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BM>thauma or BM>enchanter?

Wich one’s best for AA build?
Thauma give att speed and bonus max att while enchanter give lighting dmg bonus and +5 enchantment.

I know i could pick both, but i wanted to also fit in Linker, so i am now stuck and don’t know how to progress with my character.

Please help me out

Option A: BM > Linker > Enchanter
Option B: BM > Linker > Thaumaturge
Option C: BM > Thaumaturge > Enchanter (no linker QQ)

Also wich one of the three is more valued in party late game content? Enchanter, Linker or Thaumaturge? How well would i support archers or melee scouts (my friend plan to pick either mergen/wugushi/sapper or assasin/rogue/shinobi).


Do i need to upgrade sword or pistol for Dual Gun Stance (or both)? I’m confused how the damage is calculated with this skill.

Max DEX or max STR?

Option B is usually used for farming. Sure it can do end game content but it won’t be as useful.
Option C is… Can be used for PvE non farming, but not that common I think.

Option A IMO the safest one you could get for endgame content. Teammates will benefit from your buffs and links.

Corsair is also a great choice to substitute one of those classes. You get good buffs, and good damaging skills.

As for weapon, for sword just get Primus 380 with 3 stats (STR DEX CON). Sword for BM is just for stats stick. Though if you go Enchanter you might want to go for Wastrel Sword since it has synergy.

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BM+Ench+Wastrel Sword is 100% better for AA build. All Thaum is does is increase max attack damage, so it’s just adds a bit of random to your damage.

My current build is

Asio Pistol +11 6 trans [WIP] x3 Red gems
Wastrel Sword x3 Red gems
Almost all the time i have around 2k crit rate.

Ok after reading these Thaumaturge seems not attractive to me anymore. I just thought this quicken buff for att speed would make me do nice dps with AA build.

Corsair buff is another thing. But between Enchanter and Corsaid wich one buff AA dmg more?
And how well can you fight against swarm of incoming monsters without linker if you pick Ench>BM>Corsair?

ench buffs your AA much more than corsair

simply because of wastrel sword interaction

You can Proc wastrel with Linker too.

Lowgear Enchanter>Corsair
High gear Corsair>Enchanter

How do I choose which BM build to go with? Are there other options aside from BM-link-ench?

Did you even read the thread?

I was primarily asking how tho. There arent much comprehensive guides or explanations on the nuances between builds that’s why i’m asking why I should choose one build over the other. And yours is the only complete response in this thread. Should I take that as what’s generally accepted?

cause all i got from this thread is that bm-link-ench is the best option. Meanwhile, other guides and some threads suggest other builds.

Linker´s Electricshock deals very strong single target dmg and has a high uptime.
You can trigger Wastrelswords critrate buff with it too since its a strike atack.
You get Jp/HK too for more Aoe.

Linker is realy Op Right now.

Enchanter gives you Ele property atack that will boost your AA greatly.
Ele property Ignores Deffense but its not as good on skills.
Give you Blockrate and more Walkspeed.

Corsair Jolly roger 50% boost to Physical damage for the whole Party for a few seconds.
Brutality Boost your Missle atack by 20% (AA too)
Needs better gear to shine.
Quick and death is nice to kill linked mobs.

I just started with Enchanter do i dont have much Infos about it.
Got Thau/Linker/Bm Bm/Corsair/Linker Assa/Rogue/Outlaw and lvl up Bm/Enchanter/Assa now^^

As Bm Corsair Linker i have no time for normal AA only Outrage on Bosses.

Is thaum really bad for bm-link? I’ve seen some guides recommend it tho. But on paper, it doesnt really look that good.

I explained in third post what each build used for. You want farming go Thaum. Want general PvE go Corsair or Enchanter. Thaum is not that useful in raids but golden as a farmer.

There’s a lot more that goes into the decision but in general it’s like this

If you want damage:
BM>Linker>X (Enchanter, Corsair, Assassin[after patch])

If you want to farm PVE:

All other choices are only available if you hate linker for some reason, then you can go BM Corsair assassin or something, (or enchanter if using wastrel since you’ll want either ench OR linker to use wastrel). No reason not to take linker though, you’re being silly if you do.

It’s very poor balance but IMC but I doubt that wil ever change, linker has always been insane despite balance attempts because it is an amplifier class, it just makes whatever damage you do, do better. The hit count helps when you have stuff that does tons of lines, which is beneficial when you’re doing MAX damage, but I’m not sure that matters as much anymore.