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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen

and you should get every ichor part that containt crit rate too for ataka

What would “Ichor” be? :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

ichor is the stats that you extract (10% chance of success) from any purple/orange identified equipment, then it can be put to legend equip.

for example you have orange bow with this stats
-224 STR
-224 CON
-224 DEX
-745 crit rate
-745 evasion
-1495 attack against cloth enemies

you go to telivalis blacksmith at fedimian and use extract menu ichor to extract that stats, if success it will become ichor item. Then use that same blacksmith to put that ichor to your varna bow

I got it, thank you so much!!!

Sorry for off topic… My friend is playing as “Bullet marker”, he tried to find some build here on the forum, but found nothing… Do you guys now any build for it? (itens, cards, tips)

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You’re the best, thank you bro… Also can I ask something else? look like you know too much about the game. What arts skills are good for this Mergen build?

based on my experience:

archer leap art is good, take it
mergen arrow sprinkle art is trap, very bad
falconer hanging shot art is niche, sometime useful for invincible, but that is very rare occurence
fletcher magic arrow art is not really useful, i ended up mostly using non-art version because art disable silence attribute
wugushi venom art is great, +50% STR with 100% uptime, sadly wugu can crit and their crit wasting ataka potential
i dont play ranger, cant comment

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mergen art is skill damage art , need 80 mystical page and 200bg , buy before price become high after ark patch next update

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I would add about magic arrow art:

With art, it becomes a Dot and you don’t need to worry about it missing. However you lose the silence.

When it is normal, it actually procs your ataka. This wastes ataka procs on a low sfr skill. So I toggle it often depending on what I’m doing.

Cms I like the silence on bosses, legends raids I like the dot, wrb I change depending on boss mechanics.

Definitely a good art, just needa manage it a bit more.

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Are the blue evasion cards from kedoran npc any good? Is the 300 eva worth over +30% from zaura given that we do stack on eva just like we do with crit?

tested just now, art-MA dot can crit too

Enchantment can get a max crit rate of 25%, if u manage to get about 20% ++, it will greatly increase your critical chance.

hi aniki, just a Q, why u use fletcher instead of hunter?

because i have vaivora bow, would be a waste if i dont pick fletcher


oh I see…
I was wondering.

thanks! I’ll change to fletcher only when I get vaivora then

oh and i lazy enough to prepare two +16 T10 varna bow to be equipped on pet (in case i dont have vaivora bow yet)

Art MA can crit, yeah. But does it actual proc your ataka with it? Last time I tested (a while back) the art doesn’t proc it.

Regular MA, is also better if you have multiple fletchers for an encounter like Boruta,because the dot overwrites each other.

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edit: oh wow! you are correct, art-MA’s crit doesnt proc ataka. I owe you an apology
does it mean wugu dot wont proc ataka too?

Guys, I finished episode 11 but I didn’t won any ARK… someone knows why? I got the Savinose set, but no arks