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Dark Wizard Info+Discussion Thread

Hello, this is a thread to compile and share information about the dark wizard builds. This covers Warlock, Shadowmancer, Featherfoot, Onmyouji and Bokor. Dark wizards are my favorite kind of wizards and it is very hard to find any info about how they work, so I hope this thread will help newer players and that you’ll help me too by adding the info I don’t know about.

Note that I won’t cover the Summoner build (FF Sorc Necro) as there is already a very comprehensive guide there : Arise, Summon Army! The Purple Class Codex

Quick Classes Overview


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Role: damage dealer
WL has a bit of AOE damage with Pole of Agony, Mastema and Demon Scratch and a ton of single target damage with the spirits mechanic of Invocation, Dark Theurge and the Arts of Pole of Agony.
Important Attributes: [Arts]Pole of Agony: Evil Spirit, Invocation: Demon Spirit, Evil Spirit: Darkness, Dark Theurge. Then Darkness Fear and Mastema: Phantom Pain for late game, then the rest.
Enhance Priority: Pole of Agony >>>>>> Invocation = Mastema > Demon Scratch >>> Dark Theurge
Relevant Gear: Skiaclipse Staff Ichor (Invocation summons 2 spirits at a time)


  • The “Pole of Agony: Evil Spirit” Arts is the most important damage upgrade of the class, get it as soon as possible
  • It isn’t written anywhere but the damage of the spirits created from PoA Arts can spawn as Demon Spirits too
  • PoA spirits count as magic circles, while the ones from Invocation/Dark Theurge do not. What this means is that the PoA spirits benefit from the magic circle damage buffs which is +75% with Lethargy+Boruta Seal+Moringponia trinket
  • The in game description says the Demon Spirit attribute has a 10% chance to spawn, but my tests shows that it’s closer to 60%
  • The optimal combo for single target damage is Dark Theurge > Evil Sacrifice (inflicts blind) > Pole of Agony > Lethargy > Mastema > Ghastly Trail. The delay between PoA and Mastema is there so that you get the max number of buffed spirits (14) during the damage amp from GT
  • Though all the skills get amped damage on blind targets there’s no way to apply the debuff in AOE, so your best bet is to use a skill from Shadowmancer or spam DT/Invocation
  • There currently is a bug with Evil Sacrifice/Mastema where spirits will only move after a delay, sometimes not at all.
  • Mastema gives a 50% damage boost to holy damage. You won’t be using it but keep it in mind when you play with cleric classes or Bullet Markers.


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Role: damage dealer (single target), utility
Shadowmancer works around stacking a shadow absorption mechanic with Shadow Thorn and Shadow Conjuration in order to buff the damage and range of Shadow Condensation. It also has good utility with Shadow Fetters to root enemies, Shadow Pool to get temporary invincibility, a shield with Hallucination, and finally Infernal Shadow for single target damage amp.
Suggested build:
Important Attributes: [Arts] Infernal Shadow: Drain Vitality, all the others are good.
Enhance Priority: Shadow Condensation = Shadow Thorn > Hallucination >>> Shadow Conjuration
Relevant Gear: New Vaivora Staff Ichor : Shadowthorns cooldown -5s, shadowthorns level +2, shadowthorns +1 hit per hit, and shadowthorns spreads to hit 5 targets near the main target


  • The new Vaivora Stafffixes the main problem of SM that is the lack of AOE and doubles the damage of Thorn, making the skill hit 4 times on fettered targets, 8 if the target is under Infernal Shadow
  • Shadow Conjuration is only taken to lvl 1 for its ability to create absorption stacks
  • combo is Fetters > Conjuration > Thorn x4 (get 20 stacks of Shadow Absorption) > Condensation
  • Infernal Shadow has a very big synergy with aoe as they’ll hit the target twice, effectively doubling the DPS of your dark skills
  • Hallucination makes you immune to CC (thanks to @pathapol for the info)


