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Weekly Raid Boss Thread

I have been making a lot of guides for weekly raid boss lately, so I decided to create a thread instead of posting multiple video guide posts. Here’s this week guide!

Weekly Raid Boss: Helgasercle Guide - The Burning Beauty

helg stats
This weekly raid boss is Helgasercle, Demon Lord whose mission is to take over the Mage Tower, and she used to be one of the strongest Demon Lords out there. She is a Devil-type and holy attribute with cloth armor. Holy attribute monsters/bosses are likely to take more damage from Dark skills/damages.

Helgasercle has 3,300 critical defense as default, and despite her type as a demon (0.7 CR Multiplier), but her XL size increased does factor in her critical resistance stats a bit. Based on my experiences, I don’t have any problems landing a critical attack against Helgasercle, so make sure to pick up Boruta card for additional boss damage.

Helgasercle has a lot of decrease defense debuff abilities, so expect some huge drop in your physical + magic defenses.

helga pattern

➤ Helgasercle’s first skill pattern is Flame Wall. She will summon a batch of a firewall that will move vertically or horizontally. The flame wall attacks are spawn in order from left, bottom, top, and right. There are several ways to deal with the pattern skill, which includes sitting the corner in the bottom left, or running through the gap between the firewall.

➤ Touching the Flame Wall ability will knockback, greatly reduce your character movement speed, and apply burn damage over time, so make sure to avoid the Flame Wall attacks as much as possible.

➤ Helgasercle’s second skill pattern is Sequoia Flame. She will summon a small fire minion, which grow over time, and eventually explode upon maximum growth. The minion explosion will apply damage and reduce block debuff.

➤Helgasercle’s third skill pattern is Meteor Shower. She will summon a giant meteor from the sky, dealing damage on impact, but also causing the ground to burn over time. The number of meteors will be multiple as you fight Helgasercle over time. Your best option is to stack the meteor in one specific location. Timing and practice are crucial to fight Helgasercle.

➤ Helgasercle’s fourth skill pattern is Rune of Magic. She will summons a red magic circle underneath her royal dress. Anyone who stands on top of the magic circle will increase their skill damage. The magic circle also applies for Helgasercle, so lure the boss away from the circle as much as possible.

Lastly, here’s the digital version + gameplay


This week’s boss is a nightmare. Many pattern combos will oneshot your character whatever that character is.

This is the most difficult pattern. Fire wall will inflict “slow”, which lasts long… and stacks. Longer than the interval between two walls, so it will stack fast and make your run over. Sitting in the corner doesn’t work, you will get two stacks immediately and if the boss is near she will rush you with her red aura and oneshot you. Trying to go through the gap is also RNG based, I’ve been hit by the debuff many times albeit being sure I crossed though the gap. Sometimes I just jump through the flames and nothing happens, so I guess it’s kinda bugged…

Is it me or Helga looks way hotter on this picture than in the game?


Everything about this boss is rigged in my opinion. You either sacrifice a few moves to deal damage and avoid the flame wall or completely bypass it with iframe skills (which only a few classes have it). The meteor is probably the worst part…

Also, Helga look pretty babe. I’m glad there is a NPC art version of her. I would like to see IMC adding Art version for other Demon Lord as well. :satisfaction:

Holy and cloth, this boss is like anti magic cleric dps, she make our damage so little /lemon

Thank you for the guide, it helped a new player like me

Watching your WBR video with a cup of coffee in the morning is my new habit, please continue your work for every week

Regards from SEA, HGl25

i hate ataka works for archer, they need close to boss for triggering it , ataka forcing archer to tank boss damage, so stupid

Weekly Raid Boss: Rexipher Guide - The Unstoppable Force

Rexipher Stats
This weekly raid boss is Rexipher, a Demon Lord who serves Demon Queen Gesti, and entrusted to go after the revelation hidden in the Royal Mausoleum. He is an Insect-type and Ice attribute with no armor type. Any players with high-level Legend Skiaclipse card will have a big advantage for this week’s ranking.

Rexipher has 3,300 critical defense as default, and despite his type as an Insect (0.6 CR Multiplier), but the XL size increased does factor in his critical resistance stats a bit. Almost all Rexipher attacks are magic, but the worst one is the reflect ability, which lasts up to five seconds. Make sure to pick up Legend Skiaclipse card for additional Insect-damage!

