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KToS General Thread v4.0


I also hope that, adding more classes to a build does not make sense


Please no 4th cls xD
With 3 classes i have no space left for skills.

And im to stupid to play with keyboard instead of controller.


I’m also in favor of master circles instead of picking a 4th class.

I just want my corsair master circle with a giant ghost pirate ship summoning skill that hits all enemies on screen multiple times with a chance to drop loot and silver.

Is that too much to ask?


Im more concerned with the gear, I returned 2 months ago after a year and a half or so away and have been farming around the clock to pay the 12million reroll fee on my Velcoffer cubes to get my gear. Ive been transcending it and equipping everything with tier 8 gems aswell.

If they already have a new BiS Legendary Set in the works then ill probally just lose motivation to continue, I understand nothing is permanent in any mmorpg but a turn around that quickly for me will just be too much.

As far as a 4th class, I hope not, I already cant fit enough skills on my gamepad to play comfortably, I dont want a piano build. It seems like all the ideas they had for re: build are just going out the window, stream lining classes and simplifying circles, hopefully im wrong on all accounts.


i’m down to both master and 4th class. Master class is something new and exciting while 4th class i can make the dream build: Cryo-Pyro-Omi-Kino :heart_eyes:


if they add a 4th class, 30 new regular levels is not enough to get the new class lv 45 :thinking:


We shouldn’t have skin tones that are not human-like -_-

Only humans were stated as revelators, there is no such thing as races fully developed for the main history. Please IMC, don’t throw your fantasy away, specially for colors like these orange, blue and green. They don’t even represent another race, it is simple a human with some kind of skin disease.

Besides that… Goddess Medeina showing up finally <3

For the new classes silhouette… they say that they will implement 2 new classes, so we can assume that this image are pairs of M/F of each class.


I don’t think there will be a 4th class because the moment you reach 390 you are not done leveling the last circle yet.


Those skin tones are strange in general. Why are they gray (like a zombie) instead of brown. What they showed before looked better.


Taking some guesses. Based on raw numbers it would be more likely for those classes to be Archer, Scout and Swordsman only as the first two trees have less classes and the later still has the weapon issue to handle.

A - Some kind of archer/scout, it has a slim shape, heels and seems to be using leather. It does resemble Centurion but assuming D figure is a swordsman than it would be unlikely. My personal guess is for an archer, perhaps crossbow oriented.
B - Reminds me of Archer special costume and could be something like that, a lot of fabric on the main body and leather on arms and legs. Could be some other type of companion based class.
C - Stands for Cowboy, tho it won’t sound fitting for a class name given the name weight (can’t be Outlaw tho). Likely to be like a wild west outlaw class but could be something completely different, asterisk/star spurs are an iconic feature of Cowboys but, if i’m not wrong, they were used to poke horses while riding them. Could be some sort of pistol mounted class.
D - Looks like a tanky boy by the figure weight and these plate like pauldrons, could be a new 2h sword class as these are lacking since doppel. However it could also be possible to be some sort of commando class which is more into archer and scout, personally i can see it as a CON heavy class in scout being some sort of mercenary.


It could be the case but these silhouettes don’t feel matching for F/M versions (tho as it could be), also as all hairstyles are short it isn’t clear. It’s possible to be the case but i don’t think it is.


Yes, the hairstyles are different, but 2nd and 4th silhouette shares the same shoulder pad idea and overall heavy armored resemblance, while first and second have the heels and light armor going on, the 1st has some sort of long boots and the 3rd is using maybe long pants on top of his boots, judging that he is wearing a star-piece thing with shoes that are normally associated with cowboys (therefore, some sort of boots).

1st and 3rd are light armored, 2nd and 4th are heavy armored. Also yeah, none of them looks like previous female poses we are used to see…

Edit: and the dev blog post states that they have planned 2 classes for the year


im 99% sure they mentioned somewhere they are working on classes using Musket and Cannon, so that would be my guess


IMC is soo inclusive that they take in consideration the feelings of Dark Elves and Zombie players!!! :grin:


The skin tones looks kinda grey I guess. But it’s okish

I don’t get they saying it’s hard to match the art style when they also introduced lots of hairstyles with so many colorful tones that doesn’t match anything else in the game


Where is my proper tan/brown skin tone? :roll_eyes:


I would prefer the revise this lore to allow human-allied subraces to exist. ToS has so many cool non-human races and monster designs but outside of being a druid we can’t play as any of them (and transforming druid was so heavily nerfed for no reason at all.)

Give me a cosmetic item that turns my character into a humanoid Kugheri or something and I’d buy that in a heartbeat. It wouldn’t be too hard to implement, given how the character’s body is just a 3D model and the head is a sprite.


Yea. What happened to this?


I feel like IMC is trying to cash in on the popularity of that one Slime iseki anime as well as the other zombie idol one that’s doing the rounds. They’re letting us pretend we’re goblins and zombies with those skin tones, lol. Or maybe just trying to copy Maple Story 2.


Adapting other races as revelators within the existing story is like terrible. You would have to redo the whole interactions between goddesses and humans, a foundation for all that happened and still happens in the kingdom.

Also, different color skins don’t make an alternate race/hybrid. Humans don’t have any kind of relationship with other races in this game, hybrids don’t make sense.

Human-based colors = perfect, give us asap

Weird coloration = please scrap it asap

Don’t ruin your own mythology and story, devs. Please


They already ruined it with Giltine’s stuffs though…:rofl: