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Pain barrier for zombies should have been a bokor 3 zombify attribute or THE bokor 3 skill.


OP card and Op necklace! Let’s GO!

I wish this were a default feature tbh, but at least summons can get some proper defensive scaling now.
Very nice.

Pretty niche, the summon accesories are good tough. Lets see if summons wont get ohko’ed with these now.

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Not while the effect (proper defensive scaling) is attached to the set bonus and not to the summons themselves.

But the summons already have their own base defense, so maybe it’ll be enough based on how log scaling works.

So you haven’t seen the complaints. None of them?

I don’t understand your reply

i must say i agree with our friend above, putting this on a item set is very wrong itself, it would limit the summon character in the future if there is no new sets with the same add, and even more something as basic as this should have been put on attributes for summons as the already removed sorcerer attribute that also increased defense when riding too.
but about the defense system let’s be true, tos have the perfect skill for this; since normal atk skills have damage attribute why could not simple add a defense attribute for summons that gives 50% of character defense to their summons we could also add hp-atk attribute in the mix as well, this would give the summons the chance to grown better by buying attributes like any other damage class as well, this method should be the correct and the right one used by imc since day one for the skeletons; devils and zombies of toss, allowing a fully geared summoner to have something to pay for and gain power with it like any other mmo-classes!.
the knockback resistance could be as only set effect, it would be perfect and very good summoner set, even more as pvp where there is some cc’s plus bosses fight and the utmost necessity for any summoner if they had already been buffed with attributes!.


Is that correct translation? Because Transfer means summoner will lose Max hp and Def for the sake of summons…

Frieno does damage in an AoE? That’s the first I’ve heard of that, I assumed it was the same as Masinios mace.

You can see the black cloud which is the Frieno proc effect. You can also see that it add 2-5(or more) line cause it proc based on every hit you made to surrounding area so when the SR activate retreat shot and marching fire, it explode a lot. This also made trash skill like multi shot become decent in cm.

@new acc
Soon every good gear required high enhancement+trans like Nepagristas necklace. Whales enjoicee!!

This week’s ktest patch notes:

  • briquetting re-implemented, you can change your weapon appearance when talking to the blacksmith NPC and provide the neccesary equipment + the silver cost
  • new fantasy library raid implemented, addition of froster lord legend card + new accessory sets
  • drop rates of purple equips from challenge mode bosses increased by 3x
  • drop rates of unique equips(primis) from challenge mode bosses increased by 7x
  • velcoffer boss drops more silver now
  • revamped battle message setting options
  • guild UI improved abit
  • Nearby public party auto pop-up feature will be removed .
  • some other stuffs relating to general improvements

New Bracelets:
Nemetmas: +302 HP / +65 Block Pen / +25 PATK
Nepagristas: +20 DEX / +30 PATK
Langobense: +502 HP / +10 SPR / +40 DEF



I think he means that several people have been complaining for some time now about how summons tend to get OTKO in higher level content. Your other post seems to say that the defense of summons is fine as it is, so I think that’s what he took offense at.

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Nice. They’re also reducing the delay after cast for Cataphract skills (1.1 to 0.7 second) and buffing Masinios Rapier effect (instead of only applying 5 hits when you have 5 Sharpening stacks, you’ll also maintain the bonus Critical Attack).

About Briquetting, maybe I missed it, but they don’t mention if you still have to sacrifice weapons of the same or higher lvl than the target weapon. The only difference I noticed there is that we need 1 or more of the same weapon for their skin to be extracted (based on their grade; 1 for legendary weapons and 5 to common weapons) and that silver is consumed if you want to protect the target weapon against potential loss.

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Do the weapon still need to have at least 1 potential to be able to briquette it?

still cant do with shields


So can change appearance to lower level weapon…nicee