How to register your Beta Key


You need a Steam Account and the Steam Client installed before using the Beta Key.
Please visit the link below to register and download client if you do not have one.

How to Activate your Steam Beta Key for Tree of Savior

1. Launch the Steam client software and LOGIN to your Steam account.

2. Click the Games menu then choose Activate a Product on Steam

3. Follow instructions and enter the Beta Key in Product Activation window

4. When the game is added to your library, press the Play button to start playing Tree of Savior.

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Thanks for the key!
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Post if you got a beta key!

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can you give me a beta key?


Beta Key Please, i will for sure buy it after watching summit 1G’s stream, also by limiting the amount of people you give beta keys to it limits the future buyers you have, because once you give it to one person they could tell their friends and so on and so forth.


How can I get a beta key?


can i have the beta key ? i have the steam now.


give me pls i want to play


anyway i can get a beta key?


Anyone with a spare key? I am bored beyond believe . I could really help with translation errors if i get in.


Would like a beta key now. :grinning:


i want a beta key too.
pls send me a key :blush:


I want a key!! I’ve been waiting forever for this!


can i have a key too please?
i love and always loved the style of this game


pls give me one beta key want to play


Beta key for me, please~


Want a key to test if run on my computer


please give me beta key T.T


i need a key too, TT;TT