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[Fedimian] Players AFK in the 300 dungeon

This BS has reached the top of stupidity. Yesterday I joined a dun 300 run with my Onmyoji, started to buff the whole party (remember that those buffs now cost reagents), went to clear the beginning and suddenly someone shouted “AFK player” and everyone left. Great…

Second try: queue has 2 players with “match 2 to 4” active. We enter the dungeon and stare at each other for like one minute before one of the players asks “Are you AFK?” I guess this is now like having the plague… but no, I’m not AFK.

So apparently we are three legit players, we start buffing and clear one run. We agree to do the same for the next two runs (queue and immediately press “match 2 to 4”) and we’re good to go. But what a hassle just for a stupid dungeon run…

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Absolutely, the attendance in the 300 dungeon has dropped because of the AFK players, and now the attendance has dropped you see the AFK players more often which means…that the attendance drops again and effort rises, it’s a sickness that is feeding itself.

AFK players are worse than bots to be honest because rather than ruining the economy in the background (which is terrible) these players are ruining the experience right in your face in the active gameplay that the level 300+ players are participating in.

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Punishing the players that kicked someone is not the way to go (especially when the kick is legit).
The bonus xp is the same independently of the number of players and you don’t get extra xp with a 5th player.

Having to finish the run with 1 less player is “punishing” enough.

I hope we haven’t got wires crossed between us.

I was saying (in response to “EVERYONE WILL KICK EVERYONE HALP!”) that as long as there is no benefit to the people kicking people then it won’t happen.

The only plus to kicking problem players is that the problem player is kicked. That’s it. I feel like you’re fighting against me for the same thing


I’m only saying that I don’t agree on removing the “party xp” buff when a player is kicked :grin:

Well, in our situation with Mr. BKNG aka Scoorp we would have to kick 2 Players and not only 1. One of the biggest Online Games (Counter-Strike) has a standard kick system that gets abused quite often. Overwatch on the other side introduced a new system where u can simply press avoide this Player and you will never get in a que with him again.
This would be so easy to implement without any other changes.


Whilst fancy kick and avoid systems are interesting and definitely something the game should implement and players should discuss, new things like this could take years to implement and then find it’s way to the international version. The simply crux of the matter that we can all agree on is we need classic, normal and already usable right now Games Master Support.

BKNG and Scoorp (and others) are guilty of:

Exploitation, making massive gains of EXP and items whilst AFK
Griefing, harrasing up to 4 people per dungeon run around 12 hours+ per day every day.

And possibly:
the use of third party apps to leave and rejoin quickly and automatically.

As far as I know they (he) is only guilty of: harrasing/griefing

Multiple Accounts are not against the rules. Third Party software is not needed for what he is doing. Even tho its possible.

And I dont see where he is exploiting.

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i love how You calling all my guild leaders now 4th in a row :smiley:
cheaters, do You have some obsesions or i dont know @alleycats?

anyway i m not telling to ban all multiacc just block players from using 2nd pc or virtual machines or i dont even know what are they doing but i almost sure guys like bkng play with annother account in same time when leeching like that, very annoying.

i was able to speak with turquise guild leader, she dont like it, but its nothing she can do.
Bkng is a problem who only GM can solve, but we need good GM someone who knows game and care a bit,

so we can exclude Yuri and letitia, i mean :smiley: find some GM who cares about fedimal server pls

I’m not calling him anything, I said he openly multiboxes aka, you can ask him directly with a megaphone and he will tell you “yes, I multibox”, like he did some days ago.
To multibox you need virtual machines or multiple pc, that’s why I told you are basically asking to ban him.

OT for scar

Schwarznagger, your ex-leader, was banned for botting along with all his alts (bot army), and I was not the only one nor the first that reported him.
That was the only ex-leader of yours I called cheater (because he was, you knew it and you did profit from it), I don’t know why you have to make things up and add 3 more. :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:

I don’t even know why you want to bring up “unhealthy” things like this when I didn’t.

swarznagger never was my guildmate or leader, but if he was boting thats good , but i dont feel any profits from guy who was never with me in same guild, maybe once with party when 1st time i meet him and he offered free exp for my swordlady

NyaKawaiiDesu (the guild you was in) was run by windows95 (also banned), which was one of the schwarznagger’s alts and he used two guilds to exploit free tp from gvg (the other was The_Expendables).


If you say I called your ex-leader cheater (and schwarz/windows95 was the only one I called cheater) and then you say he wasn’t your leader, you either lied before or now.

Drop it Scar, like you dropped the “4th in a row” lie, you don’t want to delve into that and this topic isn’t about your personal grudges.

OT for Scar

So you don’t want to drop it. Ok.
Scar, there are like 20 topics about them botting and exploiting gvg and that was before and after you joined their guild.

There are videos in those topics where you are with them, you told people in fed that you joined them to “spy” them and report them, you told other people that they were “only” using macros, you told other people that you didn’t care if they were cheating because you could gain from it.

With gain from it, I mean free tp and some free silver. It doesn’t really matter how much, that’s not the point.

Moreover, all server knew they were doing that, it wasn’t something known only to a few and you were told about it.

[EU] schwarznagger's Bot Army

They were banned and unbanned several times, after months of cheating and that is not surprising since they are doing the same thing with other botters:
[Silute] BOT REPORT REMINDER 1 - Unbanned Bots: Mignons and Carnegies

Stop lying scar, you aren’t a saint and you already proved that trying to lie on me.
I didn’t care to delve into that, but enough is enough scar.

You are in this topic, but you used to afk leech as much as BKNG and Scoorp back then. Now you either drop it or I post a screenshot about that too.

And remember: excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta.

Going back in topic, the griefers kept doing their “job” all weekend, people had to form parties to be able to do the 300 dungeon without them and their guild leader said he doesn’t care about what their guildies do.

Also they have been reported in-game (again) by many.


You sure “turquise” has more than one real Player in it?

@GM_Francis Be our Savior.

Such long time has passed since i last played and there are still no measures against leechers?

Well done.

@TheAlleyCats told me that @STAFF_Letitia needs video evidence to punish his 2 Accounts.
So here we go. We spent over 30min recording BKNG and Scoorp @ the 300 Dungeon.


videos are unavailable/deleted.

I just want to say that if you are in queue with 4 other people. the dungeon starts as a 5 man party and one member goes afk, it’s not a great idea to say “I’m gonna report” and leave, because you are actually making it worse since maybe the other members really need to clear the dungeon and now they are doing it in 3 instead or 4, so think before leaving your team because you’re just as useless and bad as an afker

p.s. based on a real story

I’dont carry someone who is AFK.

What does “really need to clear the dungeon” mean? They can leave and que again without any loss beside time.

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My videos are coming soon (uploading).

Part 1 - BKNG:

Part 2 - Scoorp:

Part 3 - BKNG and Kurzio:

Part 4 - BKNG and Kurzio:

In part 4, you can see that BKNG is not really afk, but he does it on purpose. I said on public that we were going to leave and rejoin the instance as soon as BKNG left.
After some minutes we were back in, BKNG joined back expecting the run to be almost finished and leech.

This is more than enough proof.

It happens that someone queues, is alone (or already in queue for a long time) and takes a toilet break or something while waiting and no one, in their right mind, would rage over that, but that is not the case with BKNG (Scoorp).

He is not afk, he is there, he reads and he does what he does on purpose (proof is on the videos right up there).

You can’t blame people that do not want to play for him, like @Hazuni rightfully said.

Also, we are doing as @STAFF_Letitia suggested:

Excuse me? You derailed the topic with this lie, not me:

It’s really sad what you’re doing here.
And that’s you being proud of leeching a run:

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