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iDreamy's Guide to Scout C3

lv8 green gem on xbow, manamana, 2 sissel. red veris glove. 13crit rate from hair accessory 1, 2 and 3.

all that #24???characters

ya those items for full str idreamy build


Nicola ull be the one to help me choose… ;p

Ime doing a Bokor -PD2 and I’m atm at lv 129 bokor 3 … The point is… I want to main a proficient farming build, from the knowledge u acquired of scout 3 gameplay ( wich I enjoy a lot ) would u recomend it to me? I mean, I want to log in … só my dailies dung speed runs … maybê some of this and that and then field farm on the time I got left, I like to farm, a lot… make Silver. … get items … whatever is efficient… solo most of the time…

Also if so… stat dist is how much dex for str? And would a3-sc3-fal1-mergen be the best now at r8?

Also I’m afraid I won’t be able to push say … Siaulai. . Or solo bosses or whatever I’f I wish later…

Im debating between going scout 3 … hoplite 3 … Or Stick with my Bokor pd …


Hello, i’m started playing iToS about a month ago… i used to be playing bokor3pd2 route on another server.
So in iToS i choose scout3 for the farming purpose, cause i rarely have a time to play (about 2-4 hours a day + weekend). I must say that i’ve been really enjoying scout3 build especiay idreamy one.
I’m at lvl 245++ now and mostly just doing daily dungeon everyday. And got max peta + all 50 att going 70 alr got the money. Without sissel (i think this is overpriced, so… end game acc), then i’m currently making bokor3pd2 with my friend which lvl 95++ right now.
Ummm in short is, i think making a farming dungeon build is better, economic wise but i like my scout3 so idk about ur preferences. And bokor3pd2 not good at field farming but still can do solo dungeon, end game content and overall capabilities bokor3pd2 still win i think.

This will remain a Dreamy thread.


Pd2 field farm is great vs high HP mobs, thread: [Plague Doctor] Pandemic Experiments

Bokor thead: [Class] Bokor Thread

@greyhiem sorry ur right, this might lead to offtopic discutions… my bad…

@bobi_harto92 Thanks for the help :wink:

EDIT: I won’t resume this topic for obvious reasons, thanks for those who helped… id anyone wanna gimme some toughts leave me a pm…

Thanks again.

I don’t mind.
You could try in this thread, special thread for farming dungeon 145:

But it’s fine, ur right and it would turn the topic around. .

Thanks for the links, my problem still is that I already read a lot and realized that Scout 3 is by far the best for solo clear dungeons , had doubts lately due to hop 3 videos poping up lately and seeming nice but well I don’t know… but as I was saying. . The thing is that I want this character to be my main and to, after finishing my dailies stuff be able to keep efficiently farming… not sure if scout is still the best for this… ( now this is back to topic xD )


Scout3 at rank 6 is very early power-farming, farming dungeon 130 & dungeon 145 (best silver).

Plague doc2 (rank 8) will be strong vs high HP mobs (DoT damage quite strong, long duration, long CD - would be waste vs low HP mobs).

Hoplite3 videos were to show the new spear throw, it is now quite decent as a 0cd skill to farm. However the animation is quite long. Split arrow animation is faster and better to farm. Split arrow is auto-aim, so you don’t have to manually throw it like spear throw.

Split arrow + bow bonus vs air enemy is very great vs flying enemies (dungeon 130, and dungeon 145).

But considering endgame, almost max lvl and decent gear … for the sole propose of getting rich … knowing that I will mostly play only 1 char … Scout is better? Because we can see that pd can clear the dungs in decent times … só say that I play 3 hours… 1 and half hour for the 3 runs (pd) not even optimized and then the other 1h30 for regular farm … as a scout Ill do it in 1h (chilling) and I’ll have 2h for regular farm… but wont the 1h30 from pd be more effective field farming?

Not killing high lvl mobs wise but actually effectively farming … I dont care about killing high lvl mobs if their not profitable ;p

As the time goes I keep doing some dailies and so on on my Bokor . But I can’t push it cuz Im not sure I made the best choice for me … xD im such a dificult person…

You could still play 2 chars, and just pick whichever char you feel like playing at the moment. You don’t have to force yourself to play 1 char because it is best/most efficient, etc. if you won’t have fun.

Scout3 for sure will be easier to use (split arrow spam).
Plague will be more wanted for party at end-game since it doubles as a support.

unless you can reach 8000x1.5 base damage with str this is not true.
Trust me i got both a full str and a full dex archer.
a lot of rank 8 skills got around 8000 damage,
8000x1.5 is 12000, hence crit adds 4000 damage
unless you can reach 4000 from str, you will not out damage dex builds, not for archers, swordies are different than archers.
the difference between str arguments and dex arguments for archers is that str arguments are pure theory,
i can show y ou videos of fully geared people and how their damage compare and full dex always wins.
for a poor guy a str or a hybrid oriented build might suit your needs, since str is stronger without any gear, dex out damage with gear.

please show us those videos, i want to see too

I’ve come to realise that like pretty much everything else in this life, dex or str is a matter of preference. However, you are failing to realise that even with full str you can almost hit crit rate cap and therefore you would also be doing crits except your crits will be hitting almost 2x more.

I really don’t know why people think full str doesn’t crit. lol

i have both a full str and a full dex,
you cannot reach crit cap with full str, this is not possible. and full dex builds have better performance.

Just PM me and I’ll help you as best as I can.

please screencap your full str and full dex char, complete with status after swift step and gears. i’m curious

Ohhh do us a favor and make a video about it. It might be helpfull for those who still wondering which is better. Though it is already obvious which one is better.

too much work for an internet guy, there’s an extent to how much i care about this argument.