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Why is ppl quitting ToS?

I left the game 2 years ago tried to comeback and left again . I can’t stay more than 2 weeks.
So many whales, unbalanced classes, weeb game and community (look me character so cute :3 desu kawai kya ^^^)+ arrogant and haughty (from my own experience on Fedi server), IMC literally dont give a damn sht about the game and they’ll keep giving you fake hyper and empty contents as long as they are still whales who keep throw thei cash and consume the 2 or 3 endgame activities, as i hated it on Ragnarok Online the stupid RNG, the meta iamgine advertising about the 100+ builds but still seeing the 2 same builds for each tree, and of course OF COURSE the worst pvp content i’ve ever played . Ye i left but i still come on the forum and hope maybe one day IMC will announce they sold the game to a real studio (Square Enix xd)
sry for my English btw

Tos is P2W who ever makes the argument that a game isn´t P2W if you still can get the items without paying was stupid.
Remember the last Pet in Letitia or godesscube?
You could sell it for 500m how many weeks you have to farm for it ingame?
Money gives a clear advantage there is no deniying.

Even if its just selling a token for 15m on the market …


That’s exactly what I said lol

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People are always leaving the game, because it’s ■■■■ from day one.

Imc is doing nothing but perfuming a sewer.

And the game is going on only because people that have spend over tousands of dollars, and time, won’t leave.

So, the forums are full of old school dogs. And I belive that all we are waiting is to the game to die and rest, or to be sold. ToS is charming and could be so much more in better hands.

Nostalgia can’t hold enslaved players in this non stop gear grind spiral that takes months, or 400+ dollars to accomplishe.

And the resilient players are going away. And the new players will never get the second char to max lv, or addapt to all the, so called, endgame content, that keeps growing and pushing players away. :distinguished:

private ToS server anyone?


I’ve been waiting for support to fix a very simple issue for me.
I have had the same problem on other games resolved within days, yet it has been 2 months now and support still says they are working on it and to have patience.
I am not interested in actively playing until my issue is resolved so I just log in every now and then, shake my head in disappointment and go back to playing or doing something else.


What are the reasons why people leave ToS? It is a question that two years ago was more than answered, but like all the ghosts of a sunken ship, the question remains on the table … without being resolved by the will of the ship’s captain (IMC). Point by point, the reasons are more than clear;

  1. Terrible optimization to be a PC video game that aims to use nostalgia and “retro-art” as a trick. Continuous FPs drops (the main problem), unnecessary hard disk size (this is what happens when in each update you do not order the program to erase the old content that is no longer to be used at all, among others), occasional lag for a Terrible organization of channels and servers (is better more servers, but smalls for each territory, for better conection and latency thing), excessive screen loading for a video game of this nature, 32-bit client (patched to take 4GB of RAM) when 64-bit is available, excessive CPU usage when graphics cards are available, etc.

  2. Continuous errors, whether technical or content … For example, I have not yet managed to explore certain maps because they always appear in red. I include here the issue of cheats and cheaters, and an effective system not annoying (in resources in PC and play experience) for detection and automatic punishment.

  3. Lack of information and trap descriptions. The skills seem one thing in the official description, but another different in practice, not to say that some guides or small tutorials for certain things would not hurt at all, whether for old or new. We need a place to test before place points or select classes.

  4. System impossible to balance and getting worse. Although it goes against the premise of the game, but it would not be better to choose a single class and develop it until the end with multiple skills branchs, attributes that alter the function (according to the player’s taste) and options, what three to half? (With a useless must). It would be the only way to realize the premise of 80+ classes to choose from, not the current one …

  5. SP consumption. It is common in most oriental video games that you can only do one or two skills, when, for example, your character is a magician who only uses his magic (skills). Likewise, it would be good to take an example of the occasional Western online …

  6. Absent manufacturing system. How difficult is it to do as in other video games and separate the profession from the class? It would be interesting that each character could only have a profession parallel to their class and this would contribute to the object manufacturing system, which, of course, should not be difficult to obtain resources.

