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Legendary Card Guide by Crevox


In this guide, I’ll cover where to get legendary cards, the best way to level them up, and how the system works. I hope that this helps you.

What's a legendary card?

Legendary cards are golden in color. Every character can equip one at a time. They look like this:

These cards go in the center slot of your character’s card window. They generally have powerful effects, being much stronger than any regular card. This slot is initially locked, but can be unlocked by completing a quest that every character accepts automatically at level 100 to complete all the main story revelation quests. You can also unlock it by using a Legend Card Slot Unlock Voucher.

Legendary cards cost more to unequip without losing stars than regular cards. While regular cards cost 20,000 silver per star to unequip, these cost 1 million each.

Note that Sorcerers can use legendary cards for Summoning as well. This will make the summoned demon 15% larger, remove the black haze around them, and cause them to glow golden.

Note, however, they are not any stronger than the regular versions, and have the same exact stats across the board. In fact, they are slightly weaker, as each card star increases the ATK & DEF of the summoned demon, and getting 10 star on a legendary card is not feasible. The stat loss is very minor at higher gear levels as this bonus only affects the base stats of the summon and not their final values, making it almost negligible, but be advised.

Where do I get legendary cards?

Legendary cards can be obtained from powerful bosses with a low chance.

Field Bosses
The seven different Demon Lord field bosses have their own legendary card. You can obtain this from their cube (or shining cube) with a very low chance. The drop rate is estimated around 1-3%. You can also obtain one of these of your choice from the “Legend Card (Demon Lord) Envelope” item contained within Leticia’s Cube.

These are all their effects (thanks to tos.neet).

Unique Raids
There are currently five different Unique Raids, and each one has a boss at the end with their own legendary card. The drop rate on these is much lower, with Balzermancer’s drop rate being 0.20%, and the others likely being the same or similar.

Legend Raid
There is currently one Legend Raid that drops a legendary card, and that’s Velcoffer’s Nest. His card drop rate is about 0.10% from the cube.

Guild Quest
There is currently one Guild Quest that drops a legendary card, and that’s Heretic Pantorex. He is the level 17 guild mission. The drop rate is unknown, but when it drops, everyone participating has the chance to “roll” on it.

Lastly, we have Boruta. He is his own unique type of content, but he drops a card of his own as well. It has a chance of dropping from his cube.

How do I level up my legend card?

Legend cards are leveled up via a special form of synthesis. You can do this by resting and using the action "Enhance Legend Card" on your rest mode hotbar.


That will bring up this menu.

To level up a legend card, you need to sacrifice 4 cards as “fodder” (as we will call it from here on) to increase the level of the card by 1. Any card you put in will increase the success chance, while lowering the failure rate and destruction rate.

Using higher quality fodder cards will provide a higher rate of success, pushing all the way up to 100% chance. In addition to the four fodder cards, you will need multiple “Belorbs” as seen at the bottom of the window. These cost 1 million silver each, and you need an amount equal to the card level you are trying to reach. In this case, I am trying to level up my card to 4, so I need 4 Belorbs. You can buy these from the “Magic Association” NPC in town (the same NPC that handles collections).

Failure causes all four fodder cards to be deleted, and you will lose the Belorbs. The legendary card is unaffected.

Destruction is the same as failure, however, you will also completely lose the legendary card; it will be destroyed. There will always be some chance of destruction if the success chance is not at 100%. Because of this, it is extremely advised to not attempt anything under 100% on any card that is valuable to you.

What can I use to level up legend cards?

To level up legend cards, there are three main items that can be used as fodder. In all cases, the higher level the fodder, the more success rate they provide.

Boss Cards
These are the normal monster cards you obtain from defeating bosses.

Legend Enhancement Cards
These are special cards that can only be used as fodder to level up legendary cards. They can be leveled up themselves, providing more success rate to legendary cards the higher level they are. There are four different types. Each one provides the same amount of success rate as the other, however, they each have their own level cap that limits how much potential success rate you can gain from them.

image Ripped (Capped at Lv4)
image Old (Capped at Lv6)
image Regular (Capped at Lv8)
image Shining (Capped at Lv10)

These cards take many regular cards in order to level up, to then be used as fodder for legendary cards. However, for example, a level 4 ripped card is equivalent in fodder for a legend card as a level 4 shining card. Therefore, the higher tier cards are only useful if you actually level them up enough to a point where the other cards could not.

Just how much fodder do these require to max? Well…

Ripped: 291 cards
Old: 1411 cards
Regular: 6831 cards
Shining: 33064 cards

Yes, they take a lot. A common misconception is that something like a Shining card will level up a legendary card to level 10; no, that is not the case. The card itself, as fodder, can simply be leveled up to 10, if fed 33064 cards. This ends up not being useful, as you will see later in the guide when we get to optimal ways to level up your legend card.

Ripped cards can be obtained from specific guild quests by low chance.
Old cards can be obtained from high level guild quests by low chance (guild quest level 15 for certain, 16 as well?).
Regular/Shining cards can only be obtained from Leticia’s Cube at the moment.

Legendary Cards
Legendary cards themselves can also be used as fodder for leveling up other legendary cards. This is the most powerful method of gaining success rate.

What's the best way to level up my legendary card?

Well, now that we know all the different ways to level up a legendary card, what's the best way?

You can think of leveling up legendary cards as a sort of puzzle. Every level up has multiple solutions; combinations that bring the success rate up to 100%. You could easily overkill some of the lower level ups and get to 100% easily, but there are optimal methods to hitting 100% by using the least amount of cards necessary. As your legend card gets higher level, it starts to become difficult to even know what the solution is.

I have created a spreadsheet in order to answer this question. If you don’t want to read the chart, skip to the next section for my own solutions without needing to devise your own.

The top is the current level of your legend card, and the %'s are the amount of success rate you will gain if you use that given card.

For example, if my legendary card is level 1, using a level 10 card (the bottom number) will give it 50% success rate. This means that using two level 10 cards is sufficient to bring the success rate to a total of 100% and succeed. This doesn’t mean this is the best solution, however, as it uses more cards than necessary.

You can make use of this chart to devise your own custom solution to leveling up your legend card. However, I will provide my own optimal paths below in order to answer it for you myself. These are certainly not the only answers, and you are more than welcome to come up with your own solution. Any one of the listed solutions will work.

In general, getting a legendary card to level 3 is quite cheap and easy to do. Anything above 3 starts to become more expensive. Level 4 and 5 are reasonably achieveable, while above 5 starts to become very expensive. Levels 9 and 10 are almost impossible.

Lastly, remember that every one of these steps, and the substeps to create fodder, will require Belorbs.

Legend Card Level Up Solutions

Level 2

Level 5 Boss Card x4 (25% chance each)

This will bring your legendary card to level 2 with the minimal number of fodder cards required.

Level 3

Level 10 Boss Card x4 (25% chance each)

This will bring your legendary card to level 3 with the minimal number of fodder cards required.

Level 4

Solution #1
Level 4 Ripped Enhancement Card x3 (29% chance each)
Level 10 Card x1 (14% chance)

Solution #2
Level 4 Legend Card x1 (57% chance)
Level 10 Card x3 (14% chance each)

Solution #3
Level 2 Legend Card x1 (29% chance)
Level 3 Legend Card x1 (43% chance)
Level 10 Card x2 (14% chance each)

Solution #4
Level 4 Ripped Enhancement Card x1 (29% chance)
Level 3 Legend Card x1 (43% chance)
Level 10 Card x2 (14% chance each)

#1 requires Ripped Cards; this route requires the most fodder cards but zero legendary cards.

#2 requires a level 4 legend card. You can make this by a 56% chance by upgrading a fodder level 3 legend card to level 4 using four level 10 cards. There is a chance of both failure and destruction. If you fail, you can simply try again, but if it is destroyed, then you will lose your legendary fodder card and need to level up another one. In the worst case of destruction occurring, you will end up needing to use 2 legendary cards as fodder, which is still the same as solution #3, but more likely than not you will succeed and only end up needing to use one legend card, which makes this a good solution. If you destroy two fodder cards, then this ends up being a terrible route; this is RNG but statistically on average still a good solution. Note that this will add up to 100% success chance, not 99%, due to decimals and rounding.

#3 requires two fodder legend cards. This is the safe route if you don’t want to gamble #2.

#4 requires a bit more fodder due to the use of a ripped card but saves you having to get two legends.

