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[Complete] EU and SEA Server Relocation Notice: April 27-28

The maintenance has finished early and the servers will open in approximately 10 minutes, at 05:00 am EDT. Thank you.

Greetings, Saviors!

We’re now preparing to relocate Fedimian (EU server) and Telsiai (SEA server) to their corresponding regions and would like to announce the relocation schedule.

Both servers will be inaccessible during the relocation process, so please make sure to check the schedule below:

###[EDT] April 27, 11:00pm to April 28, 06:00am (7 hours)

Servers affected: Fedimian, Telsiai
Compensation: EXP Tome (x2), Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher (x1), 21-hour extension on Token period

IMC Staff


I thought it’s 6AM April 27 now? @_@


er so what exactly the time now T_T i’m confuse if it’s goes by the time in the post … it’s already past time period !!

wait what?


IE users at their finest :3

server still so lag after relocation???

Okay, less confusion now :3

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ninja edit!!


Is this EDT? Making it done at 11AM CEST?

for SEA, is it SAVVIS Singapore? :yum:

f2p might come sooner than mid-may if things are going so fast. gj.

Wow so fast TY very much,

I expect the relocation will happen 1-2 weeks later, but this is just too fast, i can’t handle it :smile:


great news! also good times for maintenance as it’s night time here :slight_smile:

plss TP trader roll out stat reset porion plssss

Aww Yisss bois its time to enjoy the good low pings :wink:


yes. it will be singapore for us. and german for EU(i think in frankurt).

Singapore and Germany. Glad it’s ocurring faster than expected.
Sincerely wish that everything goes well, as the next may be mine (SA) :yum:

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Oh nice. Any changes on server configurations? E.g. dungeon reset time.

Actually I really like current time (its a middle of the day at my place) so I hope it won’t change :stuck_out_tongue:

SA server, already located in South America?
could give us the ip, to test the ping?