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Sorcerer Info Megathread

To have done a lot of CM in Sausys 9, I’m really happy to have max Levitating (only 15s dowtime), I took no damage while Levitating in this map, and that’s really worth it especially in CM5/6 :smile:

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Ichor extraction success rates are very low too, I’ve heard. :frowning:

Sorry for the late answer; Germany has had some weather/flood problems lately and our cellar got flooded and I didn’t have much time to play.

This is really awesome to hear! I automatically assumed that since Claro/Oscuro fire those projectiles they must be missiles, but apparently that’s not the case! Great to hear!

As I don’t do Velcoffer, I will never get Velcoffer armor and don’t have to bother with ichor at all. I have a Basticle Plate with Con/Spr and I suppose I definitely want my gloves with both, better with int on top, as well. But I got enough Creto feathers for one Laitas equipment now and I guess I should just make it once I have the recipe. The movement speed on the boots seems really nice, actually.

Also some totally weird question: It happened to me in Saalus today again that my Summon suddenly turned from its normal, black/dark-colored state into a colorful version (as if it would be a regular monster). I had that happen several times now and every time it was in Saalus Canyon Mission. And I really, really enjoy it when it happens because they look so much prettier in color. Is this some graphic glitch that can be reproduced outside of that mission and if so, does anyone know how? The summon is completely functioning normally, absolutely no issues at all, it’s really just a color change and I would love to have that permanently. Froster Lord looks so much better in color and so do Merregina and Helgasercle (though legendary Helga at least has a lot more color already than the normal one).

Yes, its a old visual bug when the summon get poisoned or the sleep debuff. Thats the only ways it can return to original form. Never tested in pvp if players debuffs work too.
The close u can get to be permanently like that, is with legend cards.

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Thank you so much for the clarification! :slight_smile: Sounds like it’s not easy to reproduce then. And sadly, not all summons have legendary cards. Oh well… sad, but nothing I can change, then.

Sorc-necros rejoice!

KToS just unveiled a new legend card and new accessories that cater to summons (Link to translation on forums)

Demon Lord Froster Lord Legend Card
[Demon Type]
When equipped, the Summons of the user have their Maximum Attack and Minimum Attack > difference decreases by [★ x 10%].
At lvl 10, Minimum Attack will equal to Maximum Attack
Can be used as Grimorie Summon

Langobense Necklace
SPR +30
SP +802
MDEF +152
When worn, the user’s summons will not be knocked down

3 Set Effect:
Wearer’s 50% of max hp/def are transferred to their summons
Max transferable hp: 30000
max transferable def: 6000

accessories for summoner <3
i will get it and bring my lovely sorcerer to WB again.

Someone knows if sorc will now be able to summon mutant type too?


ah i am forget werewolf is beast type -_-

another mutant boss type for mount will look very cool… or very weird.

BUT YESS WHY NOT? make beast type too!


sad its typo -_-
why the heck they confused about mutant and morph lol

I saw that, very disappointed. and what a terrible mistranslation. omg
The last time was about the attribute that would let we gain buffs based on what type of boss we summon…
Deleted very fast after release and we never heard about it again :rage:

I’m thinking of making a new char that combines both Sorc and Shadowmancer, and was thinking along the lines of Wiz2>Link3>Sorc2>Shadow2. Is this a viable build? Mainly just making it for fun. I think I will mostly be using JP+HK+shadowmancer skills, and use sorc2 riding during the downtime is that right? If so, which summon is good for this build other than Marnox?

Or does anyone have a better suggestion for a Sorc+Shadowmancer build.

i think Sorc+Shadowmancer build its good choice! but change link 3 for tauma1

Yes. Currently highest scoring build on Klaipeda server in Remnants of Bernice, solo dungeon. Wizard 2 or Pyromancer 1 both work fine.

During downtime or when it makes sense to. Summon skills are strong and situationally useful, and Riding boosts the damage of your summon.

Gorkas is also a powerful summon.

I would not advise this. Linker is critical to allowing Shadowmancer to mob correctly and excellent support for your summon. It also is great support and a boost to both you and your party’s damage output thanks to Spiritual Chain and Lifeline.

wow its better than warloc3? its amazing!

i have similiar build but not using riding so have sorc1 only and thauma1 instead of sorc2

dont, link 3 is too good imo, just switch sorc2 to thauma 1 if u dont want to use riding (riding sux imo ><)

Hi just curious if the difference between sorc 1 / sorc 2 is huge in terms of summoning itself ( Not a huge fan of riding gameplay)

10% Summon Attack/Defense and the loss of Morph, not much of a loss at the moment, since you can just get Thauma 1 for 10% Summon attack from Swell Left (granted, you have to cast every 5 minutes, but still) and Thauma 2 for Swell Right for 50% Summon Def.

Frankly doing a Full Sorc for the future patch, Thauma 1/Sorc 3 (staying away from Necro).

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