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Why is ppl quitting ToS?

Why is ppl quitting tree of savior, after investing so much time on it… i ve been thinking about quitting for a while seems the dev team just keep buffing certain classes on each tree and forget about the other exists and nerf skills that literally boost the dmg of a class (like the judgement nerf on raid bosses) i love this game in the beggining you can literally see all the love and effort the dev team put on to it, lore on every piece of armor and weponry unique drops from every mob, exploring, crafting, questing, but now its just do 100 cms or 1 raid all day and its really tiresome, all the mobs share the same loot pool on the map, there no new field uniques, theres only the raid and the cms to farm planium, and why is velcofer and solmiki so expensive to make compare to the 400 primus legends, if you want new player to catch up lower the prices on everything not just the new stuff, welp, i feel kinda sad after 2 years of playing this game seeing it die like this, hope they do something about it but i really doubt it. hope everyone who still having fun doesnt get burn out like the ones quitting and happy ToS everyone, lets hope for the best


maybe cause imc delete thread when we want to speak about the t9 scroll on tp shop? (they deleted my thread 3 times)
maybe cause everybody in this game are botting or using dual account (the whole fedi serv seems to don’t know it’s not allowed lol)
maybe cause the biggest cheater on my serv is still playing
maybe because the new content are so bad, and the endless grind of gears seems to be just a way to grab money (hi t9 scroll), mmo nowadays forgot that games have to be fun in the first place…
maybe cause we haven’t any good event for summer (while we have t9 scrolls on tp shop)
maybe cause nobody has token right now and nobody sell them nor want to buy them
maybe cause the game is absolute garbage, even more for new players who have to understand what’s happenning there (just look the whole mess about hair style systems, there’s like 4-5 different way to approach this lol, everything is counter-intuitive in ToS)
maybe cause this game is a mess since day 1
maybe cause imc has no clue about what they are doing except grabbing money

maybe cause everytime you write on this forum, nobody read it, this forum is just facade to make us feel we can have a real community discussion while it’s just stupid guys in bad company who are making choice without caring about their community but about $$$$

i left yesterday too


Because it is a niche game and most normies want a fortnite-like.

I don’t think technical reasons are enough to make niche players to go away (also because they don’t have maby options that are like tos) but rather it makes them stop for a long period and return only when any significant update comes (which often makes numbers go up a little).


Is not fun.


I’m gonna tell you why:

1- Removing important buffs from specific classes, must be some kind of out of season april fools joke.


2- Buffing Lancers and Exorcists TO NO END, while having Monks + insert a shitty performing class suffer for 7+ months.

3- Seriously, 50 seconds of a better version of Subzero Shield, i mean if you want me to stop PvPing on Doppel, congrats you did it.

ggwp IMC


It’s LOOKS like a 2005 game in 2019, which turns off the younger crowd. Older players have jobs/etc and if a game isn’t fun they won’t play it… Unlike a teenager or kid, who would play it because eeeeeh, what else do they actually HAVE to do? May as well play this game and pretend it’s super fun!

The charm it does have is exploration in worlds that don’t seem devoid of landscaping. The class system is unique in the sense that it’s flexible since you can pick 3 classes and smash them into 1 character. Is cartoony in a cute sense, but rarely strays into cartoony graphic territory. Most importantly, it’s one of the few games that can scratch the nostalgia-spot of many gamers. Which is probably the main draw it has going for it.

The only game that features the same kind of old-timey-game charm besides this or MapleStory is Dungeon Fighter Online. The classes are numerous. It has the same type of endgame content as ToS (grind endgame garbage). It has a way better cosmetic system, to make up for the locked-character-looks tho. But it won’t scratch the same itch because it’s instanced based… No exploration. So while there are many characters. And there’s tons of TLC gone into balancing them for PvE and PvP… It’s simply not a substitute for ToS because it plays too chaotically and smoothly for it to FEEL like an old MMO-game. So ToS is the last stop and that’s all it has going for it. Nostalgia.

This is DFO’s chaotic mess. I’m using an underfunded and clunky class too lmao.

side note: NO the Witch’s abilities are not cute or rainbowy by default. I have a mod (which is toats legit in DFO) to change the skill animations and enemies explode into starry bits instead of bloody chunks.

So TL;DR, it’s dying because ToS is the last stop for scratchin’ that nostalgic itch. Until the player realizes that’s all it really provides.

As for my own experience with ToS. I started playing about a month ago. It’s alt-friendly and class-choice friendly. But honestly I can see why a game like this wouldn’t last for a long time. It has the same type of endgame flow as every other MMO. Except unlike other MMOs, this one has no worth-while PvP.


Uai ar u geh
Why is ppl quitting ToS?