  7. Repeat, repeat, and keep repeating. The “quest” you must do with all your characters, even with one you have already done them all; is tired and boring, especially when they are not different and has no options with different results (quest lines alternatives to decide without turning back by the user type Black Desert Online or decision making that affect the development of them as in Elder Scrolls)

  8. Location that is embarrassing. ToS is a video game from Korea (kTOS), Asia, that is understood and therefore its cultural characteristics, however, to sell in the West (iTOS) and in each of its territories (not everyone speaks English) it takes more than copy and paste each update over there; the game must essentially be the same, but at the same time, different from his older brother (events, cosmetics, rates, etc.) The customer is always right.

  9. Lack of fun, lack of entertainment, lack of everything. It is a game, its main task beyond giving money to the company that presents it is to entertain and entertain its players; Here we have a game where all you do is control a doll or a doll that kills monsters in mass … In the RPG there are many things to do beyond that, such as having your home, growing, caring for animals, trading ( not only barter or the market, but real trade), take out skins, make medicines, form a family (weddings, adoption, etc.), build vehicles (yes, including ships and aircraft), convince NPC with dialogues to obtain favors, guilds divided into two factions (in favor of the goddess and those with the bad guys), special quest to do in guild, domestication of monsters, open their shop, vote for president of one city (political system with family prestige), weather system (day and night, rain, snow, etc. and change some things and monsters of each place) etc. Up to PK and PKK.

  10. Absurd limitations. For example, if you limit one object per character to sell in the market you are causing an economic disaster in the world of video games; if you penalize according to what levels you are going to receive for what you kill, you end up with players with high-level characters exhausted from doing the same thing over and over again … that no longer rents them (they leave the game out of boredom and not being able to do nothing else). Limit the level to make a group? It is an online video game, I repeat, ONLINE, to do that is to kill cooperation and team play; Why did I end up playing alone in an online game? Answer, or there is no one, or the levels of those who are present exceed me or are lower, or, it does not compensate me because there is no real type of incentive (only distribution of prizes). The dungeons and instance, same thing, is more interesting open all for all and make it dinamyc in lvl (the level of their monsters must be equal to average party lvl members) and open/teleport for the place from everywhere via UI… and unique drops, not only ■■■■ talt and stupid nosense cards…

  11. (extra) The F2P + P2W model. That may work in stupid mobile video games, but this one is not mobile … If there is the B2P business model (I do not mean those of month or year tax, those are also a scam) like the one used by some online such as Black Desert, that work, why ruin everything this way? I don’t know how it will be in Korea, but the game in the west (casino, bingo, etc.) is rarely good seen and is for adults … Everything ToS is like a casino with different tables to play (even the items has random states); For that, it would be better for me to play Caesar’s Palace.

To end this comment, just quote an old one … that still, sadly, is still largely in force.


Players - Tos is Dead :pensive:
Foruns - Wy people are quitting??? :disappointed_relieved:
InGame - Where are the players? is soo empty, look, there is nobody going on DGs :confounded:


another point that makes ppl stop playing from time to time is the time gap from content on ktos and itos. Its infuriating seeing all the mountain of content noon stop reaching ktos, while on itos we have to wait for like 2 to 4 months to see delayed content with the sames bugs and some news.


I literally quitted about half a year ago, back when the dramas were flooding the Klaipedia server on the pillar-afk problem.

Usually I wasn’t involved in any of these dramas. I got personally attacked in public by a guildmaster of one of top guilds. I was sucked into the dramas this time.

As reports came in about the pillar problem and dramas escalated, IMC took no action whatsoever. Drake raid was dominated by the guild who openly afk-farmed on pillar, and hate speech flourished on forum non-stop.

At some point along the dramas, I lost interest in progressing my characters ( BTW, they are super cute ). I played the game as if I was playing a sport with friends for fun. It wasn’t fun trying to farm for progress when you saw people did the same by cheating.

I have logged 3000+ hours in game and probably have spent 1000+ USD for TP in total before quitting. I was fine with paying to skip some grind in a grindy game, as long as it could create a fun experience. I only felt more stressed after I logged in the game daily.

