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Cleave does more damage then Helm Chopper?

In this video, it clearly shows Helm Chopper having higher base damage compared to Cleave when the guy hovers over the two skills.

However, when he uses cleave he hits 365 once but when he uses helm chopper he hits 290 twice. Can someone explain this to me?

Also I noticed Cleave does more damage hitting a stunned monster (built in attribute). I was wondering if anyone knew if the bonus damage from hitting a stunned monster with cleave is a flat amount or a %? Does anyone know the flat amount or %?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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nice find

i just tested it on my barb and cleaving a stunned target seems to triple the damage

went from 721 noncrit to 21xx and 15xx crit to 45xx

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Awesome thank you! So the damage seems to triple on stunned targets?

tiny archer armor type is leather. Helm chopper is strike deals less dmg on leather

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Awesome tyty, that explains everything!

…Geez people can’t use the search function.

There’S tons of really good mechanics post.

Cleave gives + 200% damage on stunned target.
Tripling your damage.
It gives bonus chance to crit, which is 150% of the damage done.

If you have 100 Level Attribute on it.
You will do.
Atk23*1,5= 9times damage+ crit atk damage.

Helm chooper hit’s twice.
It can do Atk221,5= 6 times damage + crit atk2

If these are crits.

So yes, cleave is stronger on a stunned enemy.
There’s lots of interesting mechanics… search for the posts yourself.
It will keep you from makeing bad decisions.

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Ah sorry, I should’ve done more research on the forums. I’ve just been using tosbase for looking up what skills did. Didn’t think of using the search function. Thanks for the information though, helped a lot.

NO problem.




It’s like.
Ohh i grow up being spoon feed. GUYS i’m hungry!


Younger gamers tend to not even try to search first.
It’s already rare that you even tought about builds yourself …

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Search function works good but since the first beta started a Lot of the info is outdated. Seriously outdated. Searching through the bad info takes a Lot of time, sometimes I agree it’s easier to just ask.

Would be much easier if people made compendiums on all of the mechanics and stuck them together in a megathread.

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Most of the info isn’t outdated yet.

Specialy of the mechanics threads.
Which answer 80% of any question about multipliers and how damage is done etc.

And for the heck of it.
We dont even exactly know what skill versions we will get.
Dataminers say nearly the same, with nerfs to linker and co only as changes. (same to ktos about 2 weeks ago~)

Only the leveling guide is a bit outdated. Duo Orsha and the dungeon buffs.


Oh my, this helps tons! Thanks! Much love.

Bookmarked for future reference :grin:

feel free to check this out aswell

added cleave combo :slight_smile:


Prolly someone should make a megathread of the mega threads.


I didn’t add status infos and other things here even.

There’s enough to go for about 5 hours reading time xD…

But who doesnt search, doesn’t gain.
I’m just friendly today … must be because i just got another batch of 5 figurines xD… my mail man started to complain “Dude, what the heck are you ordering. I was here 3 days in a row. And the packages keep increasing in size and amount!”.

Showed him my collection, he said “Woo, i only have 3 at home.”.
Now i’m paranoid … that my packages will end up lost … hrhr.

Cleave is a skill that I could hit 10k damage fairly early in the game, say level 130 already. It scales really well, but requires you to stun the enemy. In PvP stunning is impossible if there is a Plague Doctor or just a simple Cleric with stone block as all Barbarian skills will simply be blocked. PvP aside though, it multiplies up insanely if it crits and even if it doesn’t.

cataphract has block penetration though to deal with some block but bloodletting is indeed a downer…

I hope there is a way around so I am not force to play dragoon

Why would you be forced to play a dragoon?

for block penetration, in pvp