Reflect skill animation look like this, and it triggers between 5:05 - 4:50, and 2:50 - 2:40.

rexi full stats

➤ Rexipher’s first pattern skill is Purifying Stone. There is a permanent purifying stone in the middle of the map, and the stone loses one stack every two seconds. Your character will have 80 poison immunity stacks, but your character damage will reduce up to 99% over-time once your stacks drop down to zero. To counter this skill pattern, stand outside the circle, and step back inside the circle at 20 for one second to instantly fill up the purifying stone. Every time you do this, It will only take one poison stack away and prevent your character from losing a lot of poison stack.

➤ Rexipher’s second skill pattern is Overload. He will summons an unknown black orb that will chase down your character. The black orb will stop its track once it touches your character, grows in size for a short time, and explode at the end. The explosion deal damage and applies SP reduce debuff, draining your character SP over time.

➤ Rexipher’s third skill pattern is Sandstorm. He will summon a giant wall of tornados that will spin around from the center. These tornados will follow your character if you touch them. The only way to deal with these tornados is to run between the gaps. I also recommend stops attacking Rexipher, and run away if you happen to touch one of the Tornados.

➤ Rexipher’s fourth skill pattern is Magic Absorption. He will summon three different dimensional portals, which release an orb buffs over-time. Red orb applies damage buff, blue orb applies magic defense buff, and gray orb applies physical defense buff. I recommend picking up blue orb if you’re dealing with magic damage, and gray orb if you’re dealing with physical damage.

➤ Lastly, Rexipher has an accuracy specialty, which enables him to attack through any characters with high evasion. I recommend picking up high CON stats ichors, and magic defense buffs to deal with magic damage.

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➤ 7:11 - 13:50 | Weekly Raid Boss - Rexipher Full Gameplay


When does the new guide come out? I’m eager to learn! xD

Very soon :prince: /20chars

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Weekly Raid Boss: Nebulas Guide - The Betrayal

This weekly raid boss is Nebulas, a Demon Lord working under Demon King Kartas that was famous for bloodshed no matter what the mission was. It is said that no demons like Nebulas since Nebulas were a human that became a demon. He is a Beast-type and no attribute with leather armor type. Any players with high-level Legend Pantorex card will have a big advantage for this week’s ranking.

Nebulas has 3,300 critical defense as default, and despite his type as a Beast (1.0 CR Multiplier), but the XL size increased does factor in his critical resistance stats a bit, as well as his physical defense! Almost all Nebulas attacks are physical, so make sure to stack up the physical defense, and pick up Legend Pantorex card for additional Beast-damage!

Nebulas 2
➤ Nebulas’ first pattern skill is Ice Wall. He will randomly summon a path of an ice wall around the map, which deals extra damage if your character touches it. Any attacks that go through the ice wall will convert into small rubble glaciers. It deals a decent amount of damage, but I recommend avoiding it by luring the boss away from the Ice Wall.

➤ Nebulas’ second skill pattern is Eye Light. Nebulas will randomly summon a giant plant eyeball, which shoots out a giant laser beam. The laser beam also roots your character movement, and deal a decent amount of damage. Luckily, the eyeball has 1-2 seconds charge time with a pathing area effect, so it’s easy to predict and avoid the attack.

➤ Nebulas’ third skill pattern is Assault. He will summon four devil-type monsters to help him out. These devil-type monsters are strong enough to take a lot of attacks from your character. They deal a decent amount of damage, but it can be annoying sometimes due to the charge attack. However, players can use them to trigger the Ataka set effect if they don’t have enough critical rate to deal with Nebulas!

➤ Nebulas’ fourth skill pattern is Rune of Fortitude. He will randomly summon a magic circle, which increased damage output by a large percent. Whoever stands on the magic circle will not be able to heal, and take damage over time. Additionally, invulnerability skills will not apply to the magic circle. I recommend stop attacking the boss, and grab the damage buff instead!

➤ Lastly, Nebulas have a critical specialty, which boosts Nebulas’ critical rate and critical damage. Based on my experiences, Nebulas do land a decent amount of critical attacks, but I still recommend enhancing your physical defense as high as possible! The critical resistance ichors are optional, but not necessarily required to deal with this weekly raid boss.

