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Given they’re making these adjustments for the shop-type classes. Maybe they should also be given base/class exp for every successful transaction? I mean that’s the purpose of the character anyhows right (especially alchemist and squire which doesnt have enough survival skills in the PVE world).


Definitely going to have to keep up with this thread again, as I’m moving back to South Korea soon. I’d been planning to make a shop character to make some money, but I’m not sure which is a good idea now. Anyone actively playing the Korean version atm?

More points for refreshment table. Squire’s new shop: restaurant!

I honestly wish they’d find a way to turn that skill into a shop. The buffs are pretty useful.

about goddamn time, however mining would be more suitable for this i guess they just dgf.

about time as well. welp, they seem to understand their game a little bit more.

i have 1 question about teksline set 5 items
really all dmg applied after 5 sec or only 777 cap dmg?

And what about mergaite the buff on def and def mag are just when the effect are actived?

I think you’re immune during the skill animation and a def/mdef buff is applied for 20 seconds.

@redwea drake accessory set effect test (similar for verjo).
ignore freeze effect, this is an old video before froster lord card nerf.

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Hmm it does explode like Frieno set but does it effect surrounding? or just like masinios mace?

I might misunderstand your question. The explosion is not AoE. The nearby wooden training dummy does not get hit when the explosion procs. Your attack must hit the target to get the explosion.

I think I got it. It’s similar to Toy Hammer where it only do extra damage on that target that got hit 5x. Few people I ask (which they haven’t got the full said yet) said it’s the same as Frieno effect where it explode/damage to surrounding area but I guess that is not the case.

I’m really happy they are doing what I’ve wanted for a long time. New effects on gear are always welcome but I hate how they are on gear when they could have been on gems instead. Here’s to hoping.

New stuff need Korea translator !

For ease of use, you could simply enter the URL into and it will yield a translated link. The translation is iffy, but at least you won’t need to wait. :no_mouth: (just remember to set the language properly–this gets me sometimes)

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Former fantasy library dungeon rework

This will change the previous former fantasy library dungeon into something like the Unique Raid of Nobeer forest.

It will require raid stones to enter (4x for first time each day then 5x then etc…)

The raid dungeon’s monster level is 360 , and you can enter from level 330.

There is an inclusion of a new boss(Froster Lord) with new skills and a complete reordering/revamping for the dungeon puzzles/objectives.

You can clear the new raid dungeon for drops including new armours/accessory sets/legend card/etc.

Froster Lord Legend Card


Demon Lord Froster Lord Legend Card

[Demon Type]
When equipped, the Summons of the user have their Maximum Attack and Minimum Attack difference decreases by [★ x 10%].
At lvl 10, Minimum Attack will equal to Maximum Attack
Can be used as Grimorie Summon

New accessory sets

Langobense Necklace
SPR +30
SP +802
MDEF +152
When worn, the user’s summons will not be knocked down

3 Set Effect:

Wearer’s 50% of max hp/def are transferred to their summons
Max transferable hp: 30000
max transferable def: 6000

Nemetmas necklace
Maximum Attack + 123
Crit Attack + 325
Block Pen +65

3 Set Effect:

Back Attacks on enemies that are lvl 400 and below will ignore block

Nepagristas necklace
Crit Rate +52
Crit Attack +132
AOE Attack Ratio +2

3 Set Effect:

Enchancements on Accessories +11 and onwards will grant +10 Crit Rate per enhance lvl
Transcendence on Accessories will provide +5 Crit Rate per trans lvl
(bonus crit rate from this effect is max capped at 350)


Oh the regular one yeah I got it but the picture ones important . Kinda good for a noob low budget to farm hope to get these

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This should be a feature for all physical atk. This also increases the value of ww cards from just rogues to everybody doing physical damage

LF>Content above 360

Time to revive my full SPR Bokor lvl 17 Zombify i guess

Pain Barrier Zombies here i come

While I don’t like the Nobreer Forest raid, Fantasy Library is my favorite dungeon (Agailla Flurry is my TOS waifu). It’s great to see it being revamped. I wonder what will happen to the Dhrag accessories though.