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Someone should list synergies

As the topic says for im looking to experiment

Please be more specific.

the synergies i know are:
conviction + smite= smite hits 3 times
conviction + god smash = 20% or 30% extra dmg

You can inmolation on the wheel and it ll AoE inmolation dmg
Same for empathic trust you can debuff the wheel and it´ll AoE empathic trust dmg

Gae Bolg + Stabing will make stabbing hit double the hits with half the dmg works also with other skills even cleric ones like god smash, serpentine and dragoon tooth i havent test it with other classes

Incinaration can spread divine sitgma if the mob dies ( with whatever ammount of time the mob who dies has left )it can also spread meltsis



there’s one for wizard

and one for BM

90iq like me can not understand this kind of request.

The guide that I did did not update the synergies for ARTS update though. Synergies like Fireball + Storm Dust is replaced with others such as Fire Pillar + Storm Dust. Haven’t got the time to try out all the new ARTS (also lack of money) to update the guide so try not to follow it that closely.