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[Guide] Legendary Card Guide 2021

Legendary Card Guide 2021

The legendary card system is one of the end-game contents where players obtain powerful golden/yellow legendary cards to boost their character stats. There are many legendary cards out there such as Demon Lord Zaura, Nuaele, Rexipher, Mirtis, and more. In this video guide, I’m going to break down the process on how to obtain the materials and upgrading the Legendary cards.
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• 0:00 - Introduction
• 0:30 - About Legendary Card
• 0:57 - How to unlock Legendary Card Slot
• 1:31 - How to obtain the Legendary Cards
• 3:06 - Recommend Legendary Cards
• 6:02 - Which Legendary Cards should you use?
• 6:41 - Boruta and Giltine Card
• 7:32 - Upgrade Process / Required Materials
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Legendary Card Guide 2021 / [NA] Klaipeda / Team name: Tsugami