What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)


I normally head to the X the last though, assuming we have 20 people on the X and once they are at the designated coordinates then only I will start moving there.


Yesterday we tried to start mage tower mission but most of the members couldnt see the warp to the map :confused: not even the GM could. Is there any solution for this?

Actually only i could see the warp so we decided to just left, but the next day 2 other members could see it but the people that couldnt still were unable to see it x.x very strange stuff


Thanks for the feedback! i’ve made a comment on this here regarding about the people not being able to enter. Hopefully this will bring some visibility to the staffs.

Additionally for the guild event listing, i’ve added additional rewards inside there for the Woodspirit that we’ve fought and colored the items there.

  • Blue items indicates unique material drops from the event.
  • Red items indicate practonium based rewards from the event.


Members who cant see the Popup should go to the character selection and relogg immediatly after you started themission. in most cases this fixes the issue.


Yeah we tried reloging, switching channels and restarting the game, it didnt work, some people say that you have to kick the people from the guild and invite them again, however, one of the ones that couldnt see the warp was the guild leader so that would not work with him.


Hi, @ToiletMaster, I have a question.

For what I understood, the guild need a ticket in order to enter in a Guild Event Right?

How the guild can earn Ticket for events?
I saw somewhere (maybe on this topic) that the Guild earn a new Ticket everytime it level up.
This being true or not, can you tell me any other way of how a guild can earn Tickets?


What you’ve seen is true. Each level increases your max ticket by 1. Therefore if you’re level 10 you get 10 tickets, 15 level then 15 tickets.

It resets daily on 6pm server time I believe


Sometimes i don’t see the warp either, then i just follow my guildmembers and the event stil starts


Last days has been dropped just one item boss, can anyone explain me?


A few minor things for the spreadsheet:

-Manticen can drop defense boost potions of ice, fire, and missile
-Kurmis can drop Academy
-Honeypin can drop Lavender Seeds and Academy. Based on other versions of ToS it should drop andesium, but I haven’t confirmed that in iToS.
-Naktis can drop Forge, Shield Charge, and Surstromming
-Mothstem can drop Academy
-Colimencia can drop Jonazole Seeds. Were those accidentally added to Rocktortuga instead, or were they found on that one too?
-Level 15 Bebraspion’s Mystical Cube Recipe is colored blue instead of red


whats the difference of the blue one?


Hey Trielav!

Thanks for the update.

I think it’s safe to say that all bosses from Firelord onwards or those that 335 level will definitely drop Forge / Academy / Shield Charge.

It would be great to have verified information on the items though as all the listing that i’ve added inside are based on actual screenshots. This is done to prevent incorrect data as i believe a number of guilds are going through with this.

I’ll re-arrange to fit in shield charge / forge / academy for all other bosses, and thanks for pointing the mystical cube recipe wrongly colored! I’ve fixed that portion in.


i would classify them as 2 different type of drops.

Red items - practonium based materials.
Blue items - All others.

i’ll consider adding a different color to indicate unique guild rewards such as blue eyes of echad, red eyes, chromite for the Glasses from the otherworld.


Demon Lord Hauberk also drops Ferinium, I already send you a screenshot @ToiletMaster


Done. added into the listing thanks for the screenshot!


wait so you can permanently reroll the blue cube forever?


Hmmm ? Don’t really understand your question Mikumo, there’s no cube to begin with.

All the rewards listed in sheet are based in guild events. Upon finishing the events then you’ll get randomized rewards.

The blue and red color are just a classification of what item category they are currently


no sorry I misread the earlier posts wrong, I thought there was a new mystical cube that was blue coloured.

would you happen to know roughly how much chance is it for hauberk boss kill to drop practs?
like out of how many times you’ve attempted it, how many times did it drop


well the number varies alot, some guilds got out of 10, 2 / 3 times with between 6/11 drops of practonium in one point. However our luck isn’t that great so far as we’ve yet to get any after 20 tries probably.

we normally hunt for other bosses to try and see what other unique materials that they drop which we then update on the list accordingly.




Hey Kaylee!

Thanks for the update!

I’ve added those into the sheet! I guess if we need more portiums we’d definitely know where to find them :laughing: