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Banks create money out of nothing with every Credit they give.
Its the same.

But thats not the Topic here.

I dont have any shop cls so i dont realy care about it.:tired:

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Well… this topic blew up fast.

You know, arguments aside, I think we should just open a thread about this. The discussion might be drowning out the more important news updates from KToS.

But back to arguing. :no_mouth:

It seems that we agree on certain basic principles. Well, ideological debates aside, I’m simply concerned about the problems created by this system. Trading restrictions in-game have always been a sore spot for players. They may be few, but very recently there were a handful of complaints regarding trade (most notably the 300TP cap). I can’t even begin to detail the prior arguments a few months after launch on the same group of topics such as the barter restrictions, the sales tax, market retrieval delay and others. It may seem only tenuously relevant but they are very real problems in-game.


I hate when i see a notification about this post and i come thinking it’s new stuff from KToS but it’s just you guys bitching at each other


The culling begins


“I wield a Hammer in the name of Pleasant Environments.”

I think that could qualify as a movie blurb.

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I was about to scroll up but then I saw your post. I’ll probably still scroll up but just to skim through all their male cow excrements

Edit: in case people are in the same situation as me, the previous posts are still about fixed prices on players shops.
::My own two cents, We are in the KTOS forums, these people should be talking about how this kind of change affects KTOS servers and their players if they want to talk about this topic here. For actual discussion about this kind of implementation, they should open a new topic::

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New Patch Today!

Patch Notes can be viewed here.

Of note, One-Time Awakening was a bug and has been patched out as of this one, allowing you to reawaken items.


this one is still a ktest patch note or a normal for live server?

that makes sense now.
nothing else big in this patch, only small event/bug fixes

still on test

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Were Awakening Stones ever in gachas? Will they have a way to Awaken without reducing potential?

Awakenning stones can be obtained by fishing. :haha:

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New Item "Magnifying Glass"
The magnifying glass is a premium item and can be purchased at the TP shop ( Leticia ) .

< Magnifying Price (6/14/2018 standards )>
Mysterious Magnifier: per 15 TP
Artisans magnifying glass: per 24 TP

this is in regards to the magnifying glass item that was leaked previously, the one able to change the amount of lines/colour of lines in an item. the more expensive one also lets you choose to either change to the new option or stay with the previous option.

source post


This week’s daily Ktos patch.

Seems like, the addition of the new premium items and the start of the soccer events.

Squireshop weap/armour maint is changed to combine into 1 shop now.
Alch awakening requires no dungeon now and is instead a shop that awakens instantly.

Prices for shops of all kinds are now fixed based on location.


Strange outcome. I have a feeling that instead of consolidating the market, the new prices will cause a migration and instead increase the diversity of services offered. Interesting. That Portal shop, though…

Did they say anything about altering the magnitudes of the buffs given, like, say, the Enchanter buffs? I barely see any Enchanters putting up shops in Telsiai these days. I think that the cost of the buffs outweigh their magnitude by a significant margin. As a result, there is little interest in the buffs and there is little reason for Enchanters to put up shops. Hopefully they consider this. The boost is both worrying and encouraging. Not sure how to feel.


That enchanter/alchemist profit tho
Think imma get one

Those changes are a kick in the balls of Sages, the profit is too low compared to other class shops. They should at least increase the number of coordinates we can save with Portal so Sage players can sell more warps or increase the price of portals to 10k.

So… Squire 1 has only 3 skills now or did the downgraded something?

Yes. As far as I’ve read, theyre combining Armor and Weapon maintenance into one skill.

MMMM… i usually set my Sage Uber in 8k right now, no difference to me.

Alas, my main shop is actually Appraiser…

ALAS!!! my main income is actually selling Enchant Fire scrolls XD

If that is true, then hold Quarrel Shooters hand. You will be the only two classes with 3 skills in the first circle hahaha