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A Quick Guide: Bullet Marker

1- I say I’ve tested and I know what I’m talking about. I’m not an casual player. I wouldn’t spread any information before testing it.

2- Do you read my guide? I say Silver Bullet 1 is just for burst builds. Burst builds, as I said, should not even get DGS 5 so Outrage will have less damage. So it isn’t a problem to take Silver Bullet lvl 1 under these circumstances.

3- It can be very strong when used in the right situations. I won’t even argue about attribute lvls because I’m not talking about meta/end game. My guide is to guide. Through the game. Not through end game only.

4- If people don’t like outrage they will get other options because the game let them. Re:Build is about options. It’s about new game ideas.

5- Did you read my other comment? I say crit rate works. But damage no. I’ve tested this so many times. I’ll wait for the video. And if it works now it is a bug. Because this is not the way the skill should work. The additional damage in the description should only apply to the additional hits it gives. If it’s working other way it’s a bug. And YES: The skill effect that people look for (the additional hit) only works for the secondary atk button. People have to READ the skill so they know the skill still gives Crit Rate. Like you should’ve ready the guide. I talk about reading in my introduction.

I’ll not argue with you about the cards.

About corsair: if you read my guide in the part where I create a formula for BM builds, you will see your mistakes.

And about guides: If you want a meta guide there are plenty. Go to tos base and take a look at my Hawk Eyes guide. It was a meta guide. But not all guides are meant to show meta. You have a closed mind. Mine is open. You come here to comment but you don’t even fully read my guide or my comments. You even compare classes from other trees. This does not make any sense.

I won’t reply you anymore as you are trying to make a useful guide made for all kind of players into a meta-closed guide. If you read my introduction you would’ve seen this is not the kind of info I want to give.

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sorry yeah i lost all respect i will not recommend the guide to anyone sorry but yeah you are doing your personal taste guide not taking meta or even early game into account only your personal exp and thats is not a guide sorry but yeah … btw anyone who read my post you are free to follow the guide but i do not recomen to follow it cya later guys

It’s because people like you, that the game is dying right now… :sleepy:
The way you comment here, it’s almost like you’re saying:
“I’m the best, only play with the most optimized build ever, and if you don’t use the meta, you’re a trash player and suck at the game.
I don’t respect your way of playing because isn’t mEtAaaaa”.
You really missed the chance of saying something like “Great guide, I really appreciated all the effort you put into, but think different on the way of put some skill’s point.”
But you just came here to say that you don’t like, and don’t respect him anymore, just because he thinks different from you?
Come on dude ._.
IMC brought RE: Build to give more freedom to us, and wished that anyone could find a good way to play the game…
But as you said earlier, you’re a top Bm Player and everything that you say is law, right? :slight_smile:


i talking about a bm here and yes i know meta is great but did you read my post? he is saying that in pve fmj is a good skill and thats is not true be it early or end game and he is telling people to lvl up bad cards is like i tell you to use glass mole in a mage get it? a guide is to guide and tell the points of the class not to say personal taste, plz remember is a guide! people see it and can change things as the liked so i can say in a guide “FMJ is crap in pve and thats a fact” but even if say that in a guide people can still say i like the skill so i m going to lvl up! that how guides are they tell you the points of the class no lies! yes re build give lots of option but a guide need to tell the people what is the best build be it early guide or late guide but a guide should never say i put points here cause yeah it work for me… no thats personal taste not a good guide sorry
and dude for example he say outrage can be lvl 1 people will think skill is ok to no to have it just cause they dont like it but … if you put “outrage is one of the best dps! i recommend to max it” people will know the true but remember is a guide, they can still choise not to follow it but a GOOD guide need to tell the true, Or for example you can guide outside the meta saying you can pick x build and lvl x skill but in end game is better if you x or y thats a GUIDE i m sorry but yeah i really can see he is working hard in it but refuse to listen to an other player saying think like it work for me or i like it like this… yeah sorry but tell me anything you want it is still a bad guide for me and still will not recommend at least if he stay this way

Then I imagine that you will soon enlighten us by raising your own guide


i am actually thinking to do one when i have the time since atm i am really busy with the uni and doing velco runs and yeah boruta is really annoying ._. i actually make some guides before for dn and tos but since they are outdated i don’t think that works here hahaha

oh and BTW here is the video

You see. It gives you a buff now and then, as if it the additional hit, that is not meant to be there, is coming. So it’s a bug. It’s not intended to work this way and I’ll not add information about bugs on my guide.
Go and create your own guide. You like meta guides? [SUBMIT] Scout>Bullet Marker > Corsair > Linker Here is one for you! Ask him why is he using Deadborn cards. Don’t bother me anymore because everything you say is going in a straight line to the oppositte direction of my guide.

One more time I’ll tell you. My guide, as I said in the introduction, was made to help those who have questions and want to play the way they want without fear of being JUDGED by someone like you. If I wanted to make a META guide I would. I have one. I could just update it to a Falconer build and other Bullet Marker build. But I want to do better. I want to assure that the players who seek my type of guide can find one. I treasure FUN, GAMEPLAY, AND FREEDOM. I’m not telling lies. I’ve never said " THIS IS THE BEST OPTION, DO THIS ". In almost every section of my guide there is a disclaimer saying that this is just what I think it’s best.

