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Localization Reports regarding localization and text issues belong to this sub-category.Please let us know any problems in a civilized manner.Spamming and using capital letters etc will not mean that it gets more attention. Game Lag Bugs reports regarding Game Lag belong to this sub-category.(ex. too slow while playing, unable to attack the monsters, unable to move your character, etc.) Unresolved Issues This will serve as an avenue for users to post any bugs or feedback that still persist after the most recent service maintenance. Connection / Game Crash Bugs reports regarding connectivity or game crash belong to this sub-category.(ex. unable to connect to server, unable to enter certain area, unable to load game, etc) Graphics Bug reports regarding game graphics belong to this sub-category. As much as possible, please include your graphic settings and screenshots when posting bugs related to game graphics. Game Content Bugs that do not belong to the other sub-categories such as bugs on game contents, features, and/or functions should be posted here.
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About the Gameplay Bug Report Category 19 October 11, 2016
[BUG] Magic attack drops heavily (Weapon Ornament) 5 February 24, 2020
I bought an Emoji Meidena 3x... 1in vaivora coin shop and 2x in content point shop but none of them appear in my emoji selection menu though i did click the scroll... i wanted those emojis pls pls.. fix this i coudnt find it anywhere 3 February 21, 2020
Laima`s Spinning Wheel Bug 21 February 12, 2020
New raid title bug 5 February 12, 2020
Error Ç.ç aTT 02/11 1 February 12, 2020
Can't delete Cataphract Companion 2 February 11, 2020
NPC Neringa for Quest "Creeping Darkness(1)" missing in Orsha 1 February 11, 2020
BGM Player still not Working 12 February 19, 2020
Bug Slow debuff at Challenge Mode 7 February 3, 2020
We cannot buy Ore Sack in the Guild Shop 5 January 28, 2020
Transcendence Stage 5 Scroll doesn't work :( 12 February 6, 2020
BUG Event Coin since done Maintance and reset cm time 13 January 31, 2020
Items Disappeared 2 January 30, 2020
Arts Bug-example [Arts] Tiger Hunter: Bounty Hunter 5 January 25, 2020
Bugs Mouse control November 19, 2019 4 January 3, 2020
Mission Failed upon entering Unique Casual Mode 5 December 30, 2019
Delete thread 15 2 December 29, 2019
Bugged Missions 7 December 26, 2019
Please for the God Sake 2 December 23, 2019
Inner Wall 8 world bosses don't spawn anymore 3 December 20, 2019
Mouse mode targeting possibly bugged after patch? 22 December 18, 2019
Goddess Grace participation but Did not received emoticons 10 December 18, 2019
Crush trigger sanctuary buff on bosses under slow effect 8 December 10, 2019
Miko ARTS great blessing doesn't not grant 30-min crit buff 12 December 10, 2019
Nevermind......delete 2 December 1, 2019
Retiarius skill Dagger Guard bug 3 November 30, 2019
UI/Graphics problem 2 November 28, 2019
Bug Mission Map:Sactuary 4 November 13, 2019
Error message while trying to load the game 5 November 8, 2019