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[EU-Fedimian] TBL afker (Scoorp)

  • Reason for report : the player join TBL and stood afk many times

  • Server : [EU] Fedimian

  • Team Name : Scoorp

  • Location : default tbl map

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 2019-11-12, 4:20-5:30 PM

  • Evidence :

a few more cases of AFK with this character: afk 300 times, AFK in dungeons

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the char name itself is “AFK”, kidding me

and also there were BKNG as afk during the whole tbl session

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well seems like hes a known player for being afk in team play lol
but currently there are more people like him in TBL due to the need of stamp tour
not that i saying what he did is ok
but in other case especially due to stamp event, many people are not even into PVP. they are not PVP build and just participate for stamp. most also having crap gear for PVP that they know they wont stand a chance against those vet or players who intentionally joining for PVP. in this case you will likely meet them 10 times as opponent or ally.
so unless it is something personal, just bear with it cause you will likely meet more people like him in TBL nowadays just like how more people participate in gem feud that make feud more laggy

you can have stamp by spectating.

it just ruin the fun of the very few ppl that still enjoy playing tbl.

so no.

wait you can have stamp by spectating and not matchmaking + fight? Didn’t know about that. Back to the topic so if this guy got ban because of afk can we ban 5/6 of Eso guild a.k.a Moo alt, cause they afk the whole time for moo to farm points in tbl too.

Why is nobody reporting Moo then, with his 5 alts afking in tbl too
Probably funnelling like a mad man too

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So you can recreate similar accounts or those were simply automatically unbanned after more than a year?

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actually BKNG=Scoorp ))

Jaja veve. Done already by IMICI in November 17’

Nothing happened.

Same will be wit this case now. :tipping_hand_man:t4:

It’s frustrating and sad bro

@STAFF_Yuri please do something this time yes?

lol thanks to dig out this. Coveteous player will always ruin the fun of the others. Can we speak also of whole guild of alt accounts we see each event to bypass account restriction; i already reported and still see them