So it isn’t the type of guide you like. So JUST GO AWAY. I’m not trying to make a good guide. I MADE ONE. But it isn’t for you. You’re not my target. So STOP spamming with irrelevant information for MY guide. If you don’t like my guides just GO and make your own and PLEASE, don’t even reply me. You are really making me sad. There are plenty of people replying and giving good information. You just came here to shout " ALMOST EVERYTHING IS WRONG BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE THE WAY YOUR GUIDE WAS MADE. " This doesn’t even make sense.

Just go away.

lol you never read anything eh? i say is not a good guide not that i only like meta guide and btw that one you link is better but still need more and do gives bad info the same problem as you i tried to tell you some points in your guide since you have so much potential but always i can resume your post like i like it this way so you are wrong so yeah is your guide so i will repect your opinion but you too repect mine saying that is a bad guide and i will keep saying it sorry if anyone ask me i will not recomment this build sorry thats the true i mean go ahead and do the build i m not stoping you i tried to give you some tips and you just discard them cause you have “tested” yeah you did no even know about double stack it took me 2 minutes to test it i gess you actually did not well gess thats all have a good day and as a fellow bm player i cant respect someone guiding people in the wrong way sorry

You read what you said? You’ve said this isn’t EVEN a guide. And you aren’t telling me information that is relevent to the guide. It’s relevant for a META BUILD. The only information I find useful in everything you said was about Double Atk and now I know it’s a bug. Thanks for that.

And I can’t test anything right now because I don’t have my Pc. I’m on my 10 year notebook and I can’t play tos in it. I can’t update the guide with the information I find useful too until I got my PC back. I’ve already said this to you.

telling people to lvl a bad card in every stage of the game is a BAD POINT i say that LVL up a skill that is bad in every stage IS A BAD POINT telling you that you can do x or correct this and Double atack was the last point i tell wtf you really did not read? i mean really? i point think that can be changed and can be upgraded but you think is only i like that? wtf xD


I’m not telling people TO do it. I’m giving them AN OPTION so THEY CAN CHOOSE THE ONES THEY THINK FITS BETTER their gameplay.

And wtf, I’ve already said I’ll add a note about double atk when I get my PC back.

I’ve have better things to do. Just do whatever you want.

well i will stop now you are not making any sense now well you have all the right to make a guide but be ready to be criticized if you cant take them and learn form them then is not my problem, atm i have the right to tell imy opinion of the guide people have the right to liste to me or you so gess that is it for my part, i will keep my point, atm this is a bad guide sorry

Your opinion is: This is a bad guide. Ok. I can deal with it.
What I can’t deal with is you spamming my guide and reapeting and ignoring almost everything I say and them spamming a little more so I have to come here and answer you. My first reply for you was very polite.

All your replies were rude from the start. So I have all right to be some kind of sad because you don’t even respect me. I can take everything people can say about the guide. What I can’t just take is you, coming here, shouting out loud things that don’t even come in connection with the guide and then saying I’m wrong. The only useful thing you said was about Double Attack. Everything else does not connect to the guide. You’re just to blind to see it. But I’ll show you!

You see? Almost EVERYTHING YOU SAID goes straight away from my introduction.

do you even know i can’t “shout” in a text right? that how you take my text i even say sorry multiple time in my post i may sound rude that cause english is not my main Language you listen to what you want at the end i was actually being rude cause you listen to 0 think and counter every point i say w/o even thinking about it have you actually test anything i say? i don’t think so and read again my point i m actually just repeting the thing to see if you can actually get what i tell you first but nah you just keep rejecting everthing is not on your guide… for someone who want top give options to other people and don’t listen to theirs thats not wise… and sorry but “My objective is to give you guys the most information possible without locking any possibilities.” giveing BAD INFO is not good never! let me teach a kid that tooching the fire is good and see how its end see ? is not ok that why i will keep my point is a bad guide not cause is outside the meta or cause it take option is cause it inform people of wrong ways… is your personal taste and refuse to listening to anything more well i will stop my reply now maybe some day when you are not mad you will see your mistake not in tha game but in making a guide, well sorry but it’s on stay i think is a bad guide at least atm maybe you can update it in a future its have so much potential, and really if you cant take opinions don’t make a guide this is uncomfortable

guys am i doomed if i have bad ping? im actually playing bm/corsair/linker and its seems good even without huge aspd for aa, outrage seems to overkill mob so aspd isnt required at least for mobs :o

Bad ping is quite annoying for AA builds. You will have lower DPS. I dunno if you’ll have the best of an AA class with bad ping. You are not doomed, but maybe you’ll have more fun playing another classe that don’t relies that much on ping.

you are not that doomed but since outrage need a good ping to have more damage you will hit a bottleneck at some point where you cant outdps another class cause of the lag since 35% of damage of the bm is on outrage you can always stick with bm since is fun to play but always check another possible dps just in case
Or well trying to get a better net is always up but yeah for my part i dont have the money xD