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Which build is better for beginner?

I was doing a bit of research and I think that I like the idea of
assassin > ench > outlaw
corsair > linker > bullet (or maybe bm first?)

Hoping for some opinions on either choice.

A good build for starting is thauma/linker, while you don’t have defense/dps to solo Challenge Mode, you can farm at Baubas cave.

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BM > ASS > LINKER. AA build. See this guide. A Quick Guide: Bullet Marker

I would never recommend a beginner to go with a build requiring more than 1 weapon to invest into (1-h sword for scout is fine to stay vanilla in general).

So go for assassin > ench > outlaw which is fine with only dagger.
Or like mentioned thauma > linker > SR/BM for example which would be fine with only pistol


Bm-linker-corsair is great, go for it with no problem.
Bm-linker-thauma is really good as first character for farming.
Enchanter is another good option.
And yeah, I recommend start with bm-linker(in this order).

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I´m pretty sure that assa with hassias alone is still better then corsair.

Unpopular opinion: bm/ench/assa

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You are underestimating brutality, and we already get “cap” attack speed with DEX, because attack speed is capped by ping. But Hasisas still good for crit burst, so assassin is a good option too.
I play with BM-linker-assassin with dagger and pistol, I just dont think its a good build for new players. (Need to invest in crit rate and 2 weapons.)

As BM-ASS-LINK… hassias is your best friend…I started playing 1 month ago. I read about the BM class. I looked for a guide and I realized that it is the best investment that I have made…

Yeah, if you like, its okay.
Corsair build is one of the options given in the question, so I just encourage to go play with what you want. As corsair is not a bad choice.

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My aa gets faster with hassias ??

And seriously whats the point of linker on assa/bm.
You got plenty aoe with assa+bm (outrage/bo/IA/Anih)

I didn´t write that corsair is a bad option but hassias alone (without dagger) boost your dps more then brutality.

Linker for party play, helps a lot in velcoffer and def reduction from eletric shock

So I tried out both Assassin and Bullet Marker. I liked BM quite a bit, but Assassin seemed very squishy in comparison.

But in the long run it doesnt realy matter what you go, i played around with a lot of different BM builds.

Corsair: Offers a vriety of new dmg skills. Dust Devil is actualy a great dmg skill if u invest into ur MainHand also Brutality buffs ur dmg greatly - (Not a noob friendly option)
Assa: Crit Resist Debuff, Crit Dmg Potion, Additional Iframe and some stuns - great if u wanna pvp, and adds a lot of dmg with the crit dmg buff
Linker: Electric Shock is the big point here, great for bossing and pvp adds tons of single target dmg. Joint Penalty, but u need to combine it with huge single target hits - nepalm Bullet and Bloody Overdrive works good for hit
Enchanter: Magic keyword - Lightning Hands + Wastrel Sword. Allows u to skip on crit rate gear, with having crit cap most of the time. Bonus if u can manage to get block rate that the buff can actualy do something… Enchant Lightning is just add prop dmg, althoughts its still great cuz you have a lot of multihits and prop attack is great for high defense targets
Thauma: Great for farming - besides that offers no real value

Personaly i run a BM/Assa/Corsair - with good gear u feel a considerable difference in dmg increase if u combine bot hCorsair + Assa.
Also i used to love Corsair since launch of the game, and i cant realy skip it.
I think Assa is almost necessary for any scout build, since it boosts the dmg by a lot.
For BM…well BM is the class we wanna play, aint it?

For leveling i would definitly choose BM first, its probably the smoothest class to lvl in the scout tree - since u have access to a ranged autohit early.
For noob friendly builds, nothing realy beats Linker - its a great class which deals good dmg without big investment and increases ur AoE capabilites a bit (It also doesnt have expensive attributes)

In my opinion the most noob friendly build is probably BM/Linker/Enchanter. If u have good crit rate i would switch to Assa.