What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)


hey sky, i think i mentioned to you in discord but i thought of letting everyone know here in case we have the same question once more.

typically i do it with about 20-25 people each time in an event. so far we don’t have any problems except for randomly 1 or 2 people can’t join the event for some reason.


it’s from lvl 14 guild? and its 100% drop / week?


yes guild level 14 but not 100% drop is random :confused:


This happens to us too. I only have guesses, one is that if there is a pet (unmounted) there is a likely chance you won’t get it. Another guess is, if they didn’t step on the x and the Guild Leader comes close they might get left behind.

@criveli_122 Yes, level 14 Guild Boss Demon Lord Hauberk. The Practonium drop, for us, I would put somewhere around 5 - 10%.

@skysoccer Stay in Ch 1. Ask your guild members to be there at the x even before you step into the map. We’ve encountered many bugs while doing Guild Boss sometimes when I get no popup, the boss doesn’t appear at all.


Thank you, and u can do the boss 1time in a week? or how it is?


You can do it on daily basis.

You will have something called guild tickets which is used to start guild events. Every event requires a certain number of tickets and each level = 1 ticket.

For example, doing Hauberk requires 10 tickets. If you’re level 14, you’ll be able to do once with 4 remaining tickets for that day.

However if you’re level 20, then you’ll be able to do it twice.

Some lower level boss events like poata, templeshooter requires 3 tickets, so you can still continue after finishing and they reset daily similar to your dailies being reset.


ty so much, now i got it <3


I can’t put the forge down even though I have max level of the skill

it shows 0 units of the following building can be constructed

*Edit: nevermind I just needed to update the skill in the guild attributes

*Edit2: Looks like you can update the guild buff skills and reset/change leader without the level changing (can still put down 5 forges even without the skill). As long as is doesn’t get updated again.


Hello. may i know how to actually start guild boss kill?
Our guild run it but sometimes it suddenly start when nobody is coming yet, sometimes it doesnt start even when everybody in the location


Hey there Ronzu,

there could be 2 possibilities.

Event Starts even though not everyone is here

Do not head into the X before everyone reaches, there are times where the event will begin without everyone reaching there. Wait till the entire group gathers around, then only head to the X.

Even doesn’t start even though everyone is here

Possibly someone has accepted and did not head into the X, remember that whoever accepted, must head to the X, else the event won’t start.


thanks master. i will share it with my guildie c:

oh [quote=“ToiletMaster, post:172, topic:343761”]
Do not head into the X before everyone reaches

does it apply to guild master only or to everyone


Normally I keep it for everyone. But one thing for sure is that if the guild leader doesn’t go into the X, the event will never start.


I see thanks again :))


Thats not entirely true, sometimes the Boss just spawns if the guildleader is in the map even if he is not on the X. Happened to us a few times when i had to walk a longer way or crashed. I think it is more of a “The guildleader has to be in the map” kind of thing.


Hey there Kaylee,

thanks for the feedback! i did experience this happen once before, but most of the time for me is that as long as i’m quite far away from the X, probably about 2-3 screen away then it won’t start unless you’re there.

in rare cases they do ignore this though for some reason.


I have only seen this happen when I was unable to see the popup box.


Does it happen very often for you? Personally I felt that restarting the client before the event starts will allow you to see the pop up after warping to another map.


Usually one or two guildie cant see pop up window even after change map/channel. However they can still join the guild boss kill normally.


Do you have any guild members that can’t join the guild events ?

Normally when I go in with averagely 15-20, there’s bound to be one or two of them that gets missed out when the event starts. It’s pretty annoying since we can’t get the whole group in.


Yes, still unsure why. i’m suspecting it’s caused by being too far away from guild master, but maybe there are other reason