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I equip a Coordination vaivora ichor... and I LOSE gear score?

If this isn’t a bug, I don’t get it. I replace my placeholder galimive ichor on my trinket by a Coordination one and I lose 7 points of gear score. Vaivora ichor is supposed to be the endgame ichor for any item, so it should boost gear score not reduce it.

I was never really a point calculator like someone who give a damn of rating especially when it’s just small value differences but in your case I think maybe it’s because galimive gives more overall stats value than your coordination vv and maybe it doesn’t count it’s extra bonus like %damage boost

This complain somehow sounds like those “I bought this more expensive bb cream, use it, but then I feel like im uglier by 10%, how come??”
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Don’t need to care about gear score atm, wasn’t the formula reworked in kToS? We should have more accurate values once that patch hits us…

I am assuming it is for an alt to run auto-match raids since it was using galimive.

If so then yes every point will count.

I highly doubt people care about gear score rankings, nobody does.

And to answer your question, stat points take precedence when it comes to scoring. You may have come across earrings that have low ranks but high scores of 500+ because of the green stat points, the same principle applies.

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Just a number, doesn’t reflect anything else.

I think it’s a mistake, it shouldn’t be less than a vaivora. I did the tests with my weapons and the gear score does not change

→ the gear score change most likely has to do with whether you put your weapons in the first or second slot

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In fact I had no idea you could equip two Coordination ichors… :man_facepalming:
And yes, at that time the gear score went from 7254 to 7247, most unfortunate…
Sounds like a glitch since after equipping all my DPS alts that I managed to level up to 70 yet with Coordination, none other char experienced the same issue, gear score remained exactly the same after the change.

Yeah this is stupid. You can inflate your gear score arbitrarily by equipping a +150 STR/DEX +6 to swordie skills earring on your wizard so you can play the endgame raids, while your +100 INT/SPR +2 to pyro skills won’t allow your pyromancer to participate to the raids…

That’s something I didn’t look at yet. Since the two trinkets were equipped with Coordination maybe I swapped them from slot 1 to slot 2. That would be a ■■■■ move if the game calculated a different value depending on the position of the item.

EDIT: hahahaha that’s indeed the case, I swapped the trinkets again and the gear score is back to the same value. Good catch!


I figured that was it, I’m glad the mystery has been solved xD

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