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1:1 trade discussion

it seems there are some changes a few minutes ago for 1:1 trade

but what are the features available for 1:1 trade, does anyone know about this?

A few minutes ago? Q&A last edited about a day before your post.
They are planning to update FAQ, it’s outdated right now.

Here is image with detail info about tokens and 1:1 trading.

alright, thanks!

/20 charas

Sorry if this is a noob question but what do you mean by 1:1 trading? Does it mean for every 1 token I can only trade once with another token user? What i mean it is a consumable item just to trade?

Another question is that can token be sell on market and be bought via silver? So it’s gonna be like real money = silver.

Direct player to player trading. (Without a market or anything in between.)

Both players require a cash shop item called a token to do so, it’s kind of like a premium status that allows more features but isn’t used when trading.

And yes it can and will be sold on the markets as well.

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1:1 Trading = Trading done between 2 people. From 1 person, to another. Having the Token effect enabled, allows you to Trade with someone else who has a Token.



Just to confirm, it’s not consumable right after one trade the token is gonna disappear? Also silver to item trading or vice versa also need a token right?

Token is a consumable item that grants you 30 days of “premium features” on use.

Not sure if they have removed that restriction but initially token had limit of 30 completed trades per token duration.

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You are not allowed to trade silver. You can only trade items between 2players with tokenbuff.

And the max count of trades is 30 per token.

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Julie has mentioned that they intend to make a announcement about the differences between IToS and KToS, no idea if trade will be a part of that or not.