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ToS INA Developer Q&A Translated

Hello! I’m here simply going to share the developer Q&A which is posted in ToS Indonesia temporary webpage. Here’s the raw link if you want to see it:

I’m translating from the bottom-most question from the third page all the way up to the top-most question in the first page. So, here it is!

Disclaimer: I took some liberties to enhance how the sentence flow so it will be easier to understand in English.

Q: Will there be a system update? How big the world map will be?
A: New systems and new classes will always be available, and we will announce them(beforehand). The World Map in OBT will be bigger than CBT.

Q: Will there be difference in terms of content in local server and international server?
A: Every Region will have the same content.

Q: Will ToS use XignCode as its gameguard?
A: The IMC Team is still discussing about it.

Q: How about the trading system ingame?
A: For now you can sell and buy item from Market/Trading House. We will implement Live Auction later.

Q: Will there be new classes?
A: There will be about 8 more classes until OBT.

Q: What is IMC’s opinion about RMT (Real Money Trading)? Will there be a specific rule for it in ToS?
A: We don’t want players to trade using real money to preserve other players’ convenience.

Q: How about class balancing, because there are so many classes in ToS?
A: Class balance in ToS is important for each role, so that each class will have its own weakness and strength. There are about 80 classes. There exist classes which could help in support, build, and unique PvP skill or PvE, modify weapons, make a camp, and there exist some classes that have combination in skills, so if you want to have fun, you have to team up with other classes

(Note: Not so sure about this one since its a bit vague in the raw, but, judging from how the sentence flow, it probably means skills which synergize with other skills, ie: Icewall + Psychic Pressure)

Q: How many large scale PvP like guild wars will be available? We want to know about these informations as well. Or maybe, will there be a Server vs Server, or Castle War, or other types of PvP as well?
A: We are still discussing about this topic. Guild vs Guild to fight over a territory, or maybe a field war. Whatever it will be, IMC Team is still discussing about it

Q: Will there be a Card System in ToS? And we want information about summoned monster.
A: There are classes which use the Card System. For example, Sorcerer can use Devil-type monster cards and input it inside his/her grimoire. Sorcerer than can summon the monsters from the cards he/she had inserted into his/her grimoire, and the summoned monsters will have the same ability and skill as their non-summoned counterpart. Monster Card can be enhanced with combining other cards, increasing its rank while also strengthen summons!

Q: Can we login with more than 1 account in 1 PC?
A: No, 1 PC can only be used to login 1 client

Q: Minimum and recomended specification to play Tree of Savior?
A: Recommended: Intel i3 or above, Nvidia GTS450 or above, 8GB of RAM or above. Minimum: Core 2 Quad, Nvidia 8600, 4GB of RAM.

Q: Will there be a enhancing item mall, like, item to increase percentage in equipment upgrade/refinement?
A: We haven’t decide it yet, but we have an agreement to not sell any item mall that will affect equipments refine rate.

Q: Will there be a level restriction in forming party? Say, I, whose character is level 1, join a party with a level 20 player?
A: There is no level restriction in forming party. There is only an option to choose level in Party Search Function.

Q: How about the Party System? EXP distribution, item distribution, and other things in party play?
A: The party leader can set the EXP distribution between equallized distribution or individual distribution.

Q: Will there be item malls that are very strong? Will there be a gap between Free User and Paid User?
A: For now, item malls haven’t been decided yet. However, we want a balanced gameplay between Free User and Paid User

Q: Will there be a system to fight other bosses, like, Raid or Dungeon bosses? And if such system is available, will 20 people or more able to participate at once?
A: There will be Light Raid missions in Indonesian 1st CBT and it requires a party to run it. In these missions, you will be pitted against a boss monster and fight it. Once you defeat the boss monster, the next boss monster will appear. This feature will be further developed in OBT.

Q: Will hidden classes available ingame?
A: Yes, there are hidden classes in Tree of Savior.

Q: When fighting enemies, can we instantly evade with movements alone?
A: There are no buttons to instantly evade enemy attack while being attacked. However, you can move away before the enemy attack. That way, you can evade incoming enemy attacks.

Q: Can we change the button configuration in Keyboard mode?
A: Of course you can! Before OBT begins, we will add an option to enable players to change the button configuration in Keyboard mode so players will be able to configure the most comfortable button configuration for themself.

Q: This game looks like that “certain old school game”, but even more simple. What are the features you(IMC) offer, especially to the people that used to play maniacally in that “certain old school game”? Will Tree of Savior become the answer for the fanbase of that “certain old school game” where they were extremely dissapointed in that “certain old school game 2”?
A: Mr. Kim Hak Kyu and Mr. Kim Se Yong are the creators of that “certain old school game” 13 years ago. Now, they create Tree of Savior with different team, which leads to different style and also different game, which is not in anyway connected to that “certain old school game”.

Q: Will there be an exclusive content for Indonesia only? Map, Items, or other things, maybe?
A: We haven’t decide on it yet. If there is, then it will also available to all countries as well.

Q: How will you prevent hacking and cheating? Will there be a 2nd Password system for each account? Will ToS have gameguard to prevent those problems?
A: IMC will always develop the system and the level of security ingame. Right now, we are improving the database security to prevent users from abusing or using illegal programs.

Q: Can Indonesian players play in the international server? In the availability of global service, will IP Block exist?
A: IMC Games hopes that all Indonesian players will play in Indonesian Server because we want to focus in development of each country. In our opinion, you will have a lot of issues if you persist in accessing the global server, such as high latency and unstable connection due to server location which is too far from your location.