  • Repetitive events with some of the events giving the rewards not worth the efforts and time wasted.
  • RNG (ffs, ever tried spent >100million silvers and even lot of golden anvils yet you fail to gain +10 enhancement?)
  • Same chores everyday --> CMs, Raids, Dungeons (idk if dg330 still alive in fedi server, all other instance dungeons are dead unless you ask for parties or guildies most of the time)
  • Bugs, bugs and bugs --> we’ve thought that minor bugs wouldn’t be a nuisance to some of us veterans, and dev team didn’t even remember or just deliberately ignore this, yet this minor bugs sometimes keep re-occured even after optimisation and etc. As for major bugs or error, some already quit before playing or after some time thanks to “file missing error, can’t log in, frequent vga, desync, etc.”
  • the economy itself i guess, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer… Who the f*** would buy the expensive 50-500mil silvers items in market except the rich themselves?
    (exclude those who had average luck and grind their way becoming a billionnaire…)
  • endless pursuit of end-game gears and power (unless you ought to buy 999tp for t9 scroll)

Just saying. Don’t blame me, SOME of the issues mentioned are true.


80%? = pve

20%? = pvp

  1. Create a toon that can farm cm

  2. Create a toon with OP build for pvp

  3. Farm everyday

  4. Wait every week and hope IMC release some fun event (yay sarcasm)

  5. Farm again every couple of months since they release new gears at a really fast rate these days

  6. Fatigue / burnout and then realize other games offer more fun : time spent on a game ratio


Kim is laughing all the way to the bank with all the money Nexon is sucking from losers like us, with loot boxes rng polices.


lame restricted time pvp which is also unbalanced on both classes and equipment
P2W / no-life oriented content (world bosses, guild wars, fees, etc)
The most retarded and P2W hungry enhacing system ever

Items made specifically to abuse the enhacing system
(yeah sure man we all can afford to +30 Drakonas accesories)

More and more broken equipment that makes all previous items suck or be useless (except for a couple of accesories) and make all the effort and time taken into making them a complete waste. Also includes awesome weapons which were kinda hidden with nice effects but turn worthless now

Equipment sets that destroy the equipment versatility and turn everyone into wearing virtually the same meta most of the time

Long forgotten class updates, some require minor changes like poor Double Weapon Assault which system is so dumb when they could easily turn it into something like Monk’s or Muay stance

Stupidly high level caps and waste of maps, why not a decent Level cap like 100? less repetitive/not used maps and focus instead of making nice towns, like in RO or virtually ANY OTHER MMORPG which encourage traveling

Stupidly high ammount of quests and u have to repeat em over and over if u want to make a new char because, guess what, this game promoted itself as the one with the most classes as part of their fun factor so u are not expected to stay with just 1 char u are gonna want to have fun with all of em! and repeating the same quests all over again is boring as hell

And now with the Arts thing, with a game that constantly change their balance and update classes so often, why would i want to invest time on specializing in a class that may be useless or work against my build in a close future?

And im sure i had a lot more of complains beside the obvius ones (bug abuse, lag, mini update bugs, lack of optimization, too many retarded costumes instead of decent ones considering how awesome is the official artwork)


because they didnt realise about reality and never.

by the exist class, skill, attribute. all depend on how player pro on that class
not everyone can play like that and instead of keep changing balance. and more worse when create 5th base class by pick all popular class from other class (good bye link thau ff, sr qs fal, bar cor dopp)
sad life for player with their fav class

and even the worst balance ever by add mastery att and new skill into BASE CLASS
oh my… drunk huh?

come along with so many unexpect bug delay and unreasonable vga

and future incoming summer fiesta. now imc has released and 999 tp for >>>1<<< T9 scroll
pardon me but do u think who gonna buy it???

come on man… please enough of this and use time and memory space in game create funny event like soccor or doll hell dungeon
(do u guys still rmb the dungeon that have huge swarm of doll and player who alrdy pass need to run back and help lure them to open path? i think thats how to play game with team work)

so, if they still listen to us. please just stop stupid pvp content and think about how to make game fun

with love and respect
telsiai player


It’s just not fun anymore.
Despite being buggy as all hell and honestly never feeling like it left beta balance-wise, this game had so much more energy when it came out than it does now.

Things actually felt like they mattered a little more, because content wasn’t tied down entirely to rng BUT STILL took a decent time to prepare for. The game’s stage felt set.

Nowadays you farm endlessly in an endgame map for hours, and rarely get anything to show for it.
If you aren’t farming, you’re “competing” with other players for pretty much anything else that matters as far as progression or growth is concerned, which has always been a big problem with this game tbh.
I really don’t get why they turn basic progression into a competition that can be so very easily controlled and gatekept, as if they haven’t noticed how their fanbase functions by now with these things.

Instead of making new content, they just remove/remake old content to be either more difficult or annoying for the same or “”“better”"" rewards.
Instead of just nerfing the damage of classes, they nerf the mechanics or the like, and make things more annoying to play.

