Tree of Savior

Gameplay Bug Report

Auto Like When Looking Other Player Equipment [Game Content] (7)
Game stop responding/crash when I atempt to close it [Gameplay Bug Report] (2)
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Companion Disappearing with Auto-Attack Enabled [Gameplay Bug Report] (3)
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Pls delete, issue is solved [Game Content] (1)
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Micro lag management [Game Lag] (2)
PvP Spectate Not Working [Game Content] (4)
IMC blocked my account due to bait ( 2 3 ) [Connection / Game Crash] (42)
Mini map shrinks on map load [Gameplay Bug Report] (2)
Problem with exitlag and tos [Connection / Game Crash] (2)
One of my characters can't enter the game [Connection / Game Crash] (10)
Minimap Broken, it teases me so, it entices me, I need the real thing [Graphics] (14)
Bug Astral Tower 12F Quest : Disarming the second offensive ( 2 ) [Game Content] (33)
Unable to auto match for any dungeon [Game Content] (3)
Bug on Tittles and tittle stage [Gameplay Bug Report] (5)
It has been years so far [Unresolved Issues] (4)
Still have a bugged quest, not getting help ( 2 ) [Game Content] (27)
Change hair color option dissapeared [Game Content] (3)
Lemprasa Pond - Zemyna Statue - Re-entry bug [Unresolved Issues] (3)
Can't start the game since Tuesday patch 30 October [Connection / Game Crash] (8)
Bosses and Knockdowns? ( 2 ) [Game Content] (31)
Level up pop-ups borks controller mode [Game Content] (5)
Buff/Debuff Bar Broken Post Nov 6 Patch [Game Content] (3)
Title "Dexter is my boy" bugged [Game Content] (4)
Can't cancel item in market! [Gameplay Bug Report] (4)
Market ui problem, it wont show any item [Game Content] (7)
"Show Dmg. Of Other Characters" option broken? [Game Content] (3)