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Role: utility/sustain, melee damage dealer
While other dark classes don’t have a lot of range, FF operates in close quarters: most of his skills have point blank hitboxes and require you to be close to the enemy. Kurdaitcha, Ngadhundi, Enervation and Blood Curse are all powerful damage skills but they also all have situational uses. Since the last update all the FF skills have been changed to dark damage so the class has truly become a staple. The Witch Doctor attribute, combined to the reworked Levitation: Cursed Blood and the new Levitation: Control attributes allow to boost dark damage by 90%. Additionally, FF also has multiple debuffs to help himself and his allies : life stealing with Blood Curse, magic defense with hexing and physical damage amplification with decay
, he has the Witch Doctor attribute which boosts dark damage by 50% on enemies under a curse and several other debuffs that can heal him and his team
Suggested Build:
Important Attributes: Featherfoot: Witch Doctor, Levitation: Cursed Blood & Control, Blood Curse: Limit & Drop of Blood, then everything except Kundela Slash: Curse of Curses and Kurdaitcha: Increased Movement Speed
Enhance Priority: Blood Curse >> Kurdaitcha = Enervation > Ngadhundi
Relevant Gear: Intasurta Gloves: Blood Sucking absorbs 15% of the damage done to plant and mutant monsters. Don’t get them, it’s a joke item.


  • Skills that inflict curse effect for the Witch Doctor attribute: Bone Pointing, Enervation, Blood Curse, Ngadhundi (with the Hexing attribute), Mastema (Warlock), Hexing (Bokor).
  • Mastema and Blood Curse apply the curse effect to themselves before applying the damage, which make them good combo starters. However, Ngadhundi (Hexing) does not, so it is necessary to curse the opponents before using it.
  • Kurdaitcha is a very strong skill against low mobility opponent. You can spawn up to 10 footsteps that each hits 15 times, making it a 150 hit, 100% uptime magic circle. Its downsides are that you need the enemy to have a big hurtbox and to stay in place, and you have to spend 5s in close quarters while casting. You can take the movement speed attribute but it isn’t necessary to get the optimal damage.
  • The new Levitation Control attribute allows you to be levitating 100% of the time and use both Kurdaitcha and Blood Curse. The downside being that you aren’t immune to melee attacks anymore but since in exchance you have the Cursed By Blood effect of Blood Curse active 19s for a 20s cooldown you are basically life stealing 95% of the time. Most of the time the damage gained by turning off the Limit attribute isn’t worth the 7s seconds of debuff lost.
  • For some reason when you use Blood Curse on multiple enemies it will sometimes heal you at 60% HP, no matter how low you are. I have no idea why.
  • Blood Bath heals for 160% of your matk in total. This doesn’t scale with skill level. Monsters are also locked while bleeding
  • Enervation has a hidden target limit of 15.
  • The Hexing applied by Bone Pointing and Ngadhundi reduces mdef by 8%
  • The Decay applied by Ngadhundi makes the enemies recieve 10% more physical and poison damage. When playing in team you can cast Nga, switch attribute on then re cast it to apply both decay and hexing for 40s.
  • While using Blood Sucking you will keep damaging the enemies even if they walk out of range


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Role: AOE damage dealer
Onmyo brings 2 things to the dark wizard : lots of aoe skills that, while they aren’t dark damage, are something that dark wizard lacks in order to clear trash mobs, and Yin Yang Harmony that is a dark AOE nuke with a 20%buff to all dark (and holy) damage
Suggested Build:
Important Attributes: [Arts] Yin Yang Harmony: Heaven and Earth, Yin Yang Harmony: Mediator, everything except Firefox and Genbu Armor: Flowing River
Enhance Priority: Yin Yang Harmony > Toyou > Greenwood = Tiger = Water
Relevant Gear: Moringponia Caster Ichor : Casts lvl 8 Slow when Water Shikigami hits a target


  • The only staple skills are Yin Yang and Toyou, you’re free to choose 2 out of the 3 others: Tiger = large AOE stun + movespeed bonus, Water = fast cast medium AOE, Greenwood = slow cast dot with a light grouping effect. I personally have put 15 points in Tiger, 1 point in Greenwood for the CC and 14 (+1) points in Water
  • The Yin Yang Arts doubles your damage with the skill, unlock it asap
  • at max level the Mediator attribute has a 100% uptime
  • With its poison attribute, Greenwood shikigame hits 19 times in total (9 from the skill and 10 from the dot)
  • It’s not written in the skill description but Water Shikigami has a target limit like every other Onmyo skill.