I feel like it’s at least kind of easy to make something that people can enjoy and still profit, but they’re always going 2 steps forward and 2 steps back.
And it’s a real damned shame, too.


we all know pvp is bad, but who cares is not like the rewards are good, but when pve is bad aswell, in a sense off, no one do party for anything, bcuz if you party on a cm you get like no money at all and no items, you are better soloing it, mobs on fields are so weak even a berthas weapon can overkill em, give us a way to play with weaker players to help em reach goals we already achieve, whats the point of an MMO when playing in a party gives punish you… whats the point of making new maps and mobs if they all drops the same thing, it ll be the same if we were fighing white circles with an hp bar, it s really sad cuz i really love this game, but the love of the devs its dead and bury under the greed of

and they know they will make money just by selling cosmetics, most ppl love cosmetics but its easy to sell a scroll, than making cool new stuff :frowning:


i was thinking about going back to dfo i still have my lvl 85 oblivion fully gear so might aswell

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I’m on hiatus like many others

  • invested a lot of time activating shinobi and nak muay then the big patches changed it’s class and other mechanics. Several skills also disappeared from other classes. Never make a skill that players fall in love with and remove them later!
  • used a lot of time making my velco set… now I have to create a new set with no way of transitioning to the new set? nope, I’m done.
  • unpunished afkers, trolls, bots
  • the fact that itos is always months behind from ktos and every change in itos are always copy-pasted, nothing original with itos except the translations. Even the bugs are copied.
  • bugs bugs bugs, just right now my controller stopped working again after the patch. I am getting tired looking for a fix.
  • the gms, community personnel etc are one of the worst. Most of the time it’s copy-paste reponse or misreads your posts.

I’m now playing mhw instead.


we should ping all the IMC staff charge of this website so they can forward all these sht to dev team, Kim and the entire staff in his fkin’ company and let them learn how to mitigate all these issue before they start to realize that this game is going to be dead for good. OR just let it be, as if they gonna read this trash cause’ all they care about is money than the welfare of players and excitement.
IMC doesn’t give a f*** about us complaining here except money and people buying t9 scroll(s).

(Again, just saying, don’t blame me XD)

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I personally got a burnout (again…) after the lack of content, all there is to do is to get better gear yet there’s nothing but PvP to use it in, and soon everyone in feud will have +16 T10 legend gear.

And speaking of gear obtention, the main thing that got me sick of the game is the RNG.
Nothing is difficult, everything is RNG, the only thing that takes “effort” is transcendence with an existing RNG if you wish to use it otherwise you can skip it, but equipment identification, rerolling, ichoring, enhancing, awakening, yeah no, that’s too much for me.

Feels like you get punished for playing the game, cause for 1 good piece of gear you’ll get, you’ll have destroyed 5 of them thanks to IMC milking golden ichors and diamond anvils instead of fixing their systems.

Thanks Korea for having gambling part of your culture!


Different reasons and preferences. People find their reason to stay or quit. I personally have invested a lot of time, money, dedication and art on the game, especially with the lore and its characters. I’m also very slow with gearing and endgame mechanics due to offline life and priorities; there’s many builds I haven’t tried. So, it won’t be that easy for me to quit.

Quitting or staying will depend on you~ emoticon_0038


Because of the Forums, because if it really were like it’s said, this game would be shut down for 2 years or so by now :distinguished:


people are quitting because :

  • every single piece of content is related to the TP shop in one way or the other, and if you’re already paying a monthly token, the game is basically begging for your money all the time no matter what you do

  • Itos dev strategy on update is : you get all sort of content in one go but after that there’s nothing for weeks. for exemple we’ve been praying for a popolion event or summer event for a while but all we have is some awfull afk events…

  • the absolute lack of communication from imc, you never hear anything coming from them, maybe sometime you’ll see Francis_the_bot putting some copy pasta in the bug section and that’s it.
    i don’t even remember last time a GM participated in an event in game.

  • if you’re not from ktos your feedback goes directly in the trash bin. (i’d bet my left nut they won’t even read this thread)

  • the game is confusing AS F.UCK !! imagine being a new player and learning about Ichoring, Savinose, Transcendance-Awakening-Enhancing, raid and legendary raid, dungeon-mercenary-saalus-Bernice-Uphill, irredian boss, field and world boss, the craft of legendary accessories, the cosmetic mess, gtw-feud-tbl, guild stuff, boruta …
    having plenty of content is good but tos introduce it SO POORLY to new players…

  • all the bot and cheater are not being punished properly, like Passidur said earlier, the biggest cheater in our server got caught 3 times and he’s still here !!

  • the rng … i know it’s a big part of every mmo but tos push it to the next level

  • pvp has no balance whatsoever

  • the game is invisible in the western market, there’s no advertisement for it at all, to the point i’m still wondering how people find it !

i could go all day, it’s like 10% of all the issues, i didn’t even talk about the poor optimisation, the constant crashes and bugs that can ruin your experience (the kind of bug they don’t correct for MONTH), all the predatory pay2win …

there’s tons of reason why players don’t stay