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Lvl 1-200 Stormakov's Tree of Savior Leveling Guide (not mine)

To those who want to

Credits to the owner/poster/blogger/site.

This follows the main quest and the maps related to it, it’s helpful in planning ahead.
And evaluating yourself if you’re behind and need to grind. There is also a guide on each quest on every map.

Stormakov’s Channel:
twitch =
youtube =


He was just saying on stream that it was weird that his Guide was appearing on different sites with it not even being finished yet xD.


there’s already notations from lvl 1-200. If this is not yet complete, it is still helpful. Or you’re talking about previous versions? :stuck_out_tongue: cant say because haven’t gone that far. :confused:

its kind of funny a guy that quited from lamia because he didnt know how to level creating a leveling guide.


That’s some scummy ■■■■ stealing someone elses content for their site (unless they asked him directly which I doubt)… unfortunately quite common.

It’s amusing that it was taken and converted while it’s not complete and missing a fair bit of important info.

is that so? I just left a comment on his youtube channel to inform him.
Ill be linking his twitch and youtube to the orignal post to credit him somehow.

Do you even know why he quit from lamia? lol

Edit: “didnt know how to level” Leveling is not hard btw, afaik his barb was 175+ anyway, so he was out of the dead zone.

he used all his cards, grinded too much and did quests when he was 20 levels above the quest denying exp from bosses and mobs, didnt do dungeons denying free xp and didnt knew about second demon prison too . He got stuck in 17x when there’s no good spot do grind besides second demon prison ( he didnt know about this map ) and quited to LA server to start again. I was one of the people that told him how to level properly in his stream making him feeling regret and wanted to start again in LA server.

When he figured out he did lose the first 200 race because there was like 3~4 people 2 levels lower than him but with 200+ exp cards stored he gave up the lamia leveling race and fled from the server saying that he wanted to test “new leveling methods” that he ripped from the people that actually knew how to level in the game.

He’s just a bad theorycrafter that leveled “fast” because he didnt sleep more than 4 hours a day. Then he got defeated by a group of 4 players that played way less time than him.

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I dont disagree with most of your post except this: “Then he got defeated by a group of 4 players that played way less time than him.” Wabblet’s group played 20-21 hours a day ^^. He even said it on his post lol.

Edit: Also I find it silly how you blame someone for not knowing about the death zone that exists at 165-175. Most people would not know it if someone/others hadnt ■■■■■■ up and used their cards to level(like you normally do)-

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Everything he does is ripped off from other player, he’s not a good theorycrafter, just a no-life that has time to spent. Even his barbarian build is ripped off from korean cbt barbarians. I dont think a guy like him have moral rights to question where his guide is being posted or not, since all of its infos are ripped from other players or posts.

Everything in this thread is so much fail I don’t even…

Yeah how dare he use existing information to make the right decisions! He should have gone into it blind like a real man!


Get your head out of your arse. He made a guide, it is somewhat functional, and it will help new players. What is the problem?

is it true the fastest way to leveling is to saving all your lv 3 exp card and grind the ■■■■ until 165?

God, no. You only save exp cards if you out level the map you are doing quest/grinding on. If you are lower level than the map, by all mean eat your exp cards, unless you have just reset the exp curve and can level up in 2 minutes

Let those who want to use it, use it. If your moral standards are being challenged then don’t.

He made a guide, a decent guide. Took the time to gather all info, type it, edit it and have the courage to post it not thinking of any condemnation he might receive. I don’t know if he got it from others, his own experiences, from different players, point is, it is now on a table and works.

dont minor on the major and major on the minor. T.T


Last updated march 2016!

I would also like to add that on Stormakov’s Channel that !grindspots lists 60-90 royal mausoleum basement, 110-120 sicarius 1f, 145-170 Bees & Trees, 211-230 Red Truffles. I don’t think I saw that added onto the guide.

Any place to grind for level 130-150?


It’s called questing.


But missions+ dungeons 130 should help you out.
You get an Exp reset soon… and will spike to 145.

Currently I am questing all the way but I feel like the quest is getting lesser and lesser…was wondering do I need to grind a bit and keep the exp card until I am over the exp curve.

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