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[Guide] How to fix login issue (Broken IPF File 03/11/2015)

Follow this video and you can play:

  1. Open user.xml in Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\release
  2. Edit mode in to 2 with any width and height (img)
  3. Open the game
  4. Press enter in server list menu
  5. After that, immediately press close at the top right and leave the confirmation dialogue open
  6. Wait for 5-10 seconds and then press “cancel” in the dialogue
  7. You should be in the character selection menu!

Thats only a window mode

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Did you watch the video yet?


did not work for me…

nvm it works now :smiley:

Nice i didnt see the video before replying that guy is a genius hahaha thanks.

This actually worked for me, and honestly, I never did thought it would! :smirk: ~ Thanks for this! :slight_smile:

Update with a tutorial video

Worked. Good job!


Worked 2 times in a row by now, well done, tyvm!

Yeah man, that really works! A++

I’ve tried for the entire day yesterday all kinds of solutions by hours, and none of them works neither one time. This one works perfectly since the first try.

Really grats and thank you very much!

This seriously work for me! I LOVE you! XD

the key is to delay pressing the cancel button

it works never doubts… you’re our SAVIOR yeyy! :smile:

Nope it didn’t work , still the same error :confused:

You need to wait 5-10 seconds before you press “cancel” button.

Confirmed, third time for me that this works, despite of that u guys better prepare for the massive lag coming because of this :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see this trick can fix the latest issue “IPF file broken” too.
So u guys can try this

it really works in IPF file broken issue thanks.

Bumb, remember to watch in 1080p guys.
And if you still get the error, please wait 5-10 seconds before press “Cancel”