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Which stuff?



I couldnt think of uglier skin colors if I tried
They must have someone who is specialized in this kind of trolling

Lets give them what the community always wanted but do it in the worst possible way


There are NPCs in the game already using one of those skin tones, like Rita the storage girl in kaipeda. If they could rework the skin color they would have to redo theirs. IMC might as well start adding NPCs with new skin tones so you don’t end up the only ones with dark skin.


Serious question.
I’m white and I loved the darkest skin tone in the images… Will I be doing Blackface if I use that skin tone?


Omg, no… Blackface refers to the theatrical practice of actors who color themselves with cork charcoal to represent exaggerated African-American characters, usually in North American minstrel shows.
In short, today blackface is when a white makes fun of a black, with exaggerated characteristics


I’m black and i’m very offended by these skins… First project >>


Look if we’re going to start calling for them to make the skin colors racially appropriate, then the Featherfoot master can’t be so white. They couldn’t possibly have made her look less aborigine if they’d tried.


fvcking excuse me?

Well joke aside, i hope that’s just a small screenshot from all the pallettes they have prepared


I really hope Individual Housing isn’t TP only.


@sa_chan I hope it will come with garden for alchemists ingredients :stuck_out_tongue:


Trying to read this at the end of a workday is painful.


didnt they already remove centurion?


The B silhoutte is more like a Samurai Class. Look closely on the shoulder pads and the katana. (Hope it’s not a tail haha)


If it is samurai, would be interesting if it has dual wielding gameplay. Or a 2h sword and 2h spear hybrid class.

Silhoutte C. We usually think that outlaws and cowboys are the same but they are not. Outlaws are more of gangs while cowboys are rodeos, which has good capturing skills. (Possible hybrid of mounted and none mounted class)



Not like IMC has no track record of bringing back old, unused assets. No promises, but heh.


It does resemble a samurai but for me is hard to believe that tail-like piece is a sword considering length, curvature and positioning.

Considering the each tree thematics it would be weird for it to not be based on the wild west outlaw (or Bandit), it doesn’t match the military like line of swordsman and isn’t as shady as the average scout (tho, squire and former wizards…). The most natural conclusion for this kind of thematic in ToS would be to take the scummier side in order to have more room for exploration, imo it feels more natural to have a bandit to lasso people around than a cowboy doing a quick-draw.

Now we just need a rope bind skill and a train summoning :distinguished:


Ah yeah I looked at the sword again. It seems it is holstered at the back not on the side of the hip. Might explain the weird curve but oh well. If so, this is a 2h sword wielding samurai. A Kensei


People are so easy to distract from how broken and bad something is with shiny stuff, that in the end will be broken and bad too.


I see many have come to the conclusion that B is a Swordsman and am ok with that…

but, if you ask me…

You should be crossing your fingers for something a little more to the west :wink:


Why can’t we rant and get excited at the same time? It’s 1 AM and i’m working on updating my (pointless) analysis (with some rant degree) on class design.


I’m sorry, I am soooo into the samurai hahahaha. So I did this.