image BOKOR

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Role: Joke for the IMC balance team, mdef shred slave
I haven’t played Bokor in a long time so most of my knowledge might be out of date, but that class is very bad by design : zombies deal pitiful damage as summons, and Effigy is underwhelming for how hard it is to set up so you’re left with a decent mdef debuff in Hexing, an ok AOE with Damballa (only if you have special zombies, otherwise it’s terrible), a +4 movespeed bonus with Samediveve and a cheat death skill that needs its art to be functional. Yes it has synergies with the other dark classes, and yes it has some utility, but it brings so little to a build that it’s hard to choose it over the others. You get to play with exploding zombies in wheelchairs though.
Suggested Build: but don’t quote me on that
Important Attributes: Zombify: Large Zombie or Wheelchair Zombie (can’t have both up at the same time so max one and keep the other for later), Damballa: Chance of Zombification, [Arts] Hexing: Dark, [Arts] Mackangdal: Cheating Death, Effigy: Blind
Enhance Priority: Damballa >> Effigy
Relevant Gear: Skiaclipse Caster Ichor : Defeating a target under the Hexing debuff spreads it to 5 nearby enemies one time.


  • Effigy also works with the hexing from FF’s Bone Pointing and Ngadhundi. It doesn’t work with the other curses though.
  • I don’t know if this is still a thing but Bwa Kayiman used to knock down enemies, making it a decent crowd control
  • Effigy used to have a chance to remove the Hexing debuff with its 3rd hit, I don’t know if this is still a thing.
  • The only build I know that actually uses Bokor is Bokor>Rune Caster and it’s used to debuff the magic def of world bosses/boruta as the mdef shred is extremely strong in late game content.
  • If you play this class without the other summoner classes your zombies will literally deal 1 damage per attack

Synergies Between Classes

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  • Featherfoot’s Witch Doctor Attribute gives a 50% damage bonus to all dark skills against enemies under a curse debuff. Curse skills are Enervation, Blood Curse, Bone Pointing, Ngadhundi (with attribute) for FF, Mastema for WL and Hexing for Bokor
  • Onmyoji Yin Yang Harmony: Mediator attribute gives a +20% damage to all dark skills for 50s after using Yin Yang
  • Warlock, Shadowmancer and Bokor skills all deal bonus damage on blind enemies. The skills that inflict blind are SM"s Shadow Thorn and Shadow Condensation (100% chance), WL’s Evil Spirits (50% chance per hit) and Bokor’s Effigy (50% chance on the third hit). Hole of Darkness from Sage can also apply blind for 15s to 10 targets but that’s the only synergy Sage has with dark wizard as the skill isn’t even dark damage.
  • Shadow Fetters can be used to keep enemies rooted and prevent them from leaving the dot AOEs like Kurdaitcha, Yin Yang Harmony and Pole of Agony
  • Use dot AOEs like Kurdaitcha or Pole of Agony before using Blood Curse to instantly heal back to full HP
  • Use dark AOE skills like Mastema, PoA and Damballa to make the most out of SM’s Infernal Shadow
  • Dark wizards have a lot of debuff, making them a good candidate to use the Korup set enchant (+30% damage per debuff, up to +240% at 8 debuffs). Mastema alone with full attributes inflicts 4 debuffs. Note that Korup isn’t as good as Ataka or Smugis, but it’s easier to get.
    *Smugis is better than Ataka on Dark Wizard because a lot of the damage comes from spirits multiple hits. The 3 nukes that easily reach the 10m cap and could benefit from Ataka are Blood Curse, Shadow Condensation, and Mastema.
  • Between Mackangdal, Hallucination, Shadow Pool, Infernal Shadow attribute and Levitation, dark wizards have a lot of choice to mitigate or avoid damage


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  • Requires the Vaivora Staff Ichor to reach full potential
  • Highest single target damage thanks to Infernal Shadow
  • High survivability thanks to the multiple shields of SM, the iframes of Shadow Pool and the life Steal of FF
  • Extra skill points can be put in Invocation or Shadow Hallucination


  • Trades off single target damage and tankiness for 20% extra damage boost, lots of large AOEs that make field clearing easier
  • Still has decent survivability thanks to Blood Curse
  • Extra skill points can be put in Invocation (2) and Greenwood Shikigami (1)

Future Changes

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Those are the changes that are already on kTOS and will arrive on iTOS in the future:

No changes in sight at the moment

Thanks for reading, and if you have any info that I’m missing please share it.


Can you make a list or give examples ?

I’m pretty sure it was 4150%, and then got nerfed to 2753%.

No, it doesn’t. It did before, but got removed and was shipped to iTOS with both having no interaction. If it was changed after, don’t know for sure.

