<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


Also what he is pointing out is about lessening your skills primarily because, as you have said yourself, you only use some skills sometimes and maybe even not at all

At most you may want to have lv5 Downfall for better bossing ability for its attribute despite it being bugged

A good, ideal skill rotation is when you can master rotating all your skills when their CD’s are back. It is true that having 1 pointer fillers to have more skills to spam is the best way to squeeze more dps theoretically, but what’s the point of it if you can’t rotate your skills and it ends up being a “dead skill” on your hotkey?

Oh and Barrage is actually OP if done right



Sorry, I missed the part about him wanting to do more cm. I would focus on more aoe, so you can clear waves quicker. Bosses in cm die really quickly. You want to clear fast to get to them asap.

I’d take out of jumpshot (keep it lvl 1) and put more homing. Homing is pretty good in cm.


Thankyou @adrian.agulto.rn and @Ennislol , you guys were of big help, now i have some idea how to build around and how thing should work
sorry if i pested you guys to much


Nah all good bud, that is what this thread was made for :smiley:


that’s the build i came up, still think Arrow Sprinkle is not that great so moved points to spread arrow


Imo Arrow Sprinkle is better, both in mobbing (with Aiming ofcourse) and with bossing. Spread Shot, while it has been significantly improved, is still one of the lowest dps skills in Mergen’s kit together with Jump shot


was not putting aiming buff into account, that makes almost every arrow from AS to hit the mobs i assume, if so, i agree that is a better dps than Spread, i’m still leaveling (have a skill reset potion for when hit max lvl) so i’ll stick with spread until lvl max then reset hahah
thanks again


try to spam spread shot before deciding to reset it. Be your own mergen


That’s why i’m leaving it as it is until lvl max hahaha
I’ve tryed searching for videos of Mergen game play post Re:build but cound not find one explaing skills and builds, so i came here to hear from people more expirienced :slight_smile:


i picked spread shot too because it still usable while circling is on CD for AOE at desperate time. #antimainstream


Ermm I dont think Spread shot is affected by circling though? Reason why I spam it when Circling is down


yup, spread and jump doesnt need preparation to use


Loving falcon/mergen, got my Archer Seal tonight for 15% more Critical Rate from concentration =).


I haven’t done the math.

I’m debating if getting “Concentration” Gem to put into armor/weapon, will yield more crit rate than a green gem will, due to this seal and when you get a certain amount of crit rate.


Does it flat out add 15% crit rate to concentration (total 25% before enhance) or is it multiplicative (total 11.5% before enhance)? Also, is it affected by the enhance attribute?


Just get a wind runner, put the gems in them, buff then switch back it snapshots

@whitedwarf I dont think it is affected by attri. And it is additive afaik

Also you can buff concentration with the legend seal and switch to kaze seal as it auto snaps as well


Flat 15%. If your Concentration skill gives 10% CR, then you’ll get 25% when the buff is active.





Did you try without gear by chance? With base crit rate I mean?


1041->1146 is exactly 10% (the base value without attribute bonus). So if it’s not bugged, it’s simply a glitch in the display of the value on the character sheet.

Concerning Boruta Seal, I don’t see what “Concentration +15% CR” could be anything but flat 15%, because if it was only 15% more CR from Concentration, the value would be extremely low (base 10% -> 11.5%).

Could it be “base CR”?

Yeah try that to see if it changes anything.