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Gameplay Bug Report

Class points are not being rewarded [Game Content] (13)
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Missing Costume after Re:Build [Game Content] (3)
Another completely lost Gemstone Feud [Game Lag] (8)
Unnable to respawn in Gemstone (and other issues) [Gameplay Bug Report] (1)
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Channels Falling Everywhere [Connection / Game Crash] (9)
1st on Journal Achievement Dissappeared [Game Content] (3)
Unable to buy buff [Gameplay Bug Report] (1)
Account restricted? [Connection / Game Crash] (2)
Every Class Can Now Sprint/Dash [Gameplay Bug Report] (5)
Money in storage going POOF [Gameplay Bug Report] (2)
Channel Crash During CM [Connection / Game Crash] (1)
Chat box Stretching [Gameplay Bug Report] (1)
Gemstone Feud: Lag, Full Freeze and Disconnect [Game Lag] (3)
Character stuck in Rainbow Orsha [Connection / Game Crash] (2)
Can't cleric-heal party member [Game Content] (6)
Gemstone Feud BUG [Connection / Game Crash] (1)
Channel Crashed during CM and map got offline [Connection / Game Crash] (1)
Appraiser Quest Bug (Driekple Flower) [Game Content] (1)
Rebuild coins don't drop in CM/HG [Game Content] (14)
50% transcendence discount weekend is bugged [Gameplay Bug Report] (11)
Problems in DUN and Saalus (freeze UI) [Connection / Game Crash] (6)
"Operation Outer Wall Core Retrieval" Quest bug [Game Content] (3)
Error Code: 26 can't use Market can't buy any thing [Connection / Game Crash] (4)
Cant enter game after crafting [Connection / Game Crash] (1)