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➤ 0:36 - 2:12 | Weekly Nebulas’ Skills Patterns
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➤ 6:03 - 6:15 | Assister Combos
➤ 6:16 - 6:44 | Skills Build
➤ 6:45 - 14:00 | Weekly Raid Boss - Nebulas Full Gameplay


nebulas is a male?! O_o
i thought nebulas is female based on appearance

I didn’t know Nebulas’ gender until I read the lore + basic information. Yes, Nebulas a dude xD

Some speculate that if only we could make Nebulas remember her past, we might be able to make a deal with her.

even nebulas database got confused!

the forgotten demon lord

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Some parts of the Wiki may be using old/outdated/wrong translation
ingame Nebulas is female now and

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Ah rip, time to make some edit/changes. outdated information hit me hard.

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Well not that it matters much xD

But great job again on another great guide xD

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Yeah bro Nebulas is a female. She even has a chest. She’s second wiafu right after Orsha storage keeper.

Weekly Raid Boss: Froster Lord - The Frozen Terminator

froster lord
This weekly raid boss is Froster Lord, a reagent for a world destroyed Giltine that has frozen over. One legend says that Froster Lord used the power of Giltine to freeze over the world of the dragons a long time ago. He is a Plant-type and Lightning attribute with plate armor type. I recommend picking up Legend Marnox card for a high minimum critical chance to deal with high critical resistance.

➤ Froster Lord has two abilities that apply Frostbite debuff, which Slows the target with cold waves and amplifies ice-property damage. The continual exposure to Frostbite may lead to the Freeze debuff effect. The freeze effect can be extremely deadly if it plays in the wrong hand while fighting against Froster Lord.


➤ Froster Lord also has the shotgun-like ability, which takes at least 1-2 seconds to charge up. Based on my experiences, it doesn’t seem to be a huge threat if you move away from Froster Lord, and the damage isn’t significant either.



➤ Froster Lord’s Hail ability is one of the most dangerous abilities since it can apply Frostbite debuff. I recommend moving the boss away from Hail as soon as possible! It may take a few seconds, but it’s definitely worth the time. DO NOT try to fight Froster Lord along with Hail.


frot nova

Frost nova
➤ Froster Lord also has a burst AoE attack, which can be extremely deadly if it plays in the wrong hand. Based on my experiences, It does a decent amount of damage, and the AoE will wave in toward your character consistently. Watch out for the message “Froster Lord casts Ice Wave”.


fl kil
➤ Froster Lord’s first pattern skill is Overcharge, which creates an active field that increases damage by 50% if both character and boss is in the same area. The area will be overload after one minute, the overcharge area will apply additional damage over time, reduce healing effects, but also increase damage done by 200% to the boss.

➤ Froster Lord’s second skill pattern is Thunderbolt. He will summons multiple thunderbolts from the sky, dealing a decent amount of damage, but also has a chance to remove buffs from the target. I recommend jumping or moving away from the attack to avoid taking damage as much as possible. Players can also tank the thunderbolts as long as they have enough HP and defenses.

➤ Froster Lord’s third skill pattern is Breath. He will summon a dimensional cube that can spread deadly attacks in four different directions. Standing on top of the cube can completely melt your character’s HP, so move away to avoid the attack as soon as possible.

➤ Froster Lord’s fourth skill pattern is Rune of Anguish. He will summon a magic circle, which reduces accuracy but also increase critical rate, and critical damage. The buff can apply up to 20 stacks. The rune magic circle skill is quite useful to deal with Froster Lord with plant-type, take advantage of the buff as much as possible!

➤ Lastly, Froster Lord has a basic-attack specialty, which boosts Froster Lord’s auto-attack. Based on my experiences, Froster Lord barely uses his basic attack, and it doesn’t hurt as much as other weekly raid bosses.

:white_check_mark: Other Related Sources :white_check_mark:
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➤ 3:16 - 3:50 | Recommend Cards
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➤ 5:59 - 6:32 | Skills Build
➤ 6:33 - 13:51 | Weekly Raid Boss - Froster Lord Full Gameplay


I noticed that when I get hit by ice wave I get up to 3 stacks of debuff that reduces dmg dealt by 30% per stack for 30 seconds, tho I don’t see this debuff icon in your video when you get hit. Is there any way to reliably dodge the ice wave so I won’t get these stacks?

Hmm, I tried to jump over the waves, but I still get hit. I think the only way to dodge is either using Iframe skill or stun the boss as soon as possible before he cast it.

only way to not get the debuff that lowers damage is to hide behind one of the ice pillars that spawn around the battle field