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Little help here pls

Hi there, I’m currently leveling up a musketeer and want to try out some scout builds, that can DO DMG (I created one char months ago, and and I could not kill normal mobs my lvl,
I wonder if I was doing the right skill rotation :haha:)

I am planning leveling up two scouts:

some players told me that shinobi is pretty ■■■■ right now with bad AI clones, but i want to try this out. AND RUN LIKE A TRUE NINJA

and there this build im thinking too:

idk anything about BM but seems kind really fun

I appreciate any help and advices I can get.
blame google for the bad translation

Do you plan an AA Build or a Burst Build for the BM?

AA Builds:


(BM>Ench>Assasin) <—this one is te king of AA Builds. "Hasisas is your Best Friend ". You only need to carry a dagger in your secondary slot and it isn’t necessary to change weapons to use the Assasin’s skills.

If you need more information I recommend this guide:

This is my Build Useful for PVP and PVE.:

Plus, Piercing Heart has an attribute that increases your critical rate to 50% for 10 seconds and Hallucination Smoke reduces the resistance to critics and the evasion to enemies by 20%.

this was really useful, thanks :smile:
I don’t know much about AA builds or Burst Build BM, I was thinking in a build I can somehow put sheriff in there (no more slot for char :frowning:)

about the piercing heart I don’t know about attribute ( cards and gems too, I just rushing lvls and don’t know what to do next. for now) is it because of this attribute that players maximize it?
I do not see myself using much Hallucination Smoke, but I will try put more points into it.