Level 5

Solution #1
Level 4 Legend Card x2 (40% chance each)
Level 10 Card x2 (10% chance each)

Solution #2
Level 6 Old Legend Enhancement Card x3 (30% chance each)
Level 10 Card x1 (10% chance)

Solution #3
Level 3 Legend Card x3 (30% chance each)
Level 10 Card x1 (10% chance)

Solution #4
Level 4 Ripped Enhancement Card x2 (20% chance each)
Level 3 Legend Card x2 (30% chance each)

#1 requires two level 4 legendary cards. Review the above methods to come to a conclusion on how to obtain these. If using solution #2 from above, this can require a very small number of legend cards in order to succeed (2).

#2 requires three old legend enhancement cards. This route will require the most fodder cards, a whopping 4233 (1411 x3). However, again, no legendary cards are needed, so if you have an excessive amount of fodder cards, this will work.

#3 requires 3 legendary cards. Note that level 3 legend cards and level 6 old legend enhancement cards provide the same amount of success rate, so you can use these interchangeably to reach 100%.

#4 is another option, using a mix of legends and enhancement cards.

Level 6

Solution #1
Level 4 Legend Card x2 (29% chance each)
Level 5 Legend Card x1 (36% chance)
Level 10 Card x1 (7% chance)

Solution #2
Level 4 Legend Card x2 (29% chance each)
Level 3 Legend Card x2 (22% chance each)

This starts to require a large amount of investment to reach. You can substitute the level 4 legend cards with level 8 regular legend enhancement cards and the level 5 legend card with a level 10 shining legend enhancement card… however, I do not advise this.

As stated previously, level 8 enhancement cards require 6831 fodder cards each, while a level 10 requires 33064 cards. This is now outside of the realm of reason unless you have an extreme amount of fodder cards available to you. You would be spending billions of silver on enhancement cards in order to achieve this. For this reason, I cannot advise using these enhancement cards and I personally deem them worthless at this time.

Review the above solutions on making legendary cards and create the fodder listed.

Level 7

Solution #1
Level 4 Legend Card x2 (22% chance each)
Level 5 Legend Card x2 (28% chance each)

Solution #2
Level 3 Legend Card x1 (17% chance each)
Level 5 Legend Card x3 (28% chance each)

Level 8

Solution #1
Level 6 Legend Card x4 (26% chance each)

Level 9

Solution #1
Level 7 Legend Card x4 (25% chance each)

Level 10

Solution #1
Level 8 Legend Card x2 (24% chance each)
Level 9 Legend Card x2 (26% chance each)


Thanks crevox, I was starting to wonder how to level gold cards since thisb patch. Really helpful.


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Appreicate the update on how to level up Legend cards
Very many thanks.


Thanks for this guide, @crevox !


Very helpful guide , thank you :slight_smile:

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so shinning enhancement lv 10 is useless? just effect at legend card lv 9 to 10?

It’s just a substantial amount of EXP/chance gain toward a single level of a legendary card. It won’t carry a card from 1 to 10, or even from 9 to 10.

Thank you for the guide and easy to fallow enchant options, now I know that the best I can do is lvl 3 right now. :slight_smile:

(now I need to decide if Froster Lord lvl 3 bonus is worth the price :P)

Hi Crevox,

Just wanted to know if there’s any way to get Ripped/Old Legend Enhancement cards that doesn’t involve a guild ?

You used to be able to get Ripped cards from Uphill Defense, but not anymore. Your only options other than guild missions are now the player market or Leticia’s Cube (if they’re available).

So, does the Old Legend Enhancement cards come from the guild quest reward box ?

No, it is a uncommon/rare reward that goes into your guild storage upon guild quest completion or will actually show up in the middle of the screen as a reward that everyone can roll on.

Great guide Crevox!! It was very helpful!

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Im trying the solution to get level 5 DL upgrade but it’s not adding up to 100% and matching your values. For the Level 4 legend cards x2 im getting total of 40% (20% per card) so it’s coming out to 60%. Do you know if they decreased the values lately?

I think it was the same for using solution 3 or 4 for the level 4 DL upgrade also, i had level them both to 5 or 6.

It’s lv4 LEGEND CARD, not lv4 Legend ENHANCEMENT Card. Enhancement cards only give half the experience of what a legend card gives.


ah ok that would explain it. Thanks for the help.