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An effect of making it immobile. My idea is not for the sake of other skill having a damage increase because of this possible holding effect, but this additional effect allowing a better grouping of a certain amount of enemies, cause today, as soon as enemies are grouped by Dimension Compression, they start moving again.

A stun chance works here too. My idea is leaning towards an effective support, as a disruptive move, not a damage increasing skill.

This slow interaction, for me, can be removed. Unless they make it a substantial increase in damage, it will not worth the ride. And, if by any reason this interaction creates a huge gain in damage, so what was the point of moving Sage to the support role? It would be better and less problematic to keep it as a DPS class and adjust the sfr and what else would be needed to better fill the DPS role, instead of a forced interaction with Slow to deal decent damage.


It was the most popular at the time, makes sense that that’s what they thought people liked.

Same with why BM is so popular now: What people actually like is AA builds even though they’re boring. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they should make a class that enforce some type of synergy, something like elementalist but that can swap from holy or dark or poison or w/e, buff a skill set and kill the other types, idk, maybe alchemist could do that, that’s a hard design but viable for favoring a lot of casters.


some image of this " Festival Costume" ???


Hey guys, can someone please tell me where can i find those new accessories stats? (those from the new hg)

thanks in advance!



ty very much dude, i was completely lost on this thread, so many content that i get so hyped and forgot what i was looking for xD


dont you get em by afk bokoring? :stuck_out_tongue:


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Skill “DWA” at the corsair did not make the auto attack? And why, what’s so hard to do ???


well aint want to looks cool… but just not so frequently here as you people :slightly_smiling_face:


How is finestra supposed to work in rebuild? It doesn’t change the crit rate on the character info. So I’m guessing it works like a final modifier?


skills that modify physical attack, critical chance, critical damage, does not appear in the character window after rebuild, finestra is not exception


because the IMC does not like the class, the community asks to make this skill viable since the beginning of the game, thus making viable a character in the “dual dagger auto atk” style …


this makes sense when you think about spear classes they always have a glaring flaw that outdo their strength


Some news to homunculus ??? Its been 5 months IMC and nothing about, come on please IMC pleeeease





Sorry but ither skills that increase critical actually shows on ui like mata fencer or archer or enchanter. So finestra is actually not working as intended thats why last patch they should fixed but they didnt


Finestra does not show in the UI because it only increases the critical rate of spears. Then again, they could as well just show the change in UI as regular critical rate as the buff disappears as soon as you unequip the spear anyway.