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[Build] Nekorin's PVE Miko INTquisitor

Decided to write this guide/FAQ after receiving many questions about it over the past week due to the Miko x Inquisitor interaction video posted on youtube. Instead of retyping the answers to the questions numerous times, I’ll just consolidate everything here.

So, what are the 2 videos that generate so much interest?

How does that work?

Miko’s Kagura dance gives melee attacks extra damage (10% - 50% depending on Kagura level). The extra damage is tagged on as an additional hit of holy attribute, much like how sacrament does. The only downside of this is Kagura dance is a channelling skill, and the player has to channel the spell in order for the party to receive the buff. Inquisitor’s Breaking Wheel and Pears of Agony work very well with Kagura as they are the “cast and forget” type of melee attacks, meaning they will continue to function even when the player perform some other attack/support skill.

Pears of Agony has a unique attack in which when a monster stands on it without activating any magic skill for a set period of time (arming time 8-10 secs usually), the pear will detonate in a series of hits as melee. This, when work in conjunction with Kagura dance, gives off a spectacular burst of damage you see in the videos above. Estimated around 400+ hits total from the look of the 2nd video within a span of 10-15secs.

Note: From the post linked by @unicorntheshiny, pears multi-hit damage is a bug rather than a feature. Many thanks to @unicorntheshiny and @c2gaming.seetoo for letting me know about this.

Is this consistent damage?

Put up a disclaimer first :3

As pears of Agony is heavily dependent on whether the boss/monster will stay at that location without casting any magic attack/spell for a number of seconds, it will be hard to categorise this as a good, consistent combo. It is kind of occassional, and spectacular to watch if it happens. However it will always bring a “YAY” expression to my face whenever I manage to get it work when I run missions or dungeons.

Note that this build isn’t a TOP PVE DPS build, if you are looking for a build that can bring you to the top, do check out Veritas’s PD2 thread. It is a really awesome and updated thread full of information and guides.

What is the build?

My build is as follows, resetting my main cleric from C2>Diev3>Paladin1>Kab1>Inq1 to the following:

Is there a guide which you follow?
What other synergies are there besides the Miko Inquisitor pair?

No there isn’t, which is why I created this guide/FAQ. I do know that there is a meta PVP build which is exactly the same as my class choices but my decisions on class choices has nothing to do with it. Most of this build’s class choices are based off forum discussions we have here, and breaking down the interactions between skills in youtube ktos clips.

As for other synergies, Dievdirby’s statues and Miko’s clap are rather well known and documented widely so I leave it there. The inclusion of Kabbalist is mainly due to the interaction between Revenged Sevenfold and Inquisitor’s Pears of Agony. Unlike statues which take only 1 damage (hence reflecting 1x7 damage back), Pears do soak up a fair bit of damage, reflecting fairly good damage back to the monster when blessed with R7F. Kabbalist’s Ein Sof too helps replenish my SP as Kagura Dance + Inquisitor’s skills is rather SP heavy for a low SPR cleric.

Dievdirby Laima and World Tree statue provides soft taunt and silence. With these 2 the cleric can pull the monsters into a small area and get them using the Wheel & Dance combo or Malleus Maleficarum + Hamaya combo. Cleric2 is the norm for most clerics which wish to also function as a healer in parties.

So hence, this build is built based on synergies between each and every class, not just whether the class is good on its own.

Can this build do PVP?

Yes it can. It has almost everything a PVP cleric wants, Ausrine, World Tree silence, R7F, Anti Mage skills (Malleus Maleficarum & Pears of Agony) and Miko’s Gohei as a powerful despeller.

What is your stat allocation?

Stat allocation is as follows as of level 323:

INT: 256
CON: 90
SPR: 13

Why the 13 spirit? Well this is my main which is also my 1st character since founders, and I find it a waste to reset stats just to move 13 points from SPR into INT.

Can DEX (crit) build also build this? What about STR?

