290 Practo Box Guide [Recipe Found]


Hello! S1lv3r here. Or Wolf24 as most Orsha/Klai people know me.

As many people has pointed out. The 290 practonium quest items have been added to the database and a chain of quests to get the materials to make it. Since this is a work in progress, i will make it really short for now, before adding images/times/requisites

Sage Master and Linker Master Questline

  • You unlock this at lvl 290, its a bit of gimmicky questing with a boss fight at the end of Linker Master quests. Nothing out of the ordinary or too complicated.
  • The objective of these quests is obtain Absidium Ore


You will need it to craft this recipe


That provides the so fearsome Mystical Cube (same item as Mishekan 317 quest)

Once we obtain all the ores, we find our first obstacle. We got no recipe.

The recipe seems to come out from … another RECIPE


Crafted with 10 piece of papers and 2 Magic Powder (from enchant master)

Then we can see the following list of quests that provide the piece of papers


Now, an important note:


Also, as of right now (My current state) I haven’t been able to find the Recipe to craft them but got all 10 piece of papers. But better start to work on this guide!

*These quests are individual of each other and can be completed at any time once the requisites are met



First obstacle for most people.you will need a Flower Branch head accessory.


This item is a low chance reward from Legwyn Family Gravity Gimmick.

How to trigger this quest:

  • Equip the Flower Branch item

  • Talk to Jurus Acc Merchant on Orsha

  • Get the quest

I HIGHLY recommend sharing with your guild/party/friends a single head accessory, since its quite rare to get.



Leprasa Pond. This one is quite straighforward except for a peculiar step i will list now.

  • Attack 1 dummy with as many multi hits as possible. There is a time window when the dummy will STOP regenerating, make sure to kill it before it starts regenerating again!

  • You will get a Sword Pelt quest item on your inventory quest items section

  • Now, use the SORRY emote right in front of the submaster NPC

  • Talk to her and complete the quest

Additional tip:

Unexpected News


Location: Mochia Forest

Quests The Legwyn Family’s Tragedy (3) (85)

  • Sit in front of and talk to Squire Williya.

  • Complete the quest

Yup! that simple

Good News


The Demons’ Goals (53)

This quest may be a bit tricky to start. Other than requiring having finished all Novaha quest line, you will have to go back to knidos jungle and talk to every npc on the village UNTIL they show a dialogue bubble over their head everytime you talk to them.

  • Once all the npc get this bubble chat go to Novaha Institute and talk to Rose, she will provide you the quest.

Another tip: to trigger the Good News quest:
If people in Knidos Jungle didn’t ask(baloon chat) for Rose and Edmundas, you must go to Koru Jungle and talk with merchants you didn’t talked yet(maybe you skipped that 3 lost merchants you’ve seeked with Laswy).

The Lost Object

Location: Pelke Shrine Ruins

Quite easy quest, once you find the trigger:

  • Look for a trigger quest item on the following locations

  • Then deliver it to Elder’s Granddaughter and she will give you the quest.

Victims’ Request

Location: Carlyle’s Mausoleum


I Won’t Give It To Them (2) (74) (Carlyles questline)

This quest was a PAIN to get.

The npc spawns at FIXED times over the day

A time confirmed on Orsha/Klaipedia

9:00 PM

2:00PM (confirmed now)

Server Time

  • Talk to the npc and get the quest.

Ferrets and Their Grabby Hands

  • Kill Ferrets around Bellai Rainforest until you get a Ritual Device

  • Talk to Village Headman and get the quest.

Precious Object

Location: Downtown


White Lie (3) (184)

Same as Carlyle. A npc will spawn at a FIXED time

Confirmed time:

8:00pm Orsha/Klai server time

Not confirmed:

** 12:30am**

Server time

Normal Cheerio Morning chat

  • Talk to the npc and get the quest

Competitive to the Extreme

Location: Inner Enceinte District

[Murmillo Master] Phelixia

This is quite funny to trigger

  • Break ALL your armor (0 durability left) while wearing it
  • Kill any monster around Enceinte District

  • Talk to the Murmillo Master and get the quest

Note: You can repair your weapon/shield to complete the quest objectives.

To impress the Murmillo Master, you must defeat either a monster 3 levels or more above yourself, or a special, elite or boss monster of up to 5 levels below you.

To the Fortress of the Land

Location: Inner Enceinte District


Revelation of Fortress of the Land (214)

This quest DEFINETLY not only has that quest as prerequisite. I had it available to me as soon as i got here, but several people has mention not been able to see it even if they have the Revelation quest complete already.


  • Get the trigger and get the quest

And now, you should have your 10 piece of papers. Now, all we have left is to find the recipe to craft them together. I will gladly receive any information regarding its location. Meanwhile, happy questing!

Summary of new quest to get practonium
PSA: Mystical Cube Recipe drops on lvl 12 Guild Boss
Getting Practonium Simplified Steps
2nd Mystical Cube hidden quest
[Info] Lv350 Masinios Materials Location & Recipe + Challenge mode & Unique Raid
So, to my understanding of the Mystical Cube

Nice!!! Thank you so much, I was waiting for a guide like this :slight_smile:


You should’ve sold the info for a pract per person c:


Nice guide, i will waiting for “precious object” left this one for me.


Have dailies to do now. ET and stuff. So probably wont be a big update until tomorrow.


For Good News quest, talking to the npcs in koru jungle onwards and having all quests completed allowed me to trigger Rose’s quest in Novaha Institute, though I can’t be sure if all of that really is necessary.


what time the Ginta’s Spirit spawns?


And the post is updated :smiley:

I want to ask anyone who reads this guide, to help me recollect timers for Downtown and Carlyles quests. Remember to mention the server time!


Carlyle 9 pm server time [for EU server].


Downtown 8:00 PM Silute Server Time
Carlyles 2:00 PM Silute Server Time


You may want to correct the trigger for Murmillo Master’s quest “Competitive to the Extreme”.

You don’t need to break your gears at all, just un-equip them. Kill a monster near him and that’s it. You have to prove to him you can beat a monster being naked, there is no need to break your equipment.
For the 2nd part of the quest instead, the quest states you need to use 3 armor pieces or less, (just un-equip gloves or boots) and kill a mob in the described level range.


I tried to find some information about Mystical Cube reсipe on korean forums and DB. At the end of december there is no ways to find it on korean servers. Looks like it’s not introduced to the game. IMC joke us again.


[quote=“s1lv3rw0lf, post:1, topic:342028”]
To the Fortress of the Land
[/quote]100% map completion for all maps in Sentry to Evac. This how I triggered the quest when it didn’t appear even though Ive done every since quest in that place.


@RyogoKusama and @Soanevalcke

Thank you guys. Your information as been added. So we can get it confirmed!


Odd, the npc in Carlyles did not appear at the time of 2:00PM klai server time.

All four of us completed the required quest, except the repeatable one.

What does the NPC looks like and how long does it stays there till it disappears?


It appeared on Orsha at the 2pm mark

The npc looks like a floating red light, no name or health bar but can be interacted with.


Appeared 2pm server time to klaipeda to 3 ppl including me, yeah it was are floating light.


confirmed time is 8PM server time in Telsiai as well


correction, at 9PM server it did not appear in ch 1 but appeared in ch2 (as told to me by another player)


Where you there before the clock changed to 9:00pm?

I once was called there, and i couldnt see the ghost at all. Even tho everyone else could see it.