<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


Lol I hope it is not 15% of Concentration %, that will be too low for a legendary seal, quite laughable actually…

I never paid attention. My Concentration attrib is 100, if its bugged that will be very disappointing…


I’ll try when I get home.

Atm the 4pc leather doesn’t display on stat sheet either, so I’m not sure if that’s working either.

The fact that the increase is exactly 10% is what was odd. It could be coincidence, but that’s oddly close. And knowing how many bugs there are already, I don’t put it past them that this might be bugged.

If we assume everything is working:

  1. Leather 4pc doesn’t display on stat sheet.
  2. Concentration base displays.
  3. Concentration attribute does not display.

That’s just, horribly inconsistent.


Hey, sorry to bother you guys with questions again and again hahaha

So i really didi not like to have ranger on my build and replaced it with Pied Piper (since i’m playing with friends it looks more usefull too)

Until now i’m really enjoing the game play with Pied piper, but i’m also a huge noob, so anyone can tell me how use it to get the max out of it? Like when should i play the 100% damage buff, and when to use the sleep cri debuff, and why the rats looks useless hahahah

What i’ve been doing on cm mobs: Dissonanz > Aiming > Circling > Lied des Weltbaum > Pheasant > WiegenLied > Arrow Sprinkle > Tomahawk > FriendensLied them just triple arrow and archer skills until CD reset. Could not finish a stage 3 of cm tho, did not kill the mobs fast enought hahah

That’s the build:
Also thinkin if is worth to take points of Aiming for maxing Pheasant and Sonic Strike


Just came to say I lol’d at the rats part haha

I dont personally have pied piper so I cnt help you. I wont pretend that I know about it and say things that will misguide you and others

:stuck_out_tongue: haha


Hahaha all good, i’m lookin into almos all videos of pied piper so i can grasp how things work,
I’m having a blas with the rats, is almost like ■■■■■■■ Hantaro’s crew is following me, but man they are useless, you command then to hit and they go all the way to miss the attack hahaha


I reckon PP is better used with Musketeer for the incredible dps burst from its kit. Unless your archer is mainly for support…?


At first i was planing to solo, but my friends got hooked up to the game, so we are making things to play together
After getting to lvl max i think i’ll make a solo one, just don’t know if it will be a mergen


Probably better to wait for the new archer classes before you set in stone your decision. You might just like them


Ok I think I got to the root of the crit rate issue. The nepa set bonus is throwing things off.

The bonus amount is added after all the buffs/enchants etc are calculated and not before.

It is, however, off by a little. Instead of 13.8% from Concentration, its giving 13.5%. Similarly to enchant jewel, instead of 6%, its 5.8%.

Also, the legend seal is a flat 15%. It seems to be the only one that is basically consistently 15%.

Thanks for the feedback guys.


didn’t even knew that we are getting new classes, but i do have lots of character spaces (i’m new after all) and since the Mergen is tied to a party now, was thinking in investing some time on a farmer (probably SR) since it cam solo some content too


So it is +15% after calculation? So is it right to say tht it is better that way then?


Man so much trouble just cause the game stats are poor designed
it’s awesome that you got to those numbers, i just do not get how it add up to crit Rate
CritRate = (BaseCritRate + ((BaseCritRate x 0,138) + (BaseCritRate x 4pieceLeatherBonus) + (BaseCritRate x 0,058) )) x 0, 15

would it work like that? all the bonus do not snowball each other, except for the Seal


The Boruta seal adds a flat 15%. So if your concentration gives 10%, with the seal it’ll be 25%.

So how I ended up getting my numbers:

You add all your crit rate in your gear.

If you cast concentrate (0 attributes, so 10% increase). You gain your crit rate x 1.10

However, If you have nepa 3 set, you have to subtract the amount you get from the the enhance and trans amount, then multiply your crit rate by concentration, then add the enhancement and trans amounts back on.

[(crit rate - nepa enhance and trans amounts) x 1.10] + nepa enhance and trans amount.

This is how I ended up getting close to the amounts I was seeing. Like I said the amounts were slightly off (13.5% instead of 13.8% increase from my concentration+attribute and 5.8% increase instead of 6% for my enchant jewel)

If you have multiple crit rate modifiers you can add them flat: crit rate x (1+0.138+0.15+0.06)

Thats for my concentration + attributes (13.8%)
Boruta seal = 15%
Enchant jewel = 6%

So for my case I have:

[(crit rate - nepa enhance and trans amounts) x 1.348] + nepa enhance and trans amount

The leather 4 pc is weird, it’s a modifier after everything and is based on the monster you’re fighting, according to the rebuild blog (but is inconsistent with the rebuild patch notes). It won’t show up on your stat sheet.


I see, that is a bit weird then. Just makes calculations complicated. It could be intended, but knowing this game I won’t be surprised if it was unintentional…


The Boruta seals are pretty obtainable aswell, the #1 guild on each server can be pretty un-realistic to get into for most players b/c of their limited guild size and just the shear quality of their player’s gears but #2-4 are typically openly recruiting and willing to help new players reach endgame aslong as those players are willing to stay and help the guild in return.

As someone who has been playing roughly 90 days I was able to get into a #2 ranked guild and within 2 weeks was able to earn my Archer seal. Its certainly not fun spending 4-5 hours a night in Boruta burning through soul crystals and consumables like theres no tommorow but the seal and the 45 shards certainly ease the blow.

Play wise im pretty comfortable with all the content atm, I only have primus leather armors however between my 4 primus pieces I get 163 STR and 154 CON, with my 52 optional stats into CON I sit well over 80k HP and have 16k PDEF and 11k MDEF. Accessories I just have a 3pc Varpas Set and then all my time and money is basically into my bow, a +11 Velco with the usual bells and whistles.

I used everyones feedback in the thread to find a loadout that worked for me, I went with 1 of the hybrid ones; 15 Triple - 10 Homing - 10 Downfall - 10 Sprinkle. That gave me the perfect balance of aoe and single target that I needed for Velco, Boruta, CMs, Gem Feud etc.


To add onto @Farms_Alot, the Boruta content is dumb and grueling. Unless you’re competing for the top 30 atm, I would recommend just afking inside for the contribution. You get 45 shards, but more importantly you get the Boruta medals (3 for the top 1000, which should be attainable by just afking).

These medals are widely valuable as they allow you to purchase magic stones (I have seen my server sells these for 50-75m ea) and the legendary accessory recipes (bracelets are 150-200m, necklaces are 200-250m).

Btw if you guys haven’t read the Ktest notes, they are changing Bernice to reward coins that you exchange for items such as dimension potions (which are amazing) and also legend jewels. So I suggest trying out Bernice and getting used to it so you can at least get some coins rewarded when the change comes and save for the legend jewels for better enchants.


Where do we enter the Bernice Dungeon Ennis, thank you for all the information.


I heard that the number of coins needed for legend jewel is too high, and given the rng of this game I would personally not choose to farm Bernice to get an unwanted stat (unless you have been farming them)

Anyhow the game has so many bugs atm. Then they release DA again. I personally am amazed how some people still chose to spend another $35 for 3 DA, which will give you a small boost at a pricey cost. Not to mention you could have spent it in more efficient other ways. Oh well lmao


as someone new at the game i really don’t get the deal with tp shop, can’t see something that worth spending money, i’m still lvl 360 with my first toon so not using Market to be worth get a premium


It does look high, but I also don’t know how much you get per run. So it could be not that expensive.

So right now, I get about 80 dimension pots per week. If it translate over, thats 800 pts per week for me. If even doing Bernice for the potions is worth it for me, its on a separate CD from normal sp pots and they essentially free.

And I agree about the bugs and lag, its definitely putting a damper on the gameplay experience.

Sorry @gabrielbianchin7 , I don’t know what to spend money on. I personally don’t, and wouldn’t, spend money on this game.