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[COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes - April 5th, 2016

For server quality and game quality, how about removing the chat bubbles from the chat window and just make it plain text… those chat bubbles actually makes an impact on the FPS, especially on lower end PCs.
Also change the fact that when you block a person you also block all incoming data packages from said person… as it is now you still recive the message but its just “hidden”. This has been proven with a 3rd party spam filter that puts all chat messages in cmd promt first to reduce lag and fps drops, and then filters out any message with keywords the users has blacklised such as gold, silver, USD, $, www, sell and any other egyptian text style the gold spammers use…


I don’t think this update is to stop bots, just to stop bots’ megaspam instabilities. They probably don’t have a bot solution yet / are still int he works for one.

Would you please consider increasing the amount we can type in the World chat since you implemented the lv 40 requirement for megaphone?

Not only we struggle selling items through Auction House
(taxes,and cooldown to receive our money)
but now we cant even sell items using world chat because linking an item into the world chat takes up most of the space.

Either that or please reduce the time we have to wait to receive the money from Auction House,48 hours is ridiculous too much.

@STAFF_Ethan Can you please take a look on joint penalty skill.

Thanks for respawn rate & for these gold seller

@LokePGN You can disable chat bubbles if you wish to do so near where it shows you how to disable shout chat [here] (Known Issues - UPDATED (April 12th)) on topic 11.

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Ty for taking ur time answering my question.

You see IMC working hard on game issues… Fills you with determination!

But I don’t think im going for the good finish, I have so many levels now by killing every monster I’ve found and then some, it will haunt my dreams forever. (Undertale reference)

I hope they decrease the minimum price of tokens in market also at least make it 100k or something so that newer players gets a chance to buy them

Here is another topic where people also talked about the changes regarding enemy respawn.

I hope so can somehow make it clear what I think is really awkward with the spawning in waves. Please consider changing this back to the way it was in iCBT 2. Is there a reason it was changed?

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Recommended review on Steam! Let’s do this! :laughing:

I guess is the second one. Respawn Rate. (amount) I guess of course.

Even thought we all had complaints you can’t knock this company for giving a good effort for listening and trying to fix everything

Haha the gold spammers are gonna be annoyed they can’t spam til level 40. It and if try go through the effort of leveling to 40, they run the risk of having their account banned. And wow 50% more spawn rate. Some places have high spawn rate as it is :open_mouth:

Just until F2P arrives

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I think you missed my point…
Its not the chat bubbles above players heads…
its the graphics in the chat window.
Why on earth would you think it was a good idea to put “chat bubbles” in the chat window…

will the team name reset go in effect this maintenance as well for those who requested it?

also if it takes more than 2 hours to get to 40 steam won’t allow the game or dlc to be refunded.

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yes, but there is no such game can stop the gold seller, even WOW.

Basically “X” amount of time invested in “Something” lol
can be leveling
can be questing
maybe when u reach 3/4th circle
Also I reckon the ban hammer should be on the get go when opening comes, sh*t’s gonna hit the fan real hard. My prediction. ^_^;