I just came back on forum to check on what’s up with TOS right now. I don’t think I am playing TOS again after reading around the forum on what has changed (which is not much). I noticed several people got banned. Welp, of course…


i wonder if slowing down gearing progress would help not make peeps gets frustrated. and put more focus on social apects of the game for players to take it easy on the gear grinding. i for one is hopeful to see the housing system of the game Owo

though as i remember in the popolion post, devs are supposed to focus on personal housing rather than guild housing at the time, and there has been previews of it, i sure hope both housing will be released owO


housing system is another proof they dunno what they want. We had a klai rework to make feel the new players they are joining a living game. So Klai has been reworked to be the place to be. And it worked there’s lot of ppl chilling and socializing (and destroying the idea there’s a whole world with thousands map around xd). And now they put this guild housing system. Players will either ignore this place and still chill in klai (and i hope this will happen for new player) or players will live there with their guildmate (to avoid every village drama in the same time) and klai will be dead as fk.

imc just took what worked in Maple Story2, Path of exile…but to make it worst of course cause, behind this there’s still no vision as always. Every content it’s just a way to grab what the others games did better. I remember this arrogant speech from Kim “i don’t want to make game like the others, i’m so orignial, for exemple there will be no thief in ToS cause thief are mean blablabalbal”. And see, now you will have arts from league of legend skills. So original. Now i hope for you the new housing system will be a pretext to make you win some reward for housing during events. you will all be happy with your Whale Statue rewarded for a summer-t9scroll-laeticia-godess-cube event ahaha


the housing thing sounds at least interesting, its a different way to spend your time other than killing hordes of mobs… i m more excited with it than the arts system.

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It’s the long grind + RNG that i hate.
They keep introducing new system to grind for, and they made sure that bad RNG has to be involved in every part of it.
And when you finish that long ass grind for once, IMC be like

“Hey, here’s the new episode with all new stuffs. Do everything all over again lolol”

when i realize i have to do it all over again after all that,
failing enhancement,
wasting a lot of powders/magnifiers then >>
failing ichor,
bad roll jewel,
bad roll Awakening,
for 5-6 pieces of gear
especially the enhancement system,
this ■■■■ gives players nothing but frustration.

nah man, I’m done.
i don’t even want to mention all the bad classes adjustment because we all know they won’t listen anyway.
and i’ve already quit for quite sometime now so,


you should come back the guy that harras you no longer plays and if he does , his new guild master dont let him speak xd

well, it’s what the survey results on what the playerbase wants though Owo;;;

well other than that, there’s always the option tu let peeps into the guildhouse owO

Yes, layers of RNG make it so when you get a new piece of gear instead of being happy it looks like (and is) a chore just to get on par with your previous set.

I won’t be able to use Varnas Skiaclipse over Velcoffer until I

  • Get it to +11
  • Get a good enchant jewel
  • Get a good awakening
  • Transcend it to t8-t10
  • Apply set bonus

I already have the ichors, so at least transferring them is an option once they are made. There are ways to fix this. It is fine to have enchants and awakenings in the game, but just stop with the RNG. Reduce the overall values and let the players pick their enchant. If you want some varience, make it between 3-5% and not 0.1 - 25%. Same deal with awakenings.

Then, address the upgrade system as previously harped on by the community. Reduce upgrade cap to something reasonable and cease with the success/failure model. Make it expensive to upgrade but guaranteed with the correct mats.

Same thing with Seals, the needless RNG and huge investment with a chance to fail is really off-putting past +2. Sure, make it expensive, but at least allow a 100% success rate if you make the investment.


Its no RNG its: surprise mechanics


I think it is the opposite, and it is difficult without decent gears to do PvE. The frustration comes from too many RNG, plus new players are not able to catch up, where our guild has a level gap.

Regardless, I still feel it is missing the purpose of getting decent gears.


Because the game is empty, RNG can keep you playing (paying), while they get some new content. However, most games have a core feature (end game), and new contents are expansion, but this game has incomplete core feature.

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what i mean is maybe new weapons come after 2 yrs Owo