On PVE scenarios, this may not be so important. There are too many semi-reliable ways to trigger Blind (Shadow Thorn, Shadow Condensation, Evil Spirits with attribute) to be worth occupying a card slot. But, for PVP, this is pure evil.

Unless Savinose gets a rework to make their random status somewhat worth it, no.

Dark AND Holy.

IF you want Kurdaitcha on your build, you better have the attribute for the increased movement speed. And, even so, it is not worth it from my point of view. Assuming “low mobility monsters” includes bosses, 5 seconds basically doing 1 thing that can, at the best-case scenario, deal something between 60 and 90 hits while on melee range of the boss is too risky and you can spend this time avoiding the mechanics of the fight (raiding) and not dying.

From my point of view, Enervation should be higher than Ngadhundi and Kurdaitcha way lower then Ngadhundi.

The description is clear on saying it applies “level 1 Hexing”. Minor thing, but meh.

I’m not sure if this is how it works, but Enervation seems to trigger after the other hit. Maybe this is why? I did not notice this mechanic myself when using the skill.

I can also see some mistakes, like not playing Sorcerer or Necromancer (JK), but only saying this and leaving doesn’t make you look cool, it makes you a troll.

Back to the topic, we definitely need the update for FF to see this archetype really shine. And there was announced on a Korean dev blog recently a minor change for Sorcerer, specifically Summen Servant on an updated version of its buffs, including the additional Dark Property Damage.


Better start than never, hope you can continue updating for info.
I see you also mentioned onmyoji, so I think sage is worth mentioning as well. Hole of darkness inflict AOE blind for 15 sec with 50 sec CD.

Blood curse dmg itself also benefits by its debuff. Think of it as : apply debuff > dmg (you get hp leech here) > drain hp by 40% (with attribute) so you are left with exactly 60% hp if there are multiple mobs around. Prove this by using it with single target, your hp will always end up lower no matter what your hp before is (but still lose less than 40% because you get healed).

For kurdaitcha, I also view it as survivability tool.
With low levi attribute, blood curse will be 100% up as well as kurdaitcha. If boss doesn’t move away or player miss blood curse, player’s hp will be full pretty much all the time.

Btw, where is necro? Necro FF is very popular.

As I said, I have no experience playing Necro at all. I know the recommended builds but that’s about it. I can find most info by browsing the thousand sorc/necro thread there are in the wizard section but knowing how to play the class is another story.

I’ve done more testings since yesterday and it’s more complicated than that: if you do BC against a single opponent it wil always reduce your health by 40% (with attribute), no matter how low you are. But against multiple enemies it will sometimes heal you to full -40%, sometimes you’ll lose 40% hp just like against a single enemy and sometimes your hp won’t move. Needs more testing.

No those changes are from the ktos march 19th update, same for Condensation hitting Infernal Shadow, they’ll probably hit our server sometime during may as we’re always 2 months behind.

Imo you’re right for endgame PVE where you’ll have a set of red cards for each boss type, but for mid game or trash clearing content like CM it’s the best in slot: you don’t need to switch and you don’t need to use your purple slots as you would if you were using velnia monkey or prison cutter

You really don’t need the movespeed attribute, and in my experience in a boss fight once you’ve launched your burst combo you don’t have much to do. Obviously there are times when you shouldn’t be near the boss, especially in high level raids, but if you know the patterns you know when it’s safe and when it’s not. You’re right about Enervation priority though, I’ll correct it

This seems like a good place to ask about dark wizard. I’m returning player and I have a wiz I want to swap from traditional ELE TAO PYRO to a dark wizard. Im gonna try out summoner with probably SORC NECRO FF because I’ve never used a summoner before but was also wondering if any other dark wizard builds are worth looking at compared to the summoner build I’m looking at? Perhaps WAR FF SORC/OMNY because I think SM aren’t in a good place atm.

Right now Sorc Necro FF is the best dark wizard there is and the best current wizard for single target dps. You just need to have the right cards and stuff with int/spr. You can get more info in the summoner thread I linked in the OP.
NOTE : is it getting out powercreeped by WL/FF/SM whenever we get the next balance patch + new vaivora weapons, but you’re free to try it in the meantime.

FF WL Onmyo is the build I’m using right now and it’s pretty good : it has a decent amount of single target damage with Pole of Agony + Kurdaitcha (both are magic circles and work with boruta seal) and onmyo has all the aoes you need to clear trash mobs. Here’s my build :

I feel the same way about SM and I haven’t tried sorcerer but I can see it working thanks to the cat buffs and different kind of summons you can use.

