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Help with PVP zealot or Inq build

If you plan on playing PvP you’ll need priest2 for revive (lvl3) on top of resurrection. So there’s your last filler you needed! Instead of . Kabba 1 is good but PD1 is also nice for Bloodletting which is super useful in PvP for cc immunity. Both are good and depends on preference.

Some people says that STR is somewhat important to Zealot, due to Immolation and Fanatic Illusion mechanic. What can I do about that ?

But I heard that Zealor will receive a new skill that ignores Revive at the R10 update. Also, Revenged Sevenfold and Ein Sof skills isn’t that useful ?

Str gives a bit dmg and accuracy.
Fanatic Illusion has an attribute that gives accuracy too.
You can get Str from gear but dex is more important pvp is full of full Con wiz/Clerics.

And yes it seems like revive dont work anymore after R10.

Rev7 is less useful than it used to be - it is still strong but not needed for pvp anymore. Once and a while you will catch someone with it but it is easy to deal with once players adapt, which they have.

Ein Sof 5 is not useful in pvp - limited duration, so you would only be getting this as an SP battery for pve.

As mentioned, priest2 is close to a hard requirement for pvp as a cleric. Even with the new r10 attribute tied to Fanat, you can just wait to use Fanat until revive pops and then go to town with it on.

Having some sort of cc immunity is very valuable in pvp - you can learn to play without it but a zealot needs to be close and personal, so having PD1 is a huge benefit.

STR is important for damage on a zealot - but for pvp you will be focusing on skills that bypass block like blind faith, so SPR is the winner here.

It will work, you just have to be smart and not use fanaticism until after it pops. (speaking strictly for pvp - for PVE having revive will be good for the rest of the group so why not have it?)

Hey, Remiri,

So it’s fine to put Kabbalist aside, isn’t ? In theory, rev7 seems to be very useful, as it returns the damage x7 to the enemy.
But with full SPR this zealot build will be focused only on blind faith ? I would like to have something more flexible and don’t depend exclusively of one skill.
I made a build here, can you guys take a look ?

Do you think it’s that important to have either monk or Pala just for 2h weapon ?
(I just realized that Fanaticism doesn’t stack with Healing Factor…)
Also, if you have some suggestions with another classes, such as inq or exorcist, I’m able to hear it, I saw several exorcists on Top TBL ranking.

Without Kabbalist you will just need to chug potions in PVE so it won’t be cheap - but it is doable. SPR is to boost blind faith damage which is a huge benefit for PVP. For PVE it is great for bosses but not so much for big mobs since they will eat up Blind Faith charges quickly.

Gear is king in this game - so you can get away low values in STR/DEX as long as your weapon is beefy. You don’t need much accuracy or block pen in PVE - just get it from gear.

2h weapon is meh IMO, losing the ability to block just for a bit more damage seems like a bad tradeoff to me, especially for a pvp build.

Looking at the build:

  • Get 5 in mass heal - it is an excellent healing skill, drop 1 point in monstrance and drop points in aspersion to get it
  • Diev on rank6 is questionable - perhaps druid for more damage and telepathy for pvp? - or oracle for counterspell and prophecy?
  • Get 5 in bloodletting - drop points in incinerate to get it - max beak mask too if possible, point of going PD is for status immunity and that is it. Can get rid of healing factor if you want to acheive this or drop points in pandemic.

So I will cut Kabbalist for the PVP build, since I have better options.

But is it possible to get enough accuracy and block penetration for Fanatic Illusion and another stuffs for PvP with gears ? What about put stat points on Str/Dex and gear for Spr/con ?

The another intention for paladin was the Smite skill that can combo with beardy eyed for knockdown purpose, but I think it’s not that important.

I followed most of your advices and I built this one:

I removed the Paladin, so don’t you think that Diev 2 is good too ? Since I can silence enemies, reduce cooldown and use carve owl to combo with zealot c3 new atribute. (I putted some points on Vakarine for PvE purpose, but I don’t think it’s that important)
Bloodletting is 4, because divine might up for 5, isn’t ? Or is better to stick with 5 anyway ?

I was thinking to choose Kabbalist over Plague for PvE, and then changes back later for PvP.
Cleric 2 is really mandatory either for pvp and pve ?

Thanks !

I dislike Diev personally but hey its not that big of a deal if you want to try and roll with it.

Better to stick with 5 bloodletting imo. Cleric2 is quite strong, but if you want to try a priest2 diev3 build to grab ausrine then try that out.

I would say, provided enough SPR and attributes in heal and mass heal, that you could get away with cleric1

This is what i build so far the last 2-3Days:

That are 210 invested dex just look at the awfull Block Pen.(LvL339 only)

I want to get my last nuale card and use Fullplate armors.
And switch the dazling golem for more Block Pen cards Maybe even switch all green cards to Dex cards too…

Itry to Craft this too:
It gives 60 Block pen.

Not sure how to get more Block pen but getting gear with Dex/Con will help alot…

I use 2H maces but plan to switch when im not atacking i will use 1h+shield.(No need for trans)

Its a full berserk build i wonder how it will work.

Energyblast lvl 1 to push enemys out of sw.
Zaibas for 'Blindfaith One inch punch for sp drain.

With the new R10 Attri i get revived when i die with fanatism active.
And stay alive for the up time of fanatism thats why i chose Krivis C3 for Meltis maybe Meltis is good in other situations as well.

So do you think that it’s better to choose Krivis over Diev ? Maybe Aukuras 15 can be useful to replace Cleric 2 Heal.
Personally I didn’t like so much Ausrine statue, because the way that it works. I just chose Diev for that damage and healing statues, and it seems that Zemyna statue can supply the sp problem. I would choose it for PvP build, since I will not use Kabba for this problem.

STR and SPR are the main source of block pen, so it seems better to focus on these stats.

What do you think about 2:1 SPR:CON stats ?

Krivis and Zealot work well together so yeah that would be a good choice provided you can get krivis3. You can also get Daino15 to make your auto attacks unblockable and faster.

Only DEX gives block pen - the point behind SPR is that blind faith damage can’t be blocked by design.

With Krivis 3 you can trigger Blind Faith with Zaibas its very fast and unblockable too.

But i dont think a build without pala/monk is worth the high dex maybe Inquisitor would be good with high dex.

Iron maiden + God smash seems very deadly ^^

You should build your stats around the gear you have.
Its so much rng involved…

Oh, I misunderstood, sorry.

But it seems a bit boring to depend only of Blind faith. I’m afraid that I can’t use Fanatic Illusion at pvp properly without enough block pen.

Yeah that Zaibas and Blind faith combo seems to be great !

Inquisitor builds seems to be more easily to build haha.

Hello guys, I’m planning to build my pvp monk build like this:
My question is about the status, what one do you think I would profit more? Dex/Con or Spr/Con? In what proportion? What are the pros and cons of each one?
Thank you all!

Put yellow gems in your gloves

Well - you will need 800-1000 block pen to overcome the majority of players block, and every point you invest in DEX could be invested into CON to survive for longer in pvp, that is the issue.

As Physical cls you are in a disadvantage in this game pve/pvp-wise.

There is Block/Accuracy.
Weapon restictions Aoe Ratio smaler hitboxes just everything in this game favors magic.

Even how the monsters move o.o"

If u guys scare of pvp block there’s a new block penetration set which coming soon to itos at new raid accesories

Will be good for archers and clerics - come rank10 there will be 2 different swordie builds that can ignore block so it would be nice, but only needed for niche builds.

Rete2 - unblockable disarm
Lancer - obvious