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Hey Toilet, its me again :smiley: well, this might be the wrong thread to ask this but since you seem to be very experienced with guilds i guess you should know a lot about templars too, so if you can help us with that would be wonderful.

Q1.- ¿How does the skill “reduce craft time” works?
Q2.- ¿its worth leveling up to 5 to help alchemists from the guild?
Q3.- ¿The skill “Forge” its needed to get the 110 p.atk bonus?
Q4.- ¿Its worth maxing the “shield charge” skill?


Hi there Pollito,

I’ll try to help you out as much as i can with the knowledge that i have.

Q1.- ¿How does the skill “reduce craft time” works?

Reduce craft time works mainly for classes that need time to craft items, this works for crafting classes such as alchemist primarily with their skills magnus opus which takes a considerable amount of time to craft certain items. Having this skill will reduce the overall time to craft it. So if a item requires 1 minute to craft and the reduce craft time reduces 25%, then you’ll take 25% off from 1 minute to craft the item. However, for non-crafting guilds this skill isn’t that much worth it unfortunately.

Q2.- ¿its worth leveling up to 5 to help alchemists from the guild?
Could you clarify more on leveling up to 5? if you’re talking about farming then it simply depends on the direction of the guild or requirements of your guild, if you’re looking to harvest more dilgeles for the team, then definitely having more points in farming is great, otherwise, if you’re looking to expand your guild further, investing in guild member slots would be more beneficial

Q3.- ¿The skill “Forge” its needed to get the 110 p.atk bonus?

You can stack this skill up to 5 times entirely. Therefore allowing you to get an additional bonus of 550 attack. this is great as it works globally for every guild member. If you’re already a templar 1 (assuming at rank 7), then it’s definitely better to go for templar 2 in prepraration of Rank 9’s arrival of Templar C3.

Q4.- ¿Its worth maxing the “shield charge” skill?

This is currently quite subjective as the shield charge is relatively buggy. therefore i can’t exactly comment on it entirely.


Hey guys, i am having trouble in not being able to enter the guild event. I wondered if that happens to you guys too. I am suspecting that the new pet rockobon is making me bug and not entering the guild event (since it only begin to happens when i got him, not sure yet if he is the problem or other). It happens to me twice already. The alert of the guild event do not pop up. I follow my guild mates as usually and when the guild leader hit the spot everyone enters, but me. :frowning: so sad.

Anyone having the same situation? I read up here that reloging might resolve the issue if the guild event does not pop up. Will try this today.


Some of my guildmembers have the same problem, what usually helps is either to go to character selection or to restart the game.


Hi so for forge/academy and stuff, the guild lead has to use it in hang out right?
Are they permanent or timed buff? and does the forge/academy structure thing last forever or only on a timer

Bonus question if it IS a timed structure/buff: also would it be worth to have it running at all times, or only when u really need it like vs a strong boss etc ?


They only last for 24 hours and you need to get the item from the guild boss hunts so its really hard to keep them up at all times.


Is it usable by any templar in the guild? or can only the guild leader make it/use it in the hangout


Hi thanks again for the useful information.

About Q2, i was trying to ask if “reduce craft time” was worth leveling at 5, i read somewhere that the duration was 10min, its that correct?

All on all the information you shared has been super useful as always.

Im just wondering one last thing, has anyone find a solution for the bugged guild events? our guild leader cant join the events with any of its chars, he tried restarting the game, chaning channels, log out and log in, but he cant see the warp for the mage tower mission :confused: if anyone knows a solution that would be nice


The only solution is to switch every char of the guild leader, until he can join it. Once he can join, he can switch to another char and enter again.


He tried that with all his chars but he couldnt join with any, well thanks.


Yeah yeah, but you have to really continue and retake multiple times every chars. For exemple i needed 5-6 times to check all chars one day. x)


Just need some advice in entering guild events.

This happens every time now, 5 times in a row till now:

Send a ticket yesterday, lets see if they answer, i will keep you up-to-date with this problem, in case anyone else has it too.


You were in combat since the monster was hitting you.
Clear the area before the counter ends, it works exactly like when you’re left out in a party quest: if you’re killing the monsters around you or they’re attacking you, 99% of the times you won’t be teleported.


It wasn’t me who was attacking the monster it was my party colegue, and still he enters the event and i do not.


I’m not saying you were hitting the monsters, but the monster was hitting you! (You received 140 damage)
In the video you posted, you can see your friend killing another monster (you can see the item and silver dropping on the ground and disappear with him) at the same time, another monster aggroe’ed you, that’s what kept you in combat. :slightly_smiling_face:


ohh i see, i missunderstood your last post, sorry. I will try to not get hit to see if that works :slight_smile: Ty for the advice!


Glosal Also drops the Tunacan (sunstormming? or something)

Source: just did the glosal raid.


Hi Mikumo,

Do you have a screenshot of the rewards? This is to ensure 100% accuracy of the rewards listing before I place it up into the spreadsheet.

Appreciate your understanding!




unfortunately i did not get a screen shot at the moment of death, but i did see it drop that along with some of the other things and the guild storage has the tuna cans there. If the guild runs it again sometime in the future i can try to screen shot it if i see it,


Hello everyone,

I would like to inform that this guide will no longer be updated. Unfortunately I have lost the motivation to play the game as I find it quite repititive after playing since launch.

Thank you everyone for your contributions to the list. For anyone who would like to gain ownership to the guild event listing, please message me.

I hope that this guide has benefited you even though the information here still lacks from being a complete guide.