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[Telsiai] Exceeded server capacity


sad that with our dwindling player base we still have such issues

Such irony
They might reduce server capacity to the darn lowest cause they don’t expect the game to get back to at least 1k player base and to save cost in life support state
Even tho the player base somewhat revert to the number like a month ago, I’d say they failed to utilize anniversary and big update to gain more players

We need compensation for all the solo runs we will be missing before reset comes later O,O … my scales, my MoF earring frags, Delmore Frags … O,O

there goes my sole hunt vouchers… used them up but i cant do the runs before the reset

and now I can’t do bernice, assister dungeon and sole hunt due to this as well

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Even WBR is bugged … my LMB mouse is broken … XDD

@Staff_Jin this issue is being experienced by a lot of people in Telsiai

Hope IMC extend the x2 event >.<;;;; let us recover our losses …

and this even affects JSR as well. just look at the participation rate

This week it’s strike again so…bumb
Telsiai Sunday JS is full capacity…with just 18 parties, I cannot enter.

Seems that this issue is back again :pensive:
It affected our Demonic Sanctuary and Guild Boruta runs


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Way to go imc
Just when the timing is good to bring back players the system is broke again
As always
Remind me of that time when big update of auto cm released but noone can enter for hours of queue nor use shout for weeks.
The incompetency repeats.

im pushing up this thread again because of no reaction from IMC or whatsoever (even no “Known Issues” page from them)

@Staff_Alex @Staff_Brand @Staff_Jin @Staff_Torup @Staff_Ilya @STAFF_Yuri @GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian

is it because TOS downgrade server or some setting gone wrong?
it happened like 3-5 days after MT.

likely they can’t answer or won’t answer it.

Hello saviors!

Sorry for inconvenience
We are aware of the issue and trying to fix it.

We are deeply sorry again and thank you for your patience.

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