. Maybe more CON/STR/Evasion/Def instead of crit rate. Maybe plate?

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1 - No really FMJ is crap i mean AA have more damage even if you want to burst the velco statues dont use FMJ is waste time and many skill points are used on the skill to do damage trust me.

2- silver bullet is 18 sec only 10 sec outrage is 10 second and BO is like 8 second yeah you can use the skill on the time but if mobs move or you have a little lag spike thengg and rotation go to crap so yeah max it cause it cover all the skills and even AA and if people dont know AA using DGS do more damage than FMJ or even MD cause of the animation of the skills.

3.- Check MD is not good only if you have attribute 100 cause damage is good yeah but animation is ultra slow you use 1 MD and you can AA 5 times… yeah MD is not good atm it was op before rebuild atm nope only after buff in the future.

4 If people dont like Outrage then they need to go another class, yeah it sound really bad but not having or using OR is like being a falconer w/o falco pet lol, and btw i think is really rude to show a BUILD when you are not following the meta of the class, yeah you can show options but then thats a BAD guide for the class sorry to be rude but is like that, i think is more rude to show a bad option like that is like liying to people that follow the guide telling them “yeah that works” …

5.- Double atack WORKS with DGS i will taker a video to show you it is not perma damage remember the skill it say 40% chance equip a costume pistol unequip all items and do a duel to a friend the
increase damage is really easy to see, and i say idk if it a bug i don’t say IT A BUG yeah its work just test it yourself, and you did not say not to used but you say in the FAQ you say “no, it only works with secondary button attack” but it DO works the critical rate and the damage test it in game you will see

Cards again
1 - Mine is not opinion is a FACT sorry to be rude again but if you get like 15k damage then unicord card for example is like giving 1500 damage in one card and the deadborn is 200 damage and only in critical so yeah they are not good, and plz don’t use bitergina and velnia don’t use 6 card to do what 3 cards can do.

2 i m playing a better bm trust me, i don’t need a cleric and i solo bm in 10 minutes but know what? doppel wiz falcos can solo it in 6-7min and stage 7 still alone in 10 minutes … yeah the same as me to satge 5 and i m talking about lvl 380+ maps so yeah bm is not that good in cm compared with true cm classes.

3.- As i say GG is for PVP or early in end game you need card to boost damage cause yeah dps classes need as much damage as they can get thats how you get number 1.

4.- Armaos card is BAD is a shield but why shield? i mean in early game you don’t need the shield and in late game you have equip so def increase cards are better, i mean you can use armaos but telling a new player to waste 4 - 6m!! in lvl up a card that will almost never be of use is not good plz don’t do it.

5.- Corsair only give more “Damage” to a DPS class? sorry i m being really rude but dps is you know damage per second so yeah what do corsair gives? sorry i m really rude atm but i m a little mad since a guide should show people the meta or the true potential of a class not personal tastes but well gess is your build i will let you do your job know hope the build can shine as much i see the potential in it cya later