How do you use warlock ? I find its skill factor really low.
I have changed to Warlock twice and regretted…twice.
How do you play this class ?

Also does anyone know +30% to blinded and Witch Doctor ( +50%) stack or multiply ? ( 80% damage or 95% damage increase ?)

-get FF for the witch doctor attribute
-get the Pole of Agony arts as it is your main source of damage
-get Invocation with the Demon Spirit attribute, as it works with the PoA arts
-use PoA > Mastema (applies witch doctor) > Ghastly Trail.
-If you’re using Invocation: before casting PoA don’t forget to use all your summoned spirits or the spirits of PoA won’t spawn
-The spirits of PoA count as magic circles so they benefit from the +50% damage from Boruta Seal

Warlcok damage out of the PoA Mastema combo isn’t very good, but it’s getting buffed in the next patch. It’s still mostly single target aimed so you’ll struggle with trash clearing compared to elemental wizards like pyro, elem or onmyo

Wow thank you for the information :blush:. So using Ghastly Trail till the end ? or just to trigger then cancel
I read that Evil Spirit will attack the target with mastema for the first 6 seconds. Is this how it work ?

The +100% damage buff from GT lasts for 6 seconds, so you just need to tap it once just before/after using mastema and the spirits will throw themselves in with the buff. with the right timing you can get 13 spirits to spawn and launch with the GT buff.

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Trying the new changes early impressions :

  • damage buff to FF skills with Witch Doctor + Cursed Blood is incredible
  • Blood Curse applies the curse effect before dealing damage gets the witch doctor effect on its own
  • spirit behavior has become very clunky when you use ES/Mastema : sometimes the spirits will launch after a delay, sometimes they won’t launch at all, most of the time they will launch at different timings. Makes the PoA Mastema combo take more time.
  • sometimes spirits spawned by Invocation get stuck and don’t launch or move with GT at all? Needs more testing
  • when using the new levitate low altitude attribute you can’t run or jump, and it won’t make you automatically fly over obstacles, so don’t use it in klaipedia lol
  • Kurdaitcha footprints seem to appear slower too? not sure

Yes, this is awesome.

Seems like a bug to me no? Only the first cast will drain hp, each subsequent cast will first replenish your hp bar then drain the usual amount, so with the attribute you never get below 60% of your hps.

Yes, especially using Evil Sacrifice now has something like one second delay before the spirits start hitting anything. Sounds like a bottleneck in the code somewhere and not something intended.

Don’t tell me… I did Seven Valley dungeon yesterday and I had controlled Levitation enabled, I couldn’t go past the last area because you get stuck by the elevation.

infernal shadow still put in ur place, not near enemy
and stuck you with it

is there any one have FF build without kurdaitcha?

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Mastema works the same way so you could call it a bug, I call it a feature.

My build only uses Ngadhundi, Blood Curse and Enervation. Plus 1 point in BP & Levitation, spares in the hp sucking skills. The two other skills aren’t worth it imo.

Yeah I agree that putting “Curse” first is working as intended, so your skills do extra damage. However I’m not sure that putting “Curse by Blood” first is intended when using Blood Curse, because this means you automatically regenerate all the HP you’ve lost by a previous use of the skill, and since now you can use it permanently with the new Levitation attribute which makes it 100% uptime, you are pretty much guaranteed to stay at 60% of your hps at any time. If it’s a feature, it’s damn cool though…

This “delay” on evil sacrifice and mastema is harming warlock’s performance. Why did they change it? I hope it is a bug and get fixed soon…

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I don’t get your question are you looking for a build where you put 0 points in Kurdaitcha? In this case you can put them wherever you want because it doesn’t really matter as all other skills are either one point wonders or just bad. I guess you can try to max Kundela Slash. You can also put only 1 point in Kurdaitcha, as the lvl 10 only adds 40% more damage to the skill.

Blood sucking isn’t worth leveling imo, if you wanna heal with that skill it’s always better to combo it with enervation. It’s even less worth now that you have 95% uptime on blood curse for boss fights (19s debuff on a 20s timer lol)

Is there any build for shadow-warlock-feather with the new changes? i couldn’t find any updated build, could you please help me? I understand that this build its mostly for boss purposes isn’t? and a dark mage pvp build its viable? thanks :smiley: