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this updates you say happened like 5 years ago lol, iro at least take 1 year to get an update,


I’m not that hardcore… a +11 with 1 pot is good enough for me. XD But I’m a casual player… I can see the appeal of a +11 full pot… those coupons are got for selling to others, that’s for sure. :money_mouth_face:


When the game turns into a Mobile P2W game with the performance of a single player game that should require group play and making things fair across the board for everyone. But instead of fixing all this stuff in the past years they have been rolling out shi-t like this, constant bugs, shitty unfinished patch notes, half baked patches and then letting the community do all the work for them. At some point there will only be whales in the game and how long does IMC think they can take their money before an epiphany comes along their way.


The Re:Build patch really wasn’t huge, lets take a look at what they changed.

  • Class Advancement System (Quite minor since most of the fundamental interaction was there, really nothing changed)
  • Changed/Killed Meta Builds
  • Removed Buff Classes from the Meta (Buffs are so bad the classes are totally trash and only used for other means. take a look at Thaumaturge)
  • Rebalance of Bad/Good Skills
  • Removed Class interaction
  • Added more inner Class interaction
  • Removed some inner Class interaction (Most were not documented, look at chaplain/inquisitor)

You look at other games in the same category as ToS and you wonder why your playing the game at this point other then to live out the dream of an RO successor.

Not bashing on the Devs but they really need to step up their game and forget about whales, actually make a game balanced. There is no way a new group of people will be doing Velcoffer any time soon as the mininum requirements for it have shot up really high, by the time they are geared to do Velcoffer new content will come out and they will have to pick between wasting more time on Velcoffer or start gearing up for the newer end game content.


Never stopped true dedicated whales
New account -> buy token -> buy DLC -> trasnfer your items there -> smack dia -> return the item to the main account
Repeat until no pot left

this updates you say happened like 5 years ago lol, iro at least take 1 year to get an update

And now compare the lifespan of RO (15+ years) and ToS (3 years)
iRO was never a good example due to terrible whaling policy
jRO gets updates every month even now


What the actual fuking fuk ? ToS updates are mostly “HELLO LETICIA’S CUBES” or “Corrected a bug blablabla” (and many times bugs that were not mentioned in the entire universe/known by the playerbase). They can update their game everyday, it doesn’t matter if what they update is so tiny. Btw a lot of updates is not always a good thing, for ToS, big patches only show the game failed during 2 years to be a game. Not a MMO, not an online game, just failed to be a game.


The people who want the “DWA” at the corsair to be automatic? Comment on this topic on the link!


Massive dev blog update:

new strategic raids

new free dungeon boss

some stuff on pvp and pve improvements, i’ll let someone who can translate it correctly do this part

Design concept for new guild hideout, able to place shops/research+development buildings and other stuffs

Individual housing

Skin tone options

new npc

new classes

Improvements in optimization and coding + other stuffs(need more accurate translation

The development team plans to expand two scenarios within 2019 . Maximum character level 420 is extended . New main quests, sub quests , and about 40 regular monsters and 7 boss monsters will be added, and new items will be added


I am so hard right now…

hope it all comes true…



1st one looks like Centurion.

2nd one looks like wearing a fur belt or something, it’ll be funny if its a pet class. Or Samurai.

3rd from the left looks like Cowboy or something with that star on shoes and cigar or something on the mouth.

4th one just looks tanky.


To the people complaining about the +11/trans 5 vouchers:

After weapons attack change, enhancing with the anvil system became way less optimal, and transcendence became the way to go to increase damage, and it’s 100% sure to provide you with a bonus, 500 attack damage from anvils (I guess that’s the difference between +6 and +11) don’t make a difference when you are speaking about being better than another player or not. So in a way IMC already handled your request to make the gear empowerment process less random.

I would also like to tell you that even if these vouchers will hit our servers, people will SELL them on market for silver, and you can still buy them as well, if you really want a +11 weapon. And now getting a trans weapon is way easier with all the events that give shards/gems, so the advantage isn’t even that big, I predict that the +5 trans voucher will be used on 2h weapons to save some money probably, and nothing else.


one of them wears spurs with an asterisk-form, so I guess one Class is “cowboy”? Omg.

Sounds stupid xD


is the scout tree class with the “put the helmet” skill, in this case, “put the hat”


hmm… lv 420,
means 1 more sub class to be added to our build, time to start theorycrafting then…


means 1 more sub class to be added to our build, time to start theorycrafting then…

All clerics that don’t have oracle: I’ll get oracle then.


I hope they do something more creative, like …

choose one of your 3 classes, this is your character’s “prestige class”, the new job points go to her and all the skills can increase 5 lvl more


Level 420… that number… It will be an expansion to “praise it”.

Anyway, the fur thing class seems to be a Tanuki Shaped Scabbard. Like the one Minamoto no Yoshitsune seems to use. There are also shoulder pads there that seems similar to the samurai armor.

Or maybe it is a tail from the costume and it is a furry class.

Fun fact: It was also common to Samurai to learn Archery. Just saying now in case Samurai is an Archer class ;D

That last one is… Garen from League of Legends? Dunno


I would like to have master classes instead of other normal class


yay one more class, time to start thinking of new builds and hoping the new cleric class is a dps class :grinning:


If this means we get a 4th sub class to use then I’m surprised on how fast the back pedal on horizontal progression.