Q: What are the level cap in both CBT and OBT?
A: Level cap in CBT is 200, while the level cap in OBT is 350, but we haven’t decide on it yet, it might increase later.

Q: Will there be additional features or systems in Tree of Savior?
A: In Indonesia 1st CBT, there will be Card System available. When you get a card from a boss monster, you can store it to fight against your friend by using the cards. You can try this feature in Indonesia 1st CBT

Note: Again, not so sure about this part. Either its that RNG-based card game or maybe an entirely different system, we’ll have to see it for ourself later.

Q: What are the PvP modes available in ToS? 1v1? 5v5? Or maybe, like that “certain old school game”?
A: We have implemented the PvP feature in Indonesia 1st CBT. For now, we have a 5v5 PvP mode in 1 party. Later, we will implement random 5v5 PvP mode. You can try it out in Indonesia 1st CBT.

Q: Mr. Kim Hak Kyu said before that they won’t choose Pay2Win direction for this game. However, there are issues that mentioned that +40 is the maximum enhancement for a piece of equipment, and when we will enhance an equipment above +15, the success refine rate will become smaller and smaller as we enhance it further. So, how big will the gap between casual user, hardcore user, and paid user?
A: IMC Games also don’t want to make a Pay2Win game. The first time we enhance an equipment, the success chance is 100%, later it will decrease concomitant with the enhancement level until 51%. For now, we haven’t decide on the maximum enhancement yet.

Alright! It’s done!

Enjoy! And, as you can see, there are some new informations we can get from these Q&A, altough we know most of them already.

NB: Still trying hard to get a CBT key myself >,<


Here is my opinion from these Q&A:

Rank 7 confirmed for OBT?

Is this the Instanced Dungeons they’re talking about and are currently being tested in kCBT?

Honestly, I laughed when translating this part.

They didn’t outright say that they will IP Block players from countries that have their own local publisher. Either they won’t IP Block players from countries that have their own publisher or not, I don’t get my hopes up too much from it.

200 in CBT, and 350 in OBT. They did said the level cap in OBT might increase later as they haven’t decide on it yet.

Again, I laughed hard when they mention “that certain old school game”.

It seems IMC wants to truly test and polish the pre-formed 5v5 party PvP mode feature first before they polish the random 5v5 PvP mode.

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What game are they talking about? (?)

I didn’t click the link so I’ll just assume this is legitimate.

This had some pretty good information for the future.

And also some speculation as to classes available at obt regarding ranks 7+.

Rag****k Online of course…

This sounds like a different beast from instanced dungeons. To me it sounds like an arena style fight where you just fight bosses

Also so many references to OBT makes me happy :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like translation :smiley:

nice Q&A and hope you get the key

Not bad, some of my doubts have been answered though we still need more info for future reference

NIce info! :+1:

I don’t know if this is good or bad lol.

The way they mention OBT, it sounds like we should be expecting it next instead of another CBT.

At least we can agree that Rank 7 is confirmed until OBT. 1 new class for each branch and circle 2 of rank 6 classes? Or Circle 2 doesn’t count as a new class and we’re getting 2 new classes for each branch?

This feature is going to be available for Controllers as well?

they keep mentioning OBT OBT
so can i expect OBT happening this year? :heart_eyes:

I will just reply on this. They didn’t answer it directly and i hope they won’t do it since for me Indo Community is as bad as it can be. I don’t mind paying for those VPN Service to play on other server but I hope there will be SEA Region Server and no IP Ban.

I hate Indo community players and i have more friends on SEA Region I want to play with.

i feel you. i play other mmo and my party get same instant as indo party. what happen next is full of wkwkwkwkwkwkwkw in chat and none follow strategy. when i told them nicely to follow strategy they mad and start to curse me.

this is good news for what i would prefer

Thank you for sharing! Very interesting answers.Glad they’re seeing ToS as it’s own game,and seem to be set on keeping it fair for all types of players.

It says you can party at any level it does not say you can share xp at any level. So i wouldnt worry.

@Grillo I understand the sarcasm. I’m just playing along. That’s why I censored some of the letters when I replied to you.

@iEden It’s not mentioned at all in the raw Q&A. I can only hope they will add option to change button configuration in the other two modes after they add the option in Keyboard mode.

@Kissaki & @Kirosuu Yeah, Indonesia community is pretty toxic. My hatred to them when playing MMOs are mostly built up from how they blindly follow guidelines from some famous players and make it as if its the best build/strategy, which in turn, mocking and kicking everyone that has even a small difference in build/strategy compared to them. Some people like me that loves to explore and try out every kind of combination and strategy will get kicked, a lot, and ridiculed and alienated by the mass.


[quote=“Ltb_Regen, post:1, topic:39221”]
Q: This game looks like that “certain old school game”, but even more simple. What are the features you(IMC) offer, especially to the people that used to play maniacally in that “certain old school game”? Will Tree of Savior become the answer for the fanbase of that “certain old school game” where they were extremely dissapointed in that “certain old school game 2”?A: Mr. Kim Hak Kyu and Mr. Kim Se Yong are the creators of that “certain old school game” 13 years ago. Now, they create Tree of Savior with different team, which leads to different style and also different game, which is not in anyway connected to that “certain old school game”.
[/quote]Can people stop with all the BS now?

Also, thanks for the translation!
I hope IMC will make up their mind soon about which countries will receive a localized server and which ones will have to play on the Global one (I don’t want to grind twice… @_@)

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