The only skills that benefit from crit attacks are Inquisitor skills only. Dex/Str can use the build for PVE but I don’t really recommend it. As this build is built as a hybrid in mind (a character that makes use of both physical and magical attacks), hence INT based is the best choice imo. INT directly affects healing amount from heal tiles while all the other skill damage attributes (patk/matk) can be gain from equipment. Since we are able to swap weapons we can use a patk focused weapon while wheeldancing and switch to a magical one for other cases. This ensures that we give optimal support no matter which mode (phy/mag) we are in at any time.

Any other videos to showcase how the build runs normally besides the boss encounters?

Vs a variety of monsters, some high mdef. Not much problems in clearing most monsters, the build is diverse enough to be comfortable with monsters with high mdef although it is mostly magic based.

DG 290 Solo, Semi rush run. A short 5-8 min rush which also loops the corridor in hopes of material and rcp drops since the Miko/Orange RCP drop update.

What about the gearing?
Do you use high level, hard to obtain gear in your videos?

Here is a picture of the gear I have/currently equipped with. Don’t really think they are hard to obtain. (Yeah I do know my gear sucks, not +8 transcended T_T)

Do you use any cards?

Nothing as of now. All of my chapparition cards are with my other cleric Orie (Druid3)

What attribute level are your skills in the videos?

Heal 71
Cure 71-72
Hamaya 71
Pears 29
Owl 71

Please let me know if there are other questions you have for the build, I’ll be happy to answer them.


“Nerf cleric”



So the PD2 would be better as it have more AOE ATK skills, but against boss it seems your build is better (specially when more than one PD on the party and we can’t stack the debuffs). What do you think @Nekorin ?

For the combo to actually work, the pears will have to sit below the boss for 8-10secs with the boss not moving too much nor casting any magic spells that will trigger the pears (to the 3x damage flying mode). This is kind of random based on the boss’s AI.

PD2 just have more consistency in the DPS department.

Sir Neko have you tried using Carve Owl on Wheel in close range?

Yep, unfortunately owl is magic based damage and breaking wheel doesn’t spread it.

Have you tried more closer?

Touching the owl statue itself won’t deal damage.
The green smoke attack is the magic damage part of the statue.

Yep, it just doesn’t spread.

Oh I see, I didnt notice only physical attacks can hit the Wheel sorry my bad

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compare to diev3 miko pd2 which one is good?

This build is a mix type, PD2 is only focus on magic, which is easier for gearing up,

and just like Nekorin said “PD2 just have more consistency in the DPS department.”, also better aoe with pandemic spread, and +104% dmg with incineration from agny, dayum

depend on how you choose which role you’re gonna be and how to play in your miko build

Which is the best PvP build for cleric nowadays?

Sorry for asking but why are you using 2 Plate 2 Cloth? Wouldn’t 3 Plate 1 Cloth or 3 Cloth 1 Plate be better because you could make use of the armor mastery attribute?

Hmm cuz I was kind of poor then. Was trying to get a grynas for my top but it just refuse to drop. Now the equipment is better, but then is 2 cloth, 1 plate, 1 leather = =

Is it OK to change kabbalist to priest1??

Yes you could do that. Kabbalist in this build serves as an SP battery and also buffs pears of agony with r7f.

For priest you will gain resurrection and blessing which doubles your heal tile dps.

So untill 315 weapon would 5 hammer with red gems be the best weapon on account of the gems boosting both physical and magic? Also how is it best to coordinate with a swordy class? Should they serpentine first then attack the wheel or should I cast the wheel first?

Yes 5 hammer will be the best weapon for this until getting a 315 weapon. Just cast the wheel first, it lasts 10 secs and is hit count based so the dragoon utilise it. Btw it spreads melee skills too, not just normal melee attacks.

How many hits does the wheel have? Before it disappears? And what skills should I level up first?Also if my friend uses serpentine on the wheel it gets passed around to other enemies, just like other debuffs I’m assuming?