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KCBT3(iCBT2) Chests Locations(Not Require Scout/Shovel)

Original post (in Chinese) from:
Map and equipment information are based from (Thanks Tsuyucchi for Lv 143 map name!) :blush:

Note that chest level corresponds to key level (Lv1 chest does not require key), although these chests does not need Scout or Shovel to open. Key will be consumed ones you open the chest. :sob:

This is an uncompleted list, some chest locations are not included. Also these are not “hidden” chests which require you to be a Scout or purchase item from shop to locate. These chests can be opened by anyone, and everyone have their own chests.

Update: Just found Key drop on, it will tell you which boss each key drops from:

Update2: All items are now linked to tosbase, you can check their stats and such. Original item sample pics are removed.

Map: West Siauliai Woods Lv1

LV1 Chests

Chest 1: Novice Bangle

Chest 2: Novice Necklace

Chest 3: Basic Small HP Potion *4ea

Level 3 Chests: Cow Headband

Level 6 Chests: Maple Leaf

Map: Crystal Mine 1F Lv16

Level 1 Chests

Chest 1: Blue Gem *1ea

Chest 2: Red Gem *1ea

Map: Crystal Mine 2F Lv16

Level 1 Chests

Chest 1: Yellow Gem *1ea

Chest 2: Green Gem *1ea

Map: Gele Plateau Lv29

Level 5 Chest: Mergen Hat

Map: Tenet Garden Lv35

Level 2 Chest: Goat Horn

Map: Vieta Ravine Lv46

Level 2 Chest: Tenet Cathedral Collection

Map: Sirdgela Forest Lv61

Level 3 Chest: Pudding

Map: Myrkiti Farm Lv86

Level 3 Chest: Collecture(2-handed Sword)

Map: Goddess’ Ancient Garden Lv99

Level 3 Chest: Lv6 Exp Card *3ea

Map: Crystal Mine 2nd Lot 1F (may be incorrect) Lv102

Level 2 Chest: Grand Spontoon(1-handed Spear)

Level 3 Chest: Red Horn

Map: Starving Demon’s Way Lv121

Level 3 Chest: Flamini(2-handed Sword)

Map: Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family Lv132
by Tsuyucchi

Level 1(?) Chest: Tasseled Armband

Map: Penitence Route of Cathedral Lv143

Level 4 Chest: Black Rabbit Ears

Map:Sharon Reservoir Lv155

Level 4 Chest: Expecta Staff


143 map name is Penitence Route of Cathedral (It’s in map inside Main Hall map)

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Ughhh forum dying…

Here’s chest in Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family map. Not sure if it also count as treasure chest or not because it don’t have level. Require to wait for a float portal open up to reach and open chest. (Jump bug seem like fix now?).

Chest key usually drop from boss quest. Not sure if can drop from anything else.

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Edited, thanks for the info!

I tried sneak in crystal mine 1f, but vubber archer kills me in one hit lol

How do I open the chest with cow headband in it? It says that I don’t have the key that fits the box.

Keep lv up and do quest till you kill some quest boss and got lv3 key.

Oh I see. Okay thanks.

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Can’t even open level1 chest without key

AFAIK I already done all the quest here.

Sadly, no boss anymore. GGWP

Isn’t that one is cow headgear > lv3 box?

Looks like it. I should go to that place and open it.

I’m a jerk to cute stuff

Do you get the Flamini Recipe or the sword already from the chest?

EDIT: Nevermind figured it out.

Thank you for the list. One note:

[quote=“Anerol, post:1, topic:80691”]Level 3 Chest: Red Horn

This gave me a bone necklace, not a red horn. A head’s up for those going in expecting a red horn; and a “what gives” reaction from me. :disappointed_relieved:

Good luck.

Hi Katsumii,
Are you sure you were at the right location? I don’t think these chests generate random loots as my two character have opened about 10 chests together and get same loot for both.

I went to check this chest last night with both character and both were gotten a Red Horn recipe.
Here are SS when I open this chest with them:

If you certain that you were at the correct location and opened this particular chest, could you please attach a SS with you at this location and mouse over the Bone Necklace?
Thank you.

I can, but I think I realized the problem after the fact. I opened the chest there without a lv3 key. Now the chest doesn’t show up there, so I can’t try again for a screen shot. I’ll probably have to try on another character to be sure.

Thank you for your reply.

Bone necklace is from crystal mine 1f (lv16 map), and red horn is at crystal mine lot 2, 1f (lv 102 map)
are you sure you are in the right place?

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Goddess Ancient Garden

Lv3 chest : 3 lv5 Exp cards

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Hi Eniavlys
Yes, I am aware of this problem. I’m not sure if it was being changed in iCBT2 or it was a typo from the original author. Either way, I’m currently unable to edit my post, it keep returning me “system error”. Which is annoying since I couldn’t modify those links to display the image either. Sorry for the mislead information :sob:.
Have fun grinding!

meh, read 1st post again, lvl2chest with bone necklace location is crystal mine 1F Lv16
lvl3 chest with Horns location is Crystal Mine 2nd Lot 1F (may be incorrect) Lv102

Thank you, psyhocrack and larry_tsang. :blush: