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[Fedimian] Players AFK in the 300 dungeon

There’s at least two players AFK in the dungeon getting full experience and rewards but is actively at his keyboard griefing the other players these players are called BKNG and Scoorp.

Avoiding them is unfortunately impossible, Queue up and 5 people in the queue you get BKNG or Scoorp, queue up and 10 people in the queue you get BKNG and Scoorp that means you need 15 people in the queue to avoid both, as they actively leave and join when other players do.

We simply do not have that many players queueing at once (because most of them are fed up of these two players)

If you can prove that both of these players have been permanantly banned (not just temp banned) or have all their characters reset to level 1, I will personally spend £50 in the games store in sheer joy


They’ve been doing this everyday during the entire afternoon for weeks with at least 30 alters, we reported them in game and forum several times with no result, I sent a player report ticket too but nothing.

This is even worse because we are a little server, so it’s more noticeable. For me the only temp solution was to avoid doing my dungeon runs in the afternoon because they do this for hours but that’s not a solution at all, making a party for this it’s tedious too because not many join, it’s a vicious circle :sad:.

When they do this every day over and over and over with no punishment it starts getting really annoying because some people started to do the same seeing this situation.


I don’t know how people do it…

when I freeze or crash on a Dungeon I feel super bad, like I betrayed my party or left them without my awesome cuteness to hang on to :sad:

But some creatures can be there and do nothing or worse be scumbags as they leach on others D:


Question: if i, hypothetically, as a Thauma3 buff the party at the start of the dungeon and then AFK for 5 min (plenty of time for 3-4 DPS players to clear that dungeon) - would it be the same (bad) thing?

yes :expressionless:

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Absolutely the same bad thing, if we all just cast our best buff and sat in the doorway who is going to clear the dungeon?

Even if somehow you were just thauma 3 at level 300 and no other classes if you brought blessing and all the other buffs from a pardoner and just used Shrink with Attribute, Auto Attacks and moved around you would be providing something, and we’d all appreciate it a lot.

Just covering bases of what counts as “AFK” and what not.
Usually i take lower 2 rooms alone in the 300 dungeon while other players clear upper 3. Takes about equal time with me completing them a bit earlier. :grin:

Staff laeticia answered in fedimian forum then closed the thread and… it got censored, deleted.
It seems in our international version of tree of savior it’s allowed and there is no punishment for these behaviors.
She advised to just leave and requeue again and again and wait for a “change of rules” with the option to votekick here someday, maybe…
Conclusion is most imaginable breaking rules behaviors are legit in this game on itos servers.


Can’t belive they just closed the Thread. They are so annoying… 300 Dung run’s are a pain in the *** now. You either deal with those leechers or you leave the dungeon and “try” again. They are both also not afk and will rejoin too. Even if u accept those ****** ***** ********** ******* others out of your group will probably leave. So yeah I guess I just run the Dungeon solo than. BKNG and Scoorp are the same “Reta** eh I mean Player” btw :=)

@STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Yuri


Sometimes there are players who share accounts, with one afk and the other one an active schwarz reiter.
But here, what we have is epic, he does not hide and queue in 2 different groups to afk to the fullest.

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There is allways a mix of Carry’s and New Players/low geared Poeple. But they are not AFK just sitting there with alt Accounts and earning Silver. This behavior should get punished by IMC. A Kick function is questionable because u could abuse the system as a Troll.

An avoid Player feature would be nice. But has to be seperated from the block feature because I like to get in que with Qwerto… I just dont wanna listen to his “ill mind” monologues :stuck_out_tongue:


better add kick system, than leave it like it is now, now dungeon 300 sux and its painfull to play when lazy semi-afking trashes showing hes playstyle, like this few of my friends just skipping dungeons 300 and go empty grind
just block players from playing 2nd account with same ip :smiley: i wish to see all this bot users and multiaccounts saalus runners and multiaccounts shops, pls imc do that :smiley:

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@STAFF_Letitia told me via PM she is reviewing their accounts, give her some time, if nothing happens I’ll be the first to come back as angry as before.

@scar93 You know that your guild leader, Qwertoo (aka Moo), openly multiboxes, right?
You are basically suggesting to ban him, which is hilarious :joy_cat:

I hope he doesn’t read your post as he might get mad at you :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

A vote kick feature is safe enough from trolling as the majority has to approve the kick. Tera, for eg., has it and I’ve never seen it abused (hell, we didn’t even kick a priest with aggro crystals).

priest/mystic with aggro crystals makes sense when you want to kite boss’ adds without interfering with the rest of the (DPS) party
And most time when there was a person who had to be kicked - someone in the party will always disagree and kick wouldnt get through anyway. Plus, iirc, they implemented “kick protection” for player(s) that got kicked out too often… :joy:

It was not in manaya’s core (healing was enough tbh), the poor girl didn’t know what crystals to use :smile_cat:

Going back in topic, as you just said it’s not easy to abuse a vote kick :wink:

As with all things, just make the vote kick benefit none of the people doing it, which the game already does just fine

I.E you don’t get bonus exp for the people remaining for kicking the 5th person, thus people will only kick when they need it.

This BS has reached the top of stupidity. Yesterday I joined a dun 300 run with my Onmyoji, started to buff the whole party (remember that those buffs now cost reagents), went to clear the beginning and suddenly someone shouted “AFK player” and everyone left. Great…

Second try: queue has 2 players with “match 2 to 4” active. We enter the dungeon and stare at each other for like one minute before one of the players asks “Are you AFK?” I guess this is now like having the plague… but no, I’m not AFK.

So apparently we are three legit players, we start buffing and clear one run. We agree to do the same for the next two runs (queue and immediately press “match 2 to 4”) and we’re good to go. But what a hassle just for a stupid dungeon run…

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Absolutely, the attendance in the 300 dungeon has dropped because of the AFK players, and now the attendance has dropped you see the AFK players more often which means…that the attendance drops again and effort rises, it’s a sickness that is feeding itself.

AFK players are worse than bots to be honest because rather than ruining the economy in the background (which is terrible) these players are ruining the experience right in your face in the active gameplay that the level 300+ players are participating in.

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Punishing the players that kicked someone is not the way to go (especially when the kick is legit).
The bonus xp is the same independently of the number of players and you don’t get extra xp with a 5th player.

Having to finish the run with 1 less player is “punishing” enough.

I hope we haven’t got wires crossed between us.

I was saying (in response to “EVERYONE WILL KICK EVERYONE HALP!”) that as long as there is no benefit to the people kicking people then it won’t happen.

The only plus to kicking problem players is that the problem player is kicked. That’s it. I feel like you’re fighting against me for the same thing