KToS General Thread v4.0


News/leaks about the skills from those new archer and scout classes?


Episode 11 Teaser trailer from tos KR

Pouncing intensifies


They should let SR use the assassin’s buffs without dismounting.


dagger pouncing? loool no new animation IMC?


That’s disappoint me alot, I think that skill from Arditi was like the assassin (Instant accel) with a knockback effect but nop, it looks like the ugly skill from barbarian <_<


why the ■■■■ is this farms alot guy wagging his e_dick in here

this is the ktos content thread gtfo thank you


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Isn’t this KTOS thread? Gtfo


not sure why you are trying to bring me into this for some reason :thinking: .

isnt it the other way around that you guys continously shitpost on shout and on forums. i dont think ive actively shouted anything about any guild in that way unless its a reply to another person’s shout(the last one i did was when 4bn members started to shitalk on shout weeks ago for no reason, and all i typed was 1 line which can again be proven on streams :thinking:.

how nice of you also to post a screenshot of a salt channel which is a containment channel meant for posting random stuffs like that and not to be taken seriously, very convenient of you not to post the things that multiple 4bn members have said there in the past either.

Actually looking at it twice, that screenshot literally is just a reaction to a player known as tpk leaving his current guild to join 4bn which was unexpected and expected at the same time.

You say that you want to avoid childish trashtalking, yet literally every time, it is YOUR side that starts it, (for example this time randomly trying to bring me into this instead of just not replying or saying something like “just replying to the person above, will be on topic this time”.).

anyways, i’d like to keep this on topic now and perhaps discuss the new trailer that has just been released, so please stop trying to misinfo and start useless drama again thanks!


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Seriously you are not helping your guild cleaning it’s name. I’ve read every single post in this thread, yet seeing only you bringing your sht here.
Give this thread a break. This is only for information.


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oh btw for anyone that didnt manage to see it yet, some of the new monsters look really interesting.


by 1 person =/= by dynasty.

its sort of like saying comments made by tyhpoonz,plv, and you arent indicative of the entire guild.

lets just keep on topic and stop spreading misinfo, if you have a problem that needs to be discussed you can easily send me a PM about it and we can discuss it there and possibly come to a conclusion.

anyways like i said earlier, lets just keep it on a ktos changes/updates topic on this thread. if you need to discuss anything else, just send a pm.


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go back to your hole.


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Wow this guy annoying AF. @STAFF_Bob please do some clean up with this off topic spam.


in 00:21 we can see one of Ardit’s skills, and it’s very similar to a Barbarian’s skill that I like, Pouncing, now I’m really excited about Ardit



i didnt get any onee-san type class master since most of them in scout base, but at least tiger hunter is an okaa-san type
bless IMC, bless maggi