19/05 BIG UPDATE // [kTOS] New costumes and cosmetics (warning - a lot of pictures!)


Newest update: 19/05

Hey guys, found some stuff on inven.co.kr and wanna share it :slight_smile:

I will be updating this topic whenever any new costume is revealed.

besides [RENTAL] - seems like there will be a NPC at which you will be able to rent a costume for 500k/week.

[male/female] Cockatrice costume

[male/female] Wizard C3

[male/female] Highlander C3

New Skyliner particle

[male/female] Quarrel Shooter C3
Haven’t found the picture of the male costume yet, however.

[male/female] Custom costume and headgear

[male/female] [RENTAL] Pilgrim costume (for archers)

[male] [RENTAL] Fedimian Item Merchant Costume (for clerics)

[female] [RENTAL] Fedimian Accessory Merchant (for clerics)

[male/female] [RENTAL] Orsha soldier

[male] [RENTAL] Jurus costume

[female] [RENTAL] Grita costume


[female] Long wave


Ash gray dye

Pastel green dye

Ruby wine dye

Ash blonde dye

VISUAL EFFECTS (included in circle 3 costume)

Archer 3 costume (multi-shot)

Priest 3 costume (mass heal)

At the beginning yellow and violet will be available.

Violet Lenses - 49TP

The normal ones look like this:


According to google translate, feeding the companion with sardines will cost 3TP (might be mistranslated though).


Seems like the storage for premium items has been implemented in Korea, hopefully they transfer the idea to iTOS as well =).


Better class costumes for C2 and C3
More costume? More hair?
The Ultimate Shield
Blonde dye? ~~~~~~~~~
No Highlander C3 costume?
つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Costumes
つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Costumes

im already sold for the cockatrice costume

and nice one for the developer for making cosmetics

now we just need them to fix the server from bugs and stuff and people will support the game by buying them (aside from regular fans ofc)


New skill visual effects included with the costumes? Thats awesome!


That is not pastel green…

I’ve been wanting lavender for a while now [and an actual shade of black],but if that’s pastel to them I might never get it,lol.


oh god, no you can have it. i don’t want to be a pregnant turkey.

but i -do- love the Wizard 3[f], and the Grita costume… tho i’m not going to pay for the grita if it’s just a rental.


Ikr but that’s how google translate translated it for me LOL

Woah, lavender white would be cool :3
I’m all for ash grey though, I really like how it looks like.

Yeah, seems so :smiley:


Yeah, the game is really missing a lavender or atleast purpleish dye. Hope they add it in the future. sigh
And oh my god why a damn cockatrice costume. I’m still traumatized by those despicable birds from the 90’s dungeon x__x
But the Wiz one looks nice. Sadly the Highlander one looks like the baseline Highlander…


Yeah I feel like swordsmen is getting the short end of the stick on cool costumes here…
I like all the cleric ones, though.

And yes! You know exactly what I mean. That’d look so nice. That female premium hairstyle in the minty color would be nice on other hairstyles too.


Yup i dislike the Peltastamaster as well. Its just so “meh”
It would be great if the different haircolors would be unlocked when buying a hairdo with the respective color.
Atm i’m stuck with the brown they call black sigh And white is just toooo much of a hassle to get until a color i actually want comes:(


Those are archer costumes. The merchant one is the cleric.


Thanks, fixed! :slight_smile:



Why rental costumes?.. at least put them into the TP-Shop as permanent costumes.


These all look cute but I’d love some purple dye please!


They need to revert the iTOS Skyliner to what it was.

Why else would we buy that outfit if you nerf the only ability it makes look sweet? :slight_smile:


im personally not looking forward to these releases specifically. However… skill effect changes… they are taking a page out of poe book… good for imc… cant wait to skill change my main skills


This game need so many more character customization items. With the art style they can do anything they wanted and cash in on the cosmetics market like other games are doing such as LoL/DOTA/CSGO.

I really don’t know why the character customization is so limited as this game has the potential to be the biggest dress up sim since maplestory and a lot of the players would love it.

IMC is leaving a lot of money on the table. The western market loves cosmetics and making their characters unique. One of the thing that irritates me about the game currently is how similar everyone looks the lack of individuality really makes every ones character feel static.


because the rental costumes would be priced significantly cheaper than the permanent ones. you’d get them for a few days and decide if you like them.
next month, new rentals, and IMC brings out whatever was popular as a permanent. well, that’s a best-case scenario, anyway


more hair options, skill effects, dmg text fonts… mounts, weapon skins/effects. running trail effects. different character auras, character nameplate fonts… there is a LOT they could do that i would be happy about. chat box fonts, chat box changes, eye colors. hair costumes 1 2 3, vanity necklaces, week long day long month long teleport stone in your inventory… similar to the one we have now but lets you teleport like a warp scroll, maybe a bf/gf hubby/wife bff feature that allows you to port to each other with a wedding ring, friendship ring linked between 2 players… something like that.


Great ideas :smiley:



sigh rentals…

take my real money imc.