<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


this might be out of topic but i have transcended my bow to stage 2… i heard about weapon extraction to get blessed shard… where can i find it? or it’s already gone after rebuild?


That was removed awhile back before re: build, stage 2 is nothing though, like 2 or 3 days of gem feud at most which is 15min or so a day, dont worry too much over something that small.


Hi, guys. i need a help. my build fixed to archer ranger fletcher Mergen. I need help to fix Someone skills.

  1. Archer: 5 points in multishot or twin Arrow.

  2. ranger: i dont use aoe of falcon skill, them i choose 4 points on achoring just for cd of bounce and barrage.

3.fletcher: Its a nice distribuition? crossfire and divine machine arrow max for some aoe combo.

  1. mergen: Zenith 5 , triple Arrow 15 and downfall 15 its my main skills , like It.
    left 10 points, put on spread 10, homing 10 ir sprinkle 10.
    note: homing its nice with falcon skills aoe.

link build: https://tos.guru/itos/simulator?tinyurl=yagh8lwp.

anyone can help me? thx

  1. twin arrow
  2. hmm
  3. 10 sprinkle


Which enchant jewels have you guys had the most success with in regards to your Velcoffer Bows.

I always heard it was better to just try your luck with the rare grade 390s for like 800-900k a pop and to not go the unique route for 3mil or more per jewel but after about 25 390 rares now I still havent gotten anything besides the lowest possible 0.5 to 1% roll in every option, and certainly nothing like aoe ratio or movement speed.

Just curious what some folks have found to work the best for cost and outcome.

Just crappy 0.X rolls over and over, thought id break 1% at some point…


10% accuracy on gloves
6% crit on pants
1 movespeed on chest
2 aoe attack on boots
12% phys dmg reduc on bow

Enchanting is dumb.


Yeah i feel it is the most unrewarding and rewarding rng to top the icing on the cake…

Aoe attack ratio
Crit rate
Movement speed
Main hand dmg


Hello, I have gear question.

Shall I go for Plate or leather set?


is this build optmal for CM? ranger > falconer > mergen, not so shure about what skills i should use on mergen, so just read then see some videos and thats what i think it’s the best


cards currently using red centaurus X 3, purple gazing golem X 1, rikaus X 2, green netherbovine x 3, blue armaos lvl1 X 3 :sweat_smile:. are my choices good? any card that should be replaced?


Could anyone familar with going Pied Piper tell me the typical cookie cutter loadout for the piper skills and give me a quick walk through on the songs, basically just how to use the damage song and the ability that randomly casts a song that may or may not fail in your typical rotation.

Sorry, have never played piper before, was looking for something a bit more group friendly and for something that gave me an escape option for when im forced to pvp, thank you.



Nvm sorry I see why you guys go that route, so the Stegrei. can only cast the damage song, may I ask one more thing please, does Lied Des and Stegrei. stack or do I just cast 1 after the other wears off, thank you.


since no one who clicked in the build replied i assume its ok to go with this build


You may be better ditching Downfall and Bounce shot. Transfer some points from High anchoring to Barrage


You’ll prolly have issues with sp and using a lot of skills.

Like fletcher, it’s too many skills to use. You get really bogged down in how many skill cds you are tracking.


thanks, i can see why i should get rid of bounce, but why downfall? it looks better than Arrow Sprinkle


i undertand that problem, was not thinking that would use all skills tho…
Ranger skills should be used only when i have nothing else to cast, high anchorting as exception
Falconer only have 2 active damage skills not a problem, considering i`m able to use the buffs correctly
as for mergen would be Downfall > Triple arrow > Homing Arrow the other skills would be fillers as if i had nogthing else to cast
what changes would you suggest? the same that @adrian.agulto.rn did?


Depends on what you’re focusing on. I like sprinkle and Downfall more for the single target because of world bosses, velc, and Bernice.


The tricky part of skill allocation especially in rebuild is that there is no exact allocation no matter what people/we say. Because it depends on what you want to use your mergen for.

What Ennislol said is right too, as this is his preference since he runs Bernice dungeon which are speedruns to get highest map level as possible

Since you asked about cm in particular, I suggested to ditch Downfall. I know it is great for bossing, but 90% of the time you wont use it in CM as it is useless on mobs, only good for bosses

Source: